How to care for your sleepwear

Picking our favorite fabric would be like picking our favorite child. We just can't do it. To keep your pieces looking and feeling like new, read up so you know exactly how to treat them.
The epitome of laidback luxury. This thermoregulating fabric will have you looking like a million bucks, but not spending a million bucks to care for it (because you can throw it right in the washing machine).

• While our silk is washable, it’s still a delicate fabric. To keep your silk in the best shape, turn items inside out and place in a mesh washing bag to protect it while in the washing machine.

• Select the delicate cycle on your washing machine and make sure the water temperature is cold and the spin is low.

• Use a delicate laundry detergent. 

• Always wash with like fabrics (things like cotton and other softer materials). Avoid jeans, heavy towels, or items with hooks/clasps/zippers like bras or dresses that could catch on your garments and damage them.

• Lay the item flat in its natural shape on a drying rack - Please do not hang dry — this may cause the item to stretch or become misshapen.

• While you can't avoid wrinkling silk (trust us, we've tried! it's a natural occurrence in 100% of all silks), there are some easy ways to get your garment looking smooth:

• Use your getting ready time as double duty and hang your silk in the bathroom while taking a steamy shower. 

• Use a steamer for a garment that’s smooth as silk (literally) in no time at all. 

• Simply toss the (already dry) item in the dryer for a few minutes on a low heat fluff cycle. 

A proprietary mix of fabrics designed to help to rebuild and regenerate your body during sleep. Learn how to recharge your Restore, just like it recharges you.

• Wash your garments in cold water with like colors and items. Avoid jeans, heavy towels, studded items, etc. 

• Hand wash or wash on a delicate cycle to help minimize movement and agitation of the fabric.

• Lay flat to dry to prevent any shrinkage of the material.

• Because this fabric combines natural and synthetic fibers it can be slightly more prone to pilling. To help prevent this, turn your garment inside out before washing or folding. 

You won’t believe how soft our GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic Pima cotton is, but you will believe how easy it is to keep your pieces feeling fresh with these care tips.

• Wear them more! We recommend washing after every two wears to help extend the longevity of the fabric.

• Got a spill? We suggest spot treating right away (stains are harder to remove once they’ve set).

• Wash in cold water on a delicate cycle with similar fabrics and colors.

• Lay flat to dry.

• To help prevent pilling and stretching, wash your garments in a laundry bag.

• If your pieces get a touch wrinkly just hang them in the bathroom during a steamy shower or use a steamer.

These smart, natural fibers will help keep you cool, dry, and refreshed — here’s a few tips so you can return the favor.

• Please machine wash your Cool pieces in cold water with similar fabrics and colors.

• Spot treat stains immediately to prevent setting.

• Because your Cool garments are antimicrobial you can wash them less — every 2-3 wears is preferable.

• Lay your pieces flat to dry in their natural shape (line-drying may cause your items to stretch or become misshapen, and nobody wants that).

This unbelievably soft, compact knit modal will have you and your best assets feeling well-supported. Here are a few ways to keep them in great shape so they can look and feel their best on your great shape.

• We recommend machine washing your garments in cold water on a delicate cycle

• Lay flat to dry

• Wash your Modal in a delicates bag to help prevent pilling so your, *ahem* girls, can stay looking nice and smooth.

Soft, natural, thermoregulating yarn that’s cozier and easier to care for than your favorite blanket. Here’s some advice on how to keep it feeling nice and comfortable.

• Spill something on your wool? Oops! Spot clean any stains immediately with a stain remover or delicates laundry detergent

• Because wool is hypoallergenic as well as water wicking, it does not need to be washed frequently, so you can wear it longer without having to worry about laundry day.

• When it’s time to wash we recommend hand washing/ washing on a gentle cycle with like fabrics with woolite or similar gentle detergent. 

• Your wool pieces should not be placed in the dryer. Because they’re made with natural fibers, they can shrink in the dryer due to the harsh heat. Just lay flat to dry. 

• Hate pilling? Us too. A sweater stone can be used to help address any pilling or to refresh the surface of your garments. Only wash with similar fabrics.

This lightweight sweater knit collection works for you between the sheets and the seasons. Here’s how to keep it in shape so you’re not left out in the cold when a chill hits the air.

• For best results, wash your pieces in cool water on a delicate cycle with like fabrics

• Lay your Cozy Cotton Silk flat to dry only, no hang drying - the water weight will stretch out the cotton in the fabric.

• Treat any spot/ stains immediately! Grab your favorite gentle stain remover to treat the area and follow up with a good hand wash in cold water

• To help retain the shape and integrity of the fabric, wash your pieces inside out and store them folded rather than hung and try to avoid surfaces that can pull at the fabric.

An all-natural, lightweight, breathable woven collection that travels well. With these tips, we can help you care for your pieces, so they’re always ready for your next trip, even if you’re only traveling from the bed to the couch.

• Wash your garments in cold water on a delicate cycle, separate from other fabrics. 

• For best results use a gentle care laundry detergent and spot remover. 

• To avoid setting, immediately spot clean and stains with a gentle detergent. 

• Do not put in the dryer, simply lay flat to dry (or dry clean if preferred).

• To smooth any wrinkles use a steamer or hang in the bathroom during a steamy shower. Due to the cotton linen silk fabric blend this fabric should naturally hold its shape and structure.

Give the gift of sleep

Our classic white Lunya gift box with a cloth ribbon. Items are wrapped in tissue and closed with a Lunya sticker. One box per order, all items in the order will be placed inside the gift box. Make it personal — include a gift message to be placed in your gift box along with a gift receipt.

Give the gift of sleep

Give the gift of sleep

Our classic white Lunya gift box with a cloth ribbon. Items are wrapped in tissue and closed with a Lunya sticker. One box per order, all items in the order will be placed inside the gift box. Make it personal — include a gift message to be placed in your gift box along with a gift receipt.

Give the gift of sleep