I come first.

What does it mean to come first? It means to prioritize yourself.


Do you sense a sexual undertone here? Hell yes you do. The rise of the #metoo movement has made it possible for women and men to re-evaluate equality, relationships, and even sex. I come first brings that conversation into the home...and in some cases into the bedroom.


Did you know that 75% of women do not reach orgasm in sexual intercourse, and only 38% of women have admitted to masturbating in the past twelve months? Worse yet, 30% claim to have pain during sex and generally they suffer with pain for almost a decade before admitting it to a doctor or partner.


This begs the question, why don’t we expect more from our sexual encounters? Are we ashamed of our bodies? Is this the fault of our partners? The media? Society at large? In the end, pointing the finger is futile. We live in a time of hope and revelation. The world is changing at a rapid pace and we have the power to redefine our future like never before. The burden falls on us to expect more and to prioritize ourselves.



I Come First. Girl in bed


If we view enjoyment and pleasure as something we deserve, even in our intimate spaces like the bedroom, imagine how it might change our approach to life and satisfaction elsewhere. Imagine how it might reshape the conversations we have with our children, and the level of intimacy we might be able to reach with our partners.

Sex gets your attention, but it is just a symptom of a bigger story. A long history of coming second. When air pressure drops in an airplane, the protocol is to put your own oxygen mask on first. Why? Because if you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t show up for others. Self-care is a building block of a happy life for ourselves, and by extension those around us.

I built Lunya to be a catalyst for positive change with sleepwear designed to make women feel confidently comfortable, and brand experiences that add value to our customer’s life, all from a company that connects to the larger worldly purpose of providing opportunities to women and girls. Lunya has a choice in how we show up in the world, and the choice to speak powerfully; with a message that makes you challenge assumptions, re-evaluate the status quo, and think and dream of a better future. So we do.

So yes. Come first for a change.



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Ashley Merrill,

Founder + CEO, Lunya


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