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find your sleep style

Hot sleeper? Cold sleeper? Still wearing your ex-boyfriend's t-shirt to bed? We're here to help! We designed this quick quiz to help you find the sleepwear of your dreams.

As soon as I get home, I can't wait to put on...

  • comfy sweats

  • whatever is not in the laundry

  • my ex's college T-shirt & boxers

  • leggings and a tee

  • something silky

At 7am typically I am...

  • still Sleeping

  • out the door

  • enjoying my morning coffee

  • feeding a baby or walking a pet

  • in an ideal world, the gym

What's missing from your sleepwear drawer?
Something that...

Typically I wear to bed.

  • my birthday suit

  • tank & leggings

  • tank and boxers

  • whatever I fell asleep in #momlife

  • a matching set

How would you describe your downtime style?

My Friday night looks like...

When I wake up in the middle of the night it's because I'm...

  • too hot

  • too cold

  • needing to pee, again

  • being summoned by a crying baby

  • stressed about work

I have been known to leave the house in my sleepwear...

I dream of....

I can't fall asleep without

  • the AC (or fan) on high

  • my eyemask

  • white noise

  • kissing my children goodnight

  • popping a melatonin


Lunya's loungewear is cozy and comfy, complete with the kind of considered design elements that you'll appreciate, even if you might not notice them (Which is the whole point of good design anyway). -Refinery 29

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