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Lunya Sleepwear Santa Monica

To the entrepreneurial minded, out of the box thinking, self starters — we want you to help us change the world one bedroom at a time. 


Please send resumes and cover letters to




Senior Product Designer — Full Time

The Senior Designer at Lunya creates best-in- class sleepwear, leading in design, function, fit, and quality. In partnership with the Product Team, you create and develop the line from inception to finished product.

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Social Media Manager — Full Time

You are a social connoisseur and are dying to share all things Lunya with current and future customers. Lunya serves today’s busy and hyper connected Modern Woman so we need to meet her where she is at - online.

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Media & Public Relations Specialist — Part Time

We are seeking someone with the rare blend of creative strategic thinking and ambitious success oriented diligence to help bring Lunya onto the PR main stage. We want entrepreneurial minded, out-of- the-box, thinkers that are hardworking, (and fun!) to help us change the world - one bedroom at a time.

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You are one-part epic leadership skills, one-part operational execution and a liberal dose of straight Lunya passion.  We are an early stage company with big plans for growth and are looking for the right person to help us increase expansion and continue to level up our team and operations.  We love entrepreneurial minded, out-of-the-box, thinkers that are hard working, open minded and fun to help us change the world one bedroom at a time.  

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Lunya is a people company solving a clothing problem. We are obsessed with pleasing our customers by figuring out how to improve their life through beautiful and innovative clothing solutions… and we are building an incredible team to accomplish that objective! 

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