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What Keeps Me Up At Night | Late Night Thoughts from Ashley

What Keeps Me Up At Night: an internal dialogue from our founder, Ashley Merrill, as her passion for reading fuels an array of deep and wide-ranging thoughts that can’t help but to get us all thinking…and wanting to learn more.    Today, she's tackling how big to go and when to get out, the hedgehog concept, and the luxury of hindsight.      I am by no means the end-all-be-all authority on business, but as an entrepreneur, investor and someone who has been in the web business a long time, I have been afforded a unique vantage point so I felt like if sharing some musings helped someone, even one person, it would be worth it. I just read this article on Birchbox and it got me thinking a bit on how to know when you’ve hit on a great idea, how “big” to go and when to get out.  Birchbox was a darling of the VC world for ages and really built something interesting and unique for its time. I admire how they recognized two problems; brands needing to acquire new consumers and consumers wanting to try before they buy and offered a unique solution that solved for both.   In many ways landing on a business that can solve both a business and a consumer problem is a holy grail idea. Businesses are complex and solving a problem isn’t a business unto itself; you need a lot of pieces to land together if you are planning to build something with lots of potential.  What are those pieces? The book Good to Great presented a three circle framework that I really like and reference often called the Hedgehog concept.  This framework says that you know you have a good idea if you have passion, an economic strategy, and a plan for defensibility/differentiation. Passion is something you will need to keep you from overriding the urge to quit (or drink too much wine) but it’s also something that will help you inspire people to follow and invest in you. Having a sound economic engine is about making money and takes something from being a hobby to being a business.  Building a plan towards profitability that doesn’t hinge on billion dollar status (since that happens about .00006% of the time) is a good idea. The last circle is defensibility/differentiation and asking yourself what you can be best in the world at. When people start entering your business niche, is your product/business/Brand offering unique enough that people will still want it? I see a lot of young companies as investment opportunities and probably a disproportionate number of female-founded businesses. For some reason, with female run companies in particular I see failure to address the economic engine and defensibility. I know I’m generalizing but I’m more worried about the painful success stats (or lack thereof) than I am about generalizing.  I want to see more women running successful businesses! So, getting back to Birchbox.  Honestly, a $15M company isn't a bad valuation, but when you have raised $90M to get there it’s definitely not a glowing success story. So with the luxury of hindsight, I thought it would be interesting to use the Hedgehog concept to evaluate Birchbox and see if we could have seen some of these problems. Economically speaking I think the plan was to make money off their subscribers, the makeup “advertisers,” and hopefully the customer converting on a purchase after sampling it.  The subscription part makes sense and is predicated on the value the customer perceives from the product and the makeup brand benefits from lots of exposure. So while these feel like string value proportions, they are probably the smaller part of the pie. Birchbox would have to do something pretty revolutionary to intermediate the Sephora and Amazon purchase loop. One challenge I see for Birchbox is that they attract a lot of young value driven consumers. I say this because everyone who told me about it was young and had not yet established the strong beauty preferences you tend to see from a woman 30+.  This means there was a limit to how much money they could really expect from their young deal seeking consumers. The second issue I see with intermediating the consumer loop is the challenge of bringing a value proposition that fits their customer. Sephora and Amazon nail the pricing part of the equation with low prices, convenience, and loyalty programs that only massive scale can really enable.  Even if Birchbox couldn’t make it in the conversion loop substantially limits the company’s potential but doesn’t mean it wasn’t still a business with a strong economic model—just maybe not one you raise $90m on. When we think about defensibility and what Birchbox can be best in the world at, I would say they are the go-to company for sampling beauty products. How defensible is this? Sephora is already a great place to try things, both companies offer returns and both companies could easily launch a sampling kit which they are positioned to make more from because they already own the consumer transaction. I have no doubt that the Birchbox CEO, Katia Beauchamp, was well aware of this threat and was working to build defensibility around her offering, but we can see clearly she had some pretty big challenges from the get go. Beauchamp had a great run and a strong idea.  I think it all comes down to when, how much, and from whom you raise money.  When you raise big money, all the press outlets talk about you and its pretty sexy stuff but honestly with lots of VC money comes lots of responsibility.  VC’s are looking for 10x return in a short period of time so let’s do the math… if you raise 90M, they are assuming you are building a billion dollar business.  With all these inherent market challenges what do you think the probability is of this being a billion dollar business? From a valuation perspective, how much would a potential acquirer be willing to pay to buy Birchbox before deciding to build it themselves? I'm going to caveat this whole analysis with this: I'm in it and it’s always harder and more complicated than it looks.  Beauchamp busted her behind and swung for the fences and I commend her for that. The luxury of hindsight is a real one so I'm not saying I could have done any better and I’m mainly highlighting the usefulness of the Hedgehog concept as a tool for the entrepreneur.  It’s is a great way to challenge your own ideas and assumptions so you can hopefully lead a more successful enterprise.   - Ashley  
The Labor Day Edit

The Labor Day Edit

Summer is coming to an end (that was quick!), and Labor Day weekend is just around the corner. Whether you’re staying local or getting out of town, I’ve shared a few of my personal summer highlights.   What a summer it has been! For starters, we opened our first store in our largest market, NYC... and we made it happen in just 3 weeks. We couldn't be happier — and we’re still recovering.    The Bedroom, New York   Personally, some highlights included an incredible trip to Bodrum Turkey, with a dinner in the temple of Apollo, a lot of waterskiing, helicopter riding with the kids, and a sunrise run (followed by skinny dipping at an abandoned beach!)          There were also too many beach weekends in the ‘bu to count— tide-pooling, dinners with friends, and paddle-boarding.  I've decided to spend my last weekend of summer at the beach, and I'm wearing plenty of Lunya while there.   Clearly, I won't be abiding by the 'No White After Labor Day' rule. This is LA, after all! ;)    —Ashley    
The Bedroom, New York

The Bedroom, New York

New York is always a good idea! We've finally opened our doors in the Big Apple earlier this month, and were overwhelmed by our warm NYC welcome.       The Bedroom NY was bursting at the seams on opening day. #LunyaLadies and well wishers formed a line wrapping around the block, and some of them even got lucky in The Bedroom with scratch off gift cards valued up to $1000.        Founder, Ashley Merrill, breaking in the new 2,500 square-foot space, which she said is meant to evoke the feeling of "walking through your door at home, kicking off your shoes and dropping all of the day's baggage." Count us in!         "The space was designed to bring intention to our bedroom choices with a handful of curated pieces. The nighttime routine and environment can be an important part of getting good sleep, so we set up the store to showcase our sleepwear and our favorite nightstand finds in a clean, modern interior that helps us quiet our minds", Ashley said.        The newly launched COOL Collection on display.      If our store opening is any indication of what’s to come in New York, it’s going to be a good time in The Bedroom.       Come in and shop with us at 255 Elizabeth Street.           
FIGTNY - The Cool Collection

The Cool Collection | Styled by FIGTNY

When it came to launching our new Cool Collection, we looked no further than our favorite cool girl, Michaela Babuskova, to show us how she styles the collection.    Living in New York, Michaela understands better than anyone the struggle of the unbearable NY summer heat. No longer do you need to crank the AC and hope for the best - Cool has your back.    Hot Sleepers Rejoice!        Because Michaela works from home, where sometimes the bed can double as an office, she's guilty of wearing sleepwear & loungewear as her #ootd.       From conference calls, computer sessions to actual lounging.... all-in-one outfits are the go-to for work, play & sleep. Lucky!        Versatility at its best, COOL helps to curb the summer heat and keep you feeling cool and looking chic.        Dressed up or dressed down, the COOL romper is definitely the crowd pleaser of the collection and can be worn seamlessly from the bedroom to the street.         The COOL Tee and Short make a perfect match. You'll never want to take off this set — and that’s ok; it’s built for multiple wears, and our functional fabric means that you’ll feel just as cool and dry as day 1.          SHOP COOL   
Pamela Salzman

Breakfast in Bed with Pamela Salzman

We have long been admirers of Kitchen Matters author and acclaimed cooking instructor Pamela Salzman. Her mantra is simple: eat well, live well, be well, and stems from her lifelong love of food, cooking, gardening and nutrition. Here at Lunya, we couldn't agree more. Second to sleep, we believe eating a healthy breakfast is vital to leading a productive day, helping maintain focus at work, and jumpstarting metabolism.  Pamela came by The Bedroom to help us create seven simple breakfast recipes for each day of the week, inspired by the busy woman on the go. We also got to chatting about her busy morning routine, because let's face it - we’re all familiar with that morning scramble. We hope you enjoy!  What time do you usually wake up?5:45am weekdays and I usually can’t sleep past 6:30am on the weekends! Tell us a bit about your morning ritual. What's the first thing you do each morning?I scrape my tongue, then make a quart of warm lemon water and drink half of it before working out. After I get my kids out the door, I go to my work out - usually some type of cardio mixed with a few weights. I drink the other half of the lemon water, shower and then I eat breakfast. Coffee or Tea?Tea, either green or matcha. Morning Jam?I listen to podcasts in the morning while I am getting ready and in the car on my way to work. Right now, I'm really loving the goop podcast, and Rich Roll.  Sit-down breakfast, or grab and go?Weekdays are grab and go, but I bring my frother and tonic essentials with me to work and make myself a proper superfood matcha latte or tumeric latte before I start prepping for a class.It’s usually quick and sometimes eaten in my car on the way to teach a cooking class! I’d rather eat slowly in my car than swallow my breakfast in 2 seconds in my kitchen. Weekends, I take my time with breakfast and the newspaper.         
Angie Banicki - Tarot Card reader to the stars

Hollywood's Favorite Intuitive | Angie Banicki

Here at Lunya, we're an office packed to the gills full of women. Topics around the lunch table regularly include our monthly and daily horoscopes, zodiac signs, and astrology in general. When it came time for us to delve deeper into what our star signs could reveal about our personal style, we tapped our friend and celebrity Tarot Reader, Angie Banicki, to tell us why we're the dark and twisty people we are... and she gave us the outfit to match.      Angie has read for everyone from Usher to Allison Janney, and is also the astrology contributor for GOOP. We sat down with her to pick her brain on how she got her start reading Tarot, her nighttime ritual... and picked up a whole lot of wisdom along the way.   What is currently your favorite hour of the day? At this moment in time, 2pm, because my baby girl is up for her nap and I am usually in between readings so we get to have a snack and snuggle together.   How important is sleep a factor in your life? Since reading tarot – SO MUCH MORE IMPORTANT!  There are days after I do big events with lots of readings when I just need to sleep 10/12 hours a night.   Tell us about your nighttime ritual. Put baby to bed, take a shower or bath, finish last minute emails and writing, and snuggle with my man.  This week, using this time to ask the cards about some upcoming travel.    How did you first get into reading Tarot Cards? My friend Holly Weirsma gave me a deck of Prada Tarot cards and I played with them for fun.     We can imagine you run into some naysayers - what do you say to them? Usually I laugh and say, ME TOO!  Then I had some really harsh ones and cried.  Then my brother really nay-sayed the heck out of me – it was amazing because my brother loves and looks up to me so I realized it’s not personal!  We are all wired differently.  All living different realities. I love choosing my magical one but yours might be just as fun for you.    What do you find people are seeking most when they come in for a reading? Love advice, career advice, home advice. Probably in that order.    You were a Hollywood publicist for many years, living a fast-paced lifestyle much different to your life today - words of wisdom for your past self?   Try to relish all the fast pace, the interesting people, the dramas!  One day you’ll miss it and yet still never need it again.      You're known for your Tarot readings - how sensitive would you say you are to picking up on someones energy?  This is something I am growing to understand more every day.  Sometimes I feel so sensitive as if I’m stuck in the person’s head.  And then sometimes I have days that I feel like a personal trainer just giving you the tools to make your body and mind work best from the side bench as you lift the 50 lb weight off.    Have you ever been scared by what you've seen, and not wanted to share it with the person? Yes, this is a big lesson I’m working through now.  Fear is something we all should be working on.  What is fear really?  How can we take information and use it to our advantage?  How can we understand something for someone and help them understand too?  I am trying really hard to see and understand and feel this for myself and in how I help others.  I also think my cards know my limits and are slowly growing with me.  Giving me only as much as I can handle and know how to give the other person.  Bohemian Rhapsody - Remastered 2011 – Queen is playing saying –Thunderbolt and lightning, very, very frightening me!     What is your star sign?  Scorpio   Interesting! Would you say you're a true Scorpio?  I am a Scorpio, yes for sure!  But I feel that I relate so much to certain signs and times in my life.  And I love that we all have different plans and signs in our charts.  We are all such fascinating corroborations!    Personal theme song of the moment? We know you love a good playlist. I Love to Love - Radio Edit – Tina Charles is this week’s. But also one of my all time greats is - Everywhere I Go – Lissie   Image credit:  Sami Drasin   SHOP BY SIGN
Amber Lewis of Amber Interiors

Nightstand Tour | Amber Lewis of Amber Interiors

Functional design, SoCal inspiration, on growing a business, being half-dolphin and her own toughest client - talking it out with Amber Lewis.    Amber Lewis of Amber Interiors is one of the most sought after interior designers not only in Los Angeles, but with a client roster expanding across the U.S. Her half-million-plus Instagram followers are offered a daily glimpse into her SoCal-inspired breezy, contemporary style. After opening two brick and mortar stores in Calabasas, and the recently opened Pacific Palisades Shoppe, she's moved into designing a line of one-of-a-kind furniture. Not to mention, she's also in the process of renovating her own home. So, when does the woman sleep? She brought us into her bedroom to chat all things interior design, motherhood, and what comes next for this maverick designer.    What can we find on your nightstand? Give us the tour! A pretty lamp with a dim bulb and a vase with greenery or flowers is a must. I also have a marble trivet that holds my ceramic hand with palo santo and a candle from my Essentials by Amber Lewis line (which is launching SO soon!!) It doubles as a ceramic mug and the bottom can be used to strike a match. The most important thing is keeping my nightstand simple and clean. Otherwise, it'll stress me out!  Speaking of nightstands, you've recently designed your own line of furniture. Who or what inspired you while creating these pieces? Designing the 'Made by Shoppe' furniture line has been a dream come true. I've been designing for years, and one of the biggest struggles (as any designer can attest to) is finding the perfect piece of furniture for specific spaces. I decided it was time to do something about it and work with the best craftsman in Los Angeles to bring my designs to life and offer customizable pieces. The designs are inspired by the cool, laid back California aesthetic and the most important part to me is that each and every piece is made locally in LA and made to order. I'm not about mass production, so I'm thankful for everyone who orders from us, knowing it may be a longer lead time, but the quality will be incomparable.    You're currently in the process of renovating your Los Angeles home - when you're designing for yourself, how does the process differ? Oh, it's 100,000,000 times harder! I am my toughest client and I can't make up my damn mind. We're finally breaking ground and I'm being forced to make decisions. My clients are muuuch more easy going than I am!!     Seeing so many different homes and projects come to life, what do you find is the most functional design element that you'll be incorporating into your space? Our new home is going to have windows galore, because natural light is so important to me.    How much sleep would you say are you getting a night right now? Sleep? What is sleep?! I'm notorious for having a hard time sleeping. Fun fact, I'm half dolphin, because did you know they never fully sleep?! Half their brain is on even when they're asleep! Same here.    We hear you're a big Netflix junkie - what are you watching? Handmaid's Tale! It's really the most terrifying and potentially realistic show out there right now.  Has being a mother changed your relationship with decor? It definitely has. Everything changes when you become a mother - in the best way possible. Gwynnie is probably one of my biggest inspirations - her carefree, laid back personality is pretty much my design aesthetic -- and she is my daily reminder of that! G's been involved in the design of our new home, too and let me tell ya, she may be my future boss! She's got a real eye.      Social media has hugely impacted your business - do you find it affects your personal life as well? Yes and no. I have it to thank for being one the best tools in promoting my design work, and it also lets me interact and talk to so many more people than I would've been able to pre-social media. I'm truly very thankful for it. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I try not to take it too seriously either. I'll never put on a front and you're always getting the real deal! So, no, I don't think it affects my personal life, other than it can take a lot of time, which I'd rather be spending with my family.    You've dominated the interior design scene, you've opened wildly successful stores in Los Angeles... what does evolution look like for you now personally and professionally?  First of all, THANK YOU! We are in this really exciting time now with so many exciting things in the works. My client roster is growing, which means my team is growing, hence our move into our brand new office next week. I have a book coming out in 2020, I'm launching a new blog called All Sorts Of at the end of this year, we have two brick-and-mortar Shoppes (and we're looking for our next space!!) - OH and because of all this growth, we're in the process of a full re-brand of Shoppe and Amber Interiors. I couldn't be happier with the direction we're moving in right now. Feeling beyond lucky and grateful!
The Cool Collection has arrived.

What the Internet is Saying About the Cool Collection

Our Cool Collection has just launched this week, and has already developed somewhat of a cult following. So why is everyone obsessing over this collection? If you ask us...  It’s the most comfortable and innovative sleepwear, designed to function like your favorite active wear, but made with natural fibers—and you don’t need to leave your bed for it to work. What could be better than that? The smart fabric also tackles odor: the XT2 fibers weaved throughout utilize antimicrobial properties to stop odor by inhibiting the growth of bacteria and fungi that consumes sweat and cause odors. This means your Cool pieces will stay smelling fresher, longer. Because, real talk, who actually washes their sleepwear after each use? Not us...   But more importantly, see what the internet has to say about the Cool Collection:       "It's True: this genius sleepwear puts an end to sweaty summer nights" — My Domaine "Reinventing the category with innovative design, quality and fabrics." — WWD  "Lunya’s new collection will keep you cool even during summer’s hottest nights" — Brit + Co "The Cool Collection styles won’t smell or become full of gross bacteria, are super cute and comfortable and will help you say good-bye to damp sheets and sweaty, sleepless nights."   — People “Cozy and keeps you cool. I love everything Lunya creates and this collection is next level” — Jacey Duprie, @jaceyduprie “Cool feels like that fresh summer air in your bedroom (oh and like a full night’s rest when my twins decide to sleep through the night)” — Sara Azani, @stylemba "The most breathable cotton PJs ever.  Love how cool they feel against my skin!" — Kat Tanita, @kattanita “After a few nights in the Cool pieces, I can safely say I love them!" — Alice Gao, @alicegao “There is nothing like cozy sleepwear that is perfect for lounging in the house and is also made with breathable fabric. I am big about feeling cool when I sleep, and this romper does the job! I had one of my best sleeps yet. — Lauren Scruggs Kennedy, @laurenscruggs “This Cool sleepwear feels like you can live in it.” — Caitlyn Chase, @caitlynchase “Cool feels like a dunk in the ocean on a perfect summer day.” — Lauren Hayes, @laurenahayes "The only sleepwear that allows me to enjoy sleeping without AC!" — Tonya Smith, @themoptop “Cool feels like a nap in the clouds” — TyLynn Ngyuen, @tylynnnguyen “It feels like diving into the Mediterranean on a hot summer day” — Sophie Elkus, @sophieelkus  So, you want to try the Cool Collection now. Right?    SHOP COOL
Lunya Knitty Gritty Cool Pima Fabric

Knitty Gritty | Cool

  We get it. You’re hot. In bed. We can help.   Turns out that our body temperature plays a key role in how well we sleep.  If you’ve ever woken up to sweaty pajamas or damp sheets, then you likely already know—Staying cool is the key to a great night’s sleep. And a good night’s sleep is the key to just about everything else.  Hot sleep can cause fragmented sleep, which in turn can have subtle effects on things like complex memory retention, mood, and alertness, among others. You may not always be able to get the recommended 8 hours of sleep a night, but Lunya wants to ensure that the sleep you are getting is as valuable as possible.   Meet Cool, the next innovative sleepwear collection that will help you sleep cooler and drier because, to us, cool is more than just a vibe.  Here’s how it works. The Cool Collection is made of your favorite Pima cotton, infused with TransDRY™ and XT2 technology. But what does that really mean? Well, traditional cotton fabrics absorb moisture rapidly and can quickly become drenched, retaining as much as 20-40% more moisture than synthetic fabrics. If you’re a hot sleeper, you know that this can often mean waking up in sweaty clothing. Gross. TransDRY™ technology for cotton is a patented, high performance moisture management application that allows fabrics to spread dampness as well as, or better than, most high-tech synthetic fabrics. Basically it helps to move moisture across a greater surface area of the body, allowing it to evaporate quickly, and stopping it from pooling in unwanted places. TransDRY™ cooling fabric dries 3 times as fast as regular pima*, so the quicker evaporation of sweat, coupled with the natural breathability of cotton, will help keep you cooler and drier at night. That’s no exaggeration -TransDRY™ cooling fabric has TWICE the cooling power of regular pima. Amazing, right? It’s the most comfortable sleepwear, designed to function like your favorite active wear, but made with natural fibers—and you don’t need to leave your bed for it to work. What could be better than that?     Now let’s get real for a second—most of us don’t wash our sleepwear after every wear. It’s ok, we don’t judge, and neither does the Cool Collection. The XT2 tech utilizes the antimicrobial properties of silver to stop odor by inhibiting the growth of bacteria and fungi that consumes sweat and causes odors. This means your Cool pieces will stay smelling fresher, longer. And because the pure silver is incorporated directly into the garment and not a finish or a treatment, it won’t wash out or wear off, which means it will last the life of your Cool garment. Awesome, right? But you don’t have to be afraid of washing when you’re ready because we’ve designed everything to have minimal shrink to help retain shape and fit. Just machine wash cold and lay flat to dry.   Let’s recap – Keeps you cool and dry. Won’t smell or become full of gross bacteria. Looks and feels awesome, AND it’s made in the USA from fiber to finished garment.   Now that’s Cool.     SHOP COOL   
Ashley's Thoughts - hard road or enjoyable one

What Keeps Me Up At Night | The Hard Road or the Enjoyable One

My husband and I took a hike together last weekend and we were joking how the hike was basically a metaphor for how we approach life.  We came across a fork in the road early on in the hike. The paths ultimately ended up in the same place, but one was straight up to what appeared to be the peak, and one was a mild hill with a winding path.  We looked at each other and both instinctively forged up the steep incline. We laughed about how neither of us would ever think of taking the long, gradual way.   On the way up we ruminated on the steep path choices we have taken - have kids so close together, doing business school while simultaneously launching a business and having kids, running our two businesses at the same time, the extensive charity and political work we do, building a home while running businesses... and while we’re incredibly proud of our accomplishments, we reflected on the cost of this on our body and mind (perpetual exhaustion, not having time to feel proud or enjoy accomplishments, worrying about how we show up for our kids when we are so stretched) and began to fantasize about the long path a little.  Shortly after this conversation we reached what we had thought was the peak only to realize there was another peak higher up.         So, we took a brief gander around and kept going, hungry for the best view from the highest point. This process repeated itself nearly four times, and by the fourth apex when we looked around we realized the value of the height was offset by the fact that we were marching inland, so ironically the highest peak had the worst view.   We realized that it was those mini peaks below that were actually the most stunning. So we thought about what those were in our lives? What were those mini apex moments where we had brief moments of joy and satisfaction but quickly reset our sights on the next climb?  I can think of many inflection points in both our businesses, in our marriage, with buying a home. Birthing kids was certainly one of those moments as it was quickly followed by a desire for them to get older and sleep through the night, then be done with diapers, then talk...  At what point do we stop and breath in the fresh air? Is the apex an illusion? What are we chasing? Is this actually the top of the mountain?   This is not a sad story. We love our life and perhaps this is human nature, or at least our nature, but I think it’s was a great realization and reminder that your mom was probably right; it’s the journey that counts.  And while there is no end to this story, I’m not dead yet; we decided to take the long way home.   - Ashley 
Lunya x Dosist - rituals of relaxation

Rituals of Relaxation with Dosist

We recently hosted dosist at our Los Angeles headquarters, The Bedroom, to discuss mitigating stress, getting good sleep, and self-care. Moderated by our very own Founder & CEO, Ashley Merrill we had the opportunity hear from Neuroscientist Dr. Josh Kaplan, and Meditative Storyteller Jessica Snow on the rituals and importance of relaxation.     We explored tools for getting good sleep and for managing anxiety by trying a group meditation and followed it up with a discussion on the benefits, risks of incorporating Cannabis in your self care regimen.  We learned so much about the nuances of how the brain works and how THC and CBD interact with it that we decided to follow up on the event by sitting down with dosist president, Josh Campbell, to ask a few questions about his nighttime ritual and the role that sleep plays in his life.      What does your nighttime routine currently look like and how does dosist enhance this? I'm fortunate enough that sleep isn't much of an issue for me. But I work hard at it. I really look at the whole day as prep for sleep - from how I prioritize my work to my approach to responding to emails. It's all designed to protect my sleep time. Dosist for me has been a great supplemental tool replacing sleep "sacrificing" products like alcohol and stress.   How important is sleep as a factor in your work and personal life? Sleep is critical to ensuring I'm living a productive and happy life. I work hard to make sure I achieve a minimum 7 hrs of sleep - 8 to 9 hours is my sweet spot.   What would you say are the biggest benefits of the Sleep + Calm dosist pens and how do you think they can aide in the rituals of relaxation? The majority of people I know need some sort of "catalyst" to promote relaxation / their sleep cycle. Properly dosed, cannabis can be a really powerful tool to help your body and mind unwind. The team at dosist has really focused on creating tools that put you in control - we're providing very specific formulations designed to deliver a targeted benefit delivered in precise doses through the dose pen. When it comes to relaxation and sleep prep, I can't think of anything more important than control and predictability.        hungry for more?   sleep by dosist is an all natural, plant-based tool to help you fall and stay asleep. It just so happens that the plant dosist uses is cannabis. Dosist has worked to demystify, simplify and take the guess work out of cannabis as a wellness tool. Their sleep formula is a carefully engineered blend of the active ingredients in cannabis; featuring a 8:1 THC-to-CBD ratio balanced with a sleep-promoting blend terpenes, the co-star compounds found in the cannabis plant. Dosist helps you make sure that you're getting just the right amount by delivering a precise 2.25mg dose via their medical grade vaporizer, the dose pen.  A good night’s sleep requires a deactivation of the CB1 receptor. For people suffering from stress or anxiety, this can be challenging. Sleep by dosist is designed to stimulate that CB1 receptor, ultimately disrupting the cycle and allowing the receptor to turn off. Falling asleep only accounts for a portion of society’s challenges with sleep. For some of us, the issue is not falling asleep but staying asleep. Conditions like restless leg syndrome and chronic pain are better addressed by the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. This compound lengthens the effectiveness of the THC while also providing its own synergistic benefits for anxiety, pain, and spasticity.       
Knitty Gritty - Restore

Knitty Gritty | Restore

  When you sleep, your body does some pretty amazing things. It is the time that cells regenerate, tissues grow, and your memories and learnings are consolidated so that they become long term. The amount and quality of your sleep directly impacts these necessary functions and without quality rest, your body is unable to perform at its optimal functioning. A lack of quality sleep also affects your skin, weight, cognitive functioning, mood, and sex drive.   You may not always be able to get the recommended 8 hours of sleep a night, but Lunya can ensure that the sleep you are getting is as valuable as possible.   Meet Restore, an innovative collection of smart sleepwear that actually restores you while you sleep. (No, your ex’s frat t-shirt can’t do that for you.) Here’s how it works. The Restore line features Lunya’s soft and breathable Pima cotton and with Celliant® minerals. This proprietary mineral mix is the real deal, it’s regulated by the FDA, and works to absorb and convert body heat into infrared energy which is then recycled back into your skin and tissues, helping to rebuild and recharge the body during sleep. Celliant® powered fabric also increases oxygen levels in the body which allows your cells to regenerate faster, making it the perfect follow up for a tough workout. In other words, the Restore collection promotes a deeper, more restful REM slumber so you wake up feeling noticeably more refreshed and energized.      Because Celliant® is embedded into the core of the fibers themselves, the technology does not wear out over time or weaken with washing so you can wash any of our Restore Collection pieces the way you would any of your other Lunya pieces.  Restore is a blended fabric of 56% pima, 44% Celliant®   Quality is really important to us and we are happy to report Restore fabric and construction have passed the one year wash and dry test with flying colors.  It resists fade, pill, shrink, seam burst, and fabric disintegration - essentially, with these pieces you have quality you can rely on.    If you are a wild sleeper, hot sleeper, cold sleeper, restless sleeper, side sleeper, face sleeper, sleep walker, sleep talker, snorer or spooner, the Restore Collection is for you.     RESTORE COLLECTION  


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