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When Angela Sutherland and Evelyn Rusli launched Yumi, a nutritious, subscription-based baby food company, their hope was to access an untapped market of parents who wanted convenient, nutrient rich baby food, but didn't want the hassle of preparing their own - think Blue Apron for babies. The team was able to raise $4.1 million in funding and launched to the California market on June 13th. We sat down with these badass entrepreneurs to find out what inspires them, their biggest challenges, and what they would want if they could have a super power.    *To celebrate their achievements and bring their (amazing! Seriously, we've tried it.), we have teamed up with Yumi and are including a complimentary week of food to any California resident who orders the Tired as a Mother Kit.     What has been your biggest obstacle when it has come to starting your business?   Angela: The biggest obstacle has always been myself. I think we all have to learn to get out of our own way sometimes.   Evelyn: I would argue that taking that initial, scary leap is the biggest obstacle. It’s easy to succumb to the doubts. You have to be a little crazy to consciously decide to build a startup. You’re up against a lot. One, you know that most startups fail and many investors will remind you of this along the way. Two, you’re very aware of all the things you’re not qualified for. In some ways, I made the decision pretty quickly with Angela. But I also remember several long, anxiety-filled nights, wondering, “who was I to believe I could tackle this enormous undertaking?”, “who was I to give up a career I had spent a decade building?” Ultimately, I put all those questions aside, and thought about the regret I would feel if I didn't do this. That made the decision really easy.     What would you tell women who want to start their own business?   Angela: Surround yourself with people who have skillsets and experience that you don’t have. Have an honest conversation with yourself about shortcomings and areas where you still need to learn. Stay firm on your vision and mission, but be open to letting other people help you. Starting a company is a humbling experience. The most successful people I know are acutely aware of the limitations of their knowledge and actively seek out people who know more than them. Also, you never know where those conversations will lead. You’ll be surprised how far, “Can you help me with…” will take you.   Evelyn: Own your accomplishments. I’ve seen brilliant women shy away from owning their success. Yes, it’s important to realize the contributions of the team and to be magnanimous in giving credit, but dammit, sometimes you have to own it.     What is a piece of advice you have for working moms?   Angela: I think it’s important to find a way to give your kids’ a window into your career. My daughter is young but I often tell her why I work and that I hope she is also lucky enough to be able to work on something that she truly loves. I also try to relate going to work to her going to school and try to bring her to work once in awhile, so she can see where I work. Will she remember those conversations years from now? Perhaps not word-for-word, but I hope she recalls how happy her mother was at work and draws inspiration from that.     Where do you draw strength?   Angela: My children. To be honest, it’s hard to spend time away from my family as a working mom. My daughter, who is 3, can now articulate that she misses me and when she asks, “Mom, why do you have to go to work?” with those giant brown eyes, it literally slays me. My heart breaks into a million pieces. But, I know that what I’m putting out into the world will make them proud when they are older. Balancing a career and pursuing your dream while managing a family is a constant struggle, it’s never easy, but I always think about the example I’m setting for them in the long term.   Evelyn: It’s amazing how small moments can provide such potent fuel. Every day, we get messages from parents who tell us how Yumi is helping them in their lives and how good they feel to be nourishing their babies with something they actually feel good about. When days are crazy and things feel out of control, a positive, encouraging note from a customer always brings me back to center. It’s a great reminder of why we do what we do. Startup life is hard, you have to savor those moments.       If you had 30 extra minutes a day, what would you do with them?   Angela: SLEEP! Or 30 minutes more of uninterrupted, quality time with my kids and family. But, if we’re being completely honest here - SLEEP!    Evelyn: As an office, we are all pretty regimented about working out and keeping up healthy habits. For instance, we do 8:30am yoga together as a team. But it would be amazing to have an extra 30 minutes to meditate and clear my mind, so I can start (or end) each day with a more peaceful mind and clear focus. This is forever on my list of things I NEED to do, but actually NEVER do.     What do you do the second you get home?   Angela: Change into comfortable clothes, and put my kids to bed. It’s a tradition and near sacred to me. I try to always carve out this time to unplug from the day and be truly focused on them. They know this is our time. I love giving them baths, reading to them, and just spending time with them as we all end our day.   Evelyn: I take my perfectly derpy dog Raja for a walk, and if my fiancé is home at the same time, we enjoy cooking dinner together or maybe going out to eat if we’re feeling ambitious. It’s not too glamorous but those are the good nights. Since he’s also an entrepreneur, there are definitely nights when we both get in at 11pm and just pass out. We’re a very fun couple.     Do you have a nightly routine? If so, what is it?   Evelyn: Dry brushing before I go to bed, a slightly too-hot shower, and a small army of facial creams and ointments including the Bright Eyes under eye cream from Goldfaden MD - it works miracles.     How many hours of sleep do you get a night?   Angela: Sleep has been elusive since I’ve had my first child! I try to exercise every day to de-stress and decompress, but as many parents will say, I no longer make my sleep schedule.   Evelyn: Minimum 5. Maximum 7.You don’t want to see me on 4.5 hours, it’s not the best look. I wish I could force myself to sleep more but my body refuses after 7 hours. In days of yore, I used to be able to sleep till 10am on Sunday and it was bliss, I guess this is what happens after too many years of adulting.     What do you wear to bed?   Angela: I wear long sleeves and pants- I get cold!   Evelyn : A mix between my fiancé’s vintage oh-so-soft T-shirts and simple over-sized slip dresses. Soft and loose fabrics that are lying around are my go-to but lately I’ve been wishing for something a little more sophisticated like the Lunya Silk Set.     Is there anything you would change about yourself?   Angela: I am often over-analytical. I’m sure my colleagues at Yumi would laugh and say that’s an understatement.    Evelyn: I wish I was more naturally extroverted. There’s a part of me that will always be an awkward, geeky elementary school kid who had a so-so grasp of the English language. I was a journalist, but in my heart of hearts, I am a forever introvert.     What is your biggest vice? Be honest.   Angela: Fried foods. I’m a Midwestern girl, so I’ll forever like a fried…anything.   Evelyn: I can sit in chaos for a little bit longer than I should — in other words, my desk is a mess.     Who is your inspiration?   Angela: My mom has always been my greatest inspiration. She was an entrepreneur and until the day she passed she was always my biggest supporter.   Evelyn: My fiancé Dan - he’s relentlessly optimistic and has been such a pillar of support. He was the first to whisper in my ear that I should leave journalism and become an entrepreneur. I think one of the best things a partner can do is to always expect more of you, to expect greatness of you, even if you don’t quite see it in the moment.     What is your greatest ambition?   Angela : With Yumi, we hope to push an antiquated industry forward. Regardless of the financial outcome, success will be if we have changed the way parents think about nutrition for their kids and if we can reshape an industry. I hope the whole market will move towards healthier, more nutritious options.    Evelyn: Angela says it best. The goal has always been to create positive impact at scale and move the needle on nutrition. My family’s history is checkered with diabetes and obesity, so I know firsthand how poor health can impact a family and quality of life. To help as many families as possible is our greatest ambition.     What is your biggest fear?   Angela: My biggest fear is that my own limitations will prevent this company from reaching its potential.    Evelyn: Not evolving fast enough personally to help support the growth of Yumi. And heights, ugh, still waiting to outgrow that one.     What superpower do you wish you had?   Angela: Being in two places at once    Evelyn: Reading people’s minds, though there is that risk of knowing too much.    
Knitty Gritty: Supportive Modal

Knitty Gritty | Supportive Modal

We all have them. Butt-hugging Soffe shorts we shamelessly wore in high school. Oversized sweatpants inherited from college boyfriends. The matching pajamas we got at that bachelorette party.   We’ve had some good times together. But admit’s time to break up and invite something new into the bedroom.    Our Supportive Modal fabric provides the needed comfort of your previously beloved pajamas while providing you with what you truly need in the shrinkage.   Supportive Modal is derived from rayon, a semi-synthetic fabric made from cellulose—and we’ve added 5% spandex for extra strength and flexibility.  In other words, when you move, it moves with you. Talk about good in bed.         Unlike your other cotton or polyester PJs, modal is extremely breathable and cool to the touch, but it’s also highly absorbent so it doesn’t mind if you get a little sweaty. But we have to warn you, it’s extremely soft hand means you won’t want to leave your bed the moment you wake up. Because of its sensuous drape, Supportive Modal complements Lunya’s beautiful silhouettes and a woman’s body perfectly—like we were MFEO*. Its high wet strength means it won’t shrink or stretch when you toss it in the washer/dryer, and it’s colorfast and resistant to pilling so its beauty won’t fade over time.       Finally, a relationship that will last. xx, L U N Y A     *Made for each other
Wash with Confidence - Lunya Washable Silk

Wash with confidence.

Knitty Gritty Washable Silk

Knitty Gritty | Washable Silk

Life is chaotic. Between juggling power lunches, playdates, and weekend getaways, it can seem near impossible to find the time to catch some shuteye. Sure, sleeping a little more seems easy but as many of us know it’s not always a piece of cake. And for the girl-on-the-go, it can prove to be even more of a challenge.   So just how important is a good night’s sleep? Here at Lunya, we believe that getting plenty of zzz’s doesn’t just boost your mood—it also improves your heart health, job performance and your looks! That is why we’ve dedicated ourselves to designing fabrics that improve the sleep experience.   Meet our Washable Silk SetWith the perfect blend of laid-back luxury and functional style, it’s our most beautiful set to date! Crafted in 100% smooth, sueded silk and finished with marrow edges, this set was careful designed to enhance your evening routine.   WHAT MAKES OUR SILK UNIQUE?   Unmatched Quality: A silky design that is a dream! Flattering on every figure, this gorgeous short and tank top set offers a modern yet feminine feel. With a draped silhouette and fluid, feminine shape, it is the ultimate comfortable style.      Versatility/Temperature Control: Heading to a cozy cabin in the woods? Perhaps an island in the tropics? Either way, be sure to pack these PJs. Light and delicate, this made-to-travel set adapts to your ever-changing body temperature—and life! Naturally cool to the touch, silk allows for comfort in warmer weather and its low conductivity keeps warm air close to the skin during cold nights. Washable: In an effort to make your life easier, we’ve constructed our silk pieces with a no-fuss washable silk. Now you can wear your favorite PJ’s again (and again!)—without the trip to the dry-cleaners. Simply toss in your washing machine and lay flat to dry!   A luxe nighttime essential, the Washable Silk collection was made for today’s modern woman. With so much on our plate, it’s important to make sleep a priority and silk is an always-comforting choice.  
Lunya Sleepwear - make the cut

Make The Cut

Our premium sleepwear is the cumulation of thoughtful and intentional design, helping you sleep better and bring purpose to every hour of the day. Our Organic Pima exemplifies just this, with luxurious natural textiles that have extraordinary softness and breathability - we’ve designed these pieces to personalize, so you can customize the length and look.     Measure the Cut   1. Try on your garment and determine new desired length. 2. Be sure to add an extra inch for the first cut to give yourself some extra room. We suggest adding an extra inch for the first cut to give yourself some room to adjust. 3. With a small piece of tape or pin mark your cutting area. Be sure to mark each side of the leg or sleeve to ensure an even line.   Make the Cut    1. On a flat surface, lay the garment out. (For the best cut, be sure the fabric is flat and evenly laid out). 2. Begin to cut! We recommend using fabric scissors or high quality scissors with a very sharp blade. (Be sure you are making clean cuts all the way through the blade and begin a new cut —don't let the fabric bunch or it will not cut evenly.) 3. Try on your newly cut sleepwear and determine if the new length is a good fit. If you prefer to go shorter, repeat the steps above.       Congrats, girl. You made the cut. Now show it off and show us what you got! Tag your photos @lunya *Cut wisely, all personalized pieces will be yours to keep. Shop more from our Organic Pima Collection.     
What I learned from a week of juicing day and night

What I Learned From A Week Of Juicing Day and Night

by Ashley Merrill, Founder + CEO   Juice has been getting a lot of talk these days. Kale this, spinach that. And who could forget dandelion greens and fennel?! We already know about most of the health benefits of juice: detoxification, reducing inflammation, weight loss. But the Lunya Team took a trip down to our favorite cold pressed juicery in Santa Monica, Orchard Flats, to learn more about what juice can do for our daily routines. For a week, I tried a juice during different times of the day to see how it affected my energy.   Monday Morning: After a weekend filled with red wine and pumpkin desserts, I was ready for a healthy start to my week and looking for something to get me   back on track. I skipped my morning coffee and asked the Orchard Flat’s team for a morning pick me up. They suggested Groundworks 1, a mix of beet, yam, carrot, bell pepper, beet greens, celery and ginger. Because of the root vegetable base, this juice acts as a strong detoxifier and also a meal replacement.   Breakfast is served!     Aftermath: While not quite as filling as my standard scrambled eggs and avocado breakfast, I can happily report (as can my coworkers, I don’t do well when “hangry,”) that this roots-based drink filled me up till lunch. The juice has a strong beet flavor, with carrot adding some sweetness and finishing with a perfect ginger kick.   Tuesday Evening: After a long day and a nighttime yoga class, I was looking for something to help ease me into sleep. I went for a mix of the watermelon and mint juice.  Because of the vitamins in watermelon (C, A, B6), watermelon juice makes for a great post workout drink that aides in recovery and muscle soreness. The mint helps to promote digestion and is also very soothing, perfect for a nighttime drink. Added bonus: while as sweet as dessert, this juice only has 2 grams of sugar in the bottle! Guilt free.   Aftermath: Snoozefest USA…. I sipped this drink post-shower and was down for the count within an hour. Slipped on my Lunya PJs, curled up with Lena Dunham’s new book and hit the hay!    Wednesday Afternoon: Happy hump day! 1 pm on a Wednesday. Officially halfway through the week, I desperately needed something to get me through the afternoon. I don’t like drinking coffee after lunch, so a green tea sounded like the perfect option.    Aftermath: The China Green Tea was a light, but effective pick me up to get through Wednesday afternoon. As a bonus, the sweetness of the pineapple & honey made it a great afternoon treat.     Thursday Evening: After a day of meals on the go, (including lunch in my car…) I really wanted to incorporate greens into my night. Looking for a juice to help me   unwind, I went for the Greens 4, which lists ginger as a key ingredient. Commonly used in tea, ginger is known for its relaxing, stress-relieving properties.   Aftermath: While the juice was a delicious, healthy way to end my evening, it wasn’t enough to put me to sleep. I made a cup of valerian root tea to seal the deal with my evening of slumber.       Friday Morning: TGIF. Getting out of bed today was slightly painful, and I couldn’t be happier it’s almost the weekend. After three straight days of a two shot Americano, I wanted to switch up my morning beverage in a lighter, but still caffeinated way.     Aftermath: Though not as strong as my usual AM caffeine boost, the Almond Milk Latte was insane. There is really no other way to describe it. The cinnamon, date, and vanilla bean ingredients make this drink feel like dessert for breakfast and almost too good to be true. This juice was everything I needed to get through the end of my Friday to the start of the weekend!      Will leave you with a recipe of my favorite pre-bedtime juice, loaded with magnesium, which helps promote relaxation, from the kale, romaine and celery.   And of course, a touch of ginger for a relaxing and delicious finish. Best made using a masticating juicer!    Night Time Relaxation Juice Recipe:  3 stalks organic celery 1 cup organic kale 1 cup organic romaine lettuce  2 organic oranges 1 organic lemon 1 inch piece of fresh ginger  Instructions:  Place all ingredients through juicer, stir, and sip!
How Lunya Was Born

How Lunya Was Born

I couldn't be more proud to introduce you to Lunya. Lunya is more than a woman's sleepwear company, it's the self actualization of a lifelong dream.    As Diane Von Furstenberg once said, "I didn't know what I wanted to do, but I always knew the woman I wanted to be." I love the multifaceted opportunities and challenges afforded by modern womanhood; I wanted to be a mother, a wife, and a businesswoman.  My dream was to be an entrepreneur (how lucky to combine your passion and job into one thing?) but until I created Lunya I thought I would never find the project that I could pour myself into so completely.    The idea for Lunya practically hit me over the head some 3 years ago. I walked past the mirror and happened to glance at my outfit and almost laughed out loud at myself. I was wearing my husband's boxer briefs and his oversized t-shirt. I thought to myself... perhaps this is what it looks like when you "let yourself go"? It sent me on a journey for something that would be both attractive and comfortable and... "me".    Everything I found fell short. Lingerie felt like I was trying too hard to look sexy, which made the whole thing awkward (I'm married and want to be sexy, but in more of an effortless, less push-up-bra-baby-doll kind of way). I also found plenty of frumpy options. Not to hate on plaid, but nothing says I've hung up my sex life like an oversize head-to-toe PJ set in holiday plaid.    Don't they say to make lemonade of lemons?  From this conundrum, Lunya was born. Though I was sold on this idea, I still sat on it. I sat on it out of fear of failure and a million other excuses I kept reciting to myself. I got in my own way until one day I found out I was pregnant and I realized that it was time to jump.  If I couldn't take the risk without kids there was no way I would with them... so I leaped!     The thing is, I knew nothing about making clothes. I was instantly flung into a world with its own language and rules that I knew nothing about. Little by little, and through an amazing amount of generosity of my friends and their friends, I put one foot in front of the other and began to generate some momentum. Since its inception back in October 2012 Lunya has weathered my hectic business school schedule and the birth of both my children. It has been the little engine that could even when I thought there wasn't a chance that it would.    Lunya today is much more than me. It is a team of passionate people who believe in creating comfortable and flattering sleepwear for the modern woman and a brand that women can trust. I'm proud of what it has become and of the impact each team member has made on Lunya. I sit here with my 11-day-old daughter on my lap and feel grateful that one day I will get to tell her how I was afraid and how I leapt anyway. How Lunya goes beyond fabulous sleepwear but how it is a dream come true and how sometimes when you jump you find out you can fly.    


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