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Fresh Takes for the Modern Bride

Fresh Takes for the Modern Bride with Alexandra Macon

As anyone who’s gotten multiple invitations this year knows, we’re in the throes of wedding season! We love an event where couples personalize the day to make it feel unique to them as a couple. Here at Lunya, we spend a lot of time thinking about the Modern Woman, and we were curious to see how that translates to the Modern Bride. To get an expert opinion, we sat down with NYC-based Alexandra Macon, founder of Over the Moon — the ultimate destination for modern, fashionable, and fun wedding inspiration. Alexandra knows style, having worked everywhere from Ralph Lauren and Domino to her time as Managing Editor of We chatted with Alexandra to discuss wedding trends, which traditions could use an update, and, of course, the second most important outfit of the day — the one for the wedding night.   The Washable Silk Robe     Are there any traditions that you see being thrown out the window (garter, bouquet toss, etc.)? I think now more than ever couples feel comfortable tweaking or melding traditions to make them their own, and it’s really wonderful. The end result is a ceremony that is usually very personal and makes guests feel like they’re playing an important role in a momentous occasion. Additionally, I think it’s neat that we’re seeing more and more brides walk down the aisle solo like Meghan Markle. It’s obviously lovely when parents, grandparents, etc. serve as escorts, but there’s something pretty powerful about a woman walking down the aisle alone.   What wedding tradition do you think is timeless and will never go away? The first dance—this is one that has stood the test of time!   What’s the cap on bridesmaids and groomsmen? I don’t think there’s a cap necessarily, but I do like that more couples are comfortable forgoing bridesmaids and groomsmen altogether or only having siblings serve as attendants. Once upon a time, if you had no bridesmaids, people might assume you had no friends. That’s obviously no longer the case, and I think it’s a nice change.    Babba and her bridesmaids wear the Washable Silk Robe     Welcome parties, after parties, recovery this the new norm? Yes, most weddings have become multi-day affairs now. Instagram changed everything!   Times are changing — who is covering the bill? It really depends. I think it’s much more common for both sets of parents or even the couple to pay for portions, which, as the mother of two daughters, is a change I’m here for and fully support!       To go off registry, or not? Depends on the registry! If the couple has picked items that are beautiful and personal, I’m all for purchasing off the registry—but I refuse to buy someone a trashcan, cookie sheets, or a silicone spatula. If that’s what a couple registers for, I’m often convinced I can do better and will likely go rogue.   What wedding trend do you think needs a refresh (ie: photo booths at weddings — still cool?) Donut walls. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: I’ve never seen a tasteful (or appetizing for that matter) donut wall. If you have to have donuts, do a croquembouche and call it a day.   Outside of typical lingerie, what are some fresh takes for the modern bride to feel sexy but still like herself? Lunya's Washable Silk Robe with her new initials embroidered on it.   Photographs by Johanna Rosenlew         
Nicole Trunfio

Nicole Trunfio's Dreamy Ranch Life

Model, wife, mother, and CEO are just some of the ways you might describe ERTH Jewelry founder, Nicole Trunfio. We recently sat down with her to chat about ERTH, the three M’s — modeling, marriage, motherhood — and life with her family on their gorgeous Texas ranch.    Her solid 14k gold line, designed to be both wearable and accessible, has been featured in high fashion glossies such as Vogue and Elle, and has become a favorite among some of today’s most stylish ladies, including Gigi Hadid and Behati Prinsloo. It may go without saying that Nicole has excellent taste, but we also love her for her openness and authenticity. Check out our conversation below.    Nicole is wearing the Washable Silk Sleep Mask     Talk to us about life in Texas. When did you move there and why? I love farm life and being surrounded by nature and I have honestly never been so happy in my life. We recently turned our ranch into a wildlife preserve. It's incredible to see wild animals all around us — it's like living in the middle of a safari. We live so far out of town, but I feel like the 1 hour commute every morning at 6 am is a blessing — I wake up before the sun and listen to the most incredibly awakening audio books and podcasts.   We moved to Texas because my husband wanted to record his second album here, where he grew up. Then, we accidentally stayed. It wasn't really the plan, but I still have my place in NYC because I still model, and now we are traveling all over the world for ERTH Piercing party events. I get a little bit of everything, and I'm so grateful.      Nicole is wearing the Washable Silk Set in Aura     When did you begin modeling and how did you get your start? Just before I turned 16, I won a modeling competition that my friends entered me in. Initially, I didn't want to be a model because I thought I would be bullied and picked on, just like in school — but when I started, all of the girls around me were also the awkward, picked-on girls, so I felt right at home. That competition led to another, which led to another, which led to me winning a contract at the FORD Supermodel of the World competition at the age of 16. I had to leave home and move to New York because of the contract that my parents signed — we had no idea that I would go that far. At the time, it was a huge step that I definitely was not prepared for, but looking back, I'm incredibly grateful to have worked for some of the best fashion houses in the world. My experiences have shaped me into the designer I have become today for ERTH.   Life on the ranch has to be very different than your life in Australia or New York. How have you adjusted to the change? I love both worlds, but living outside of the chaos has helped to keep me focused and it's enabled me to accomplish my dreams a lot earlier than I would have with all the distractions of New York. I like being out of the hustle and bustle — it gives me a better perspective on the world.  Where I live, nobody knows me as a model. My neighbors actually brought me a drill kit because they saw me building my kids a playscape...I'm a farm girl at heart.      Nicole is wearing the Pima Long Cardigan in White     You wear a lot of hats! Mom, CEO, do you do it all?  I love doing it all — you have to do what you love no matter what. It gives me energy. My father used to say that, "A jack of all trades is a master of none," but in this day and age, I believe this statement is irrelevant and I've spent my entire life proving it. It excites me to create and collaborate, to find ways to have an eco-friendly and sustainable business, to work with women, to wow my husband with a dish, and to build my children up to be happy and good people. The couch and TV are not for me — they never have been.   We've seen on Instagram that you love to cook! What's one of your favorite easy recipes right now? I'm really into Moroccan dishes right now — I've discovered that the smell of cumin makes my husband nostalgic. One of my favorites is a roasted rack of lamb and vegetable couscous. The kids love it too, especially since they can suck on the bones. You can find it in my Instagram highlights.   You’re a mom of two young kiddos with one on the way. Tell us a bit about your transition into motherhood. It honestly came pretty naturally to me. I've always wanted to be a mom and I love motherhood, but there are a lot of things that your mother fails to mention. With this in mind, I recently completed my book, which is aimed to help women and empower them when it comes to pregnancy, motherhood, and parenting. I also share my own story, which is a drama in and of itself. My goal is to create a female camaraderie like none other.      Nicole is wearing the Washable Silk Cami Pant Set (top) in Aura     Was jewelry always a passion of yours? What inspired you to start ERTH? Yes! Diamonds, sparkles, who doesn't love jewelry? Plus, my husband thinks that diamonds are good for female energy. I'm all for the healing, enlightening qualities of precious stones, gems, and gold (they weren't presented to the gods and rulers for no reason). Gold and diamonds should be an investment everybody makes — I would take them over shoes or bags any day. I tend to dress quite minimally, but when it comes to my jewelry, I go hard or go home. They'll belong to my daughters and then their daughters; good energy in the family for life.   You’re married to rockstar Gary Clark Jr. — that must mean lots of music in your house. What other artists are you loving right now? None. He is the best. No one is cooler or more talented than that man.     Nicole is wearing the Organic Pima Long Sleeve Crew in White           
Lunya's Labor Day Tips

Labor Day Made Easy

We love a good summer party almost as much as we love staying in and watching Netflix on the couch. The easiest way to get the best of both worlds? Host your own get together where you make the rules. With Labor Day coming, we wanted to give you some of our favorite tips for creating a backyard party where “laid-back” is the theme.   Host your own and get them to come to you.       COORDINATING IS FOR OUTFITS, NOT FOR PLACE SETTINGS   An eclectic mix helps set a more relaxed vibe than formal matching place settings. Mix your patterns; mix your textures; mix your plate shapes and cutlery. Break all the rules!     NO CENTERPIECES NECESSARY!   Fancy decorations aren't necessarily needed when the outdoors are your backdrop, but if you still want to dress your table, try using plain brown craft paper. It gives a rustic feel and makes for easy cleanup. A bonus? If you've got kids on the guest list, leave some crayons laying around and let them draw directly on the table — it'll keep them busy and allow you to have a cocktail (or two) uninterrupted. If you're craving a little something extra, check your backyard for plants and flowers that can be cut and strewn directly onto your table. Boom. Cost-effective AND cute.     WHO DOESN'T LOVE A LITTLE DIY?   Keeping guests refreshed is a must, but do you want to be in the kitchen making cocktails the whole time? NO. A solution that's as convenient as it is adorable? Stock a bar cart (or a table if you don't have one) with all of your drink essentials: ice, a shaker, swizzle sticks, glasses, booze, and mixers, along with a card showcasing your favorite Martini recipe, Mojito recipe, or even a pitcher of pre-mixed drinks. Let the guests serve themselves and free yourself from the time-consuming chains that are cocktail prep.     LET THERE BE LIGHT   Sunset is our favorite time of day. It means comfy clothes, relaxing, and that we're this close to bedtime. But, sundown is also a great time to chill with friends in your backyard, play some games, and chat. The key to making it work? Mood lighting. From traditional candles to battery-operated flameless versions, there are plenty of ways to help create a warm ambience without the glare of harsh lights. Plus, candlelight always makes for better pictures, amirite? Another great way to shed some light on things is stringing twinkle lights across your space or utilizing themed-decor such as tiki torches.     COMFORT IS KEY   Traditional seating is ok, but if you want to take the comfort factor to the next level, you can get creative. Top chairs with plenty of cushions, throw blankets on benches, utilize non-traditional options like poufs, and incorporate cozy fabrics like Turkish towels to drape over chairs and benches. It'll encourage guests to settle in and relax, and we think that makes every party better.     NO DRESS CODE REQUIRED!   Look, we love a good summer dress and cute heels as much as the next person but when entertaining in your own home don't you just want to be comfortable??? Tell guests to ditch the restrictive trappings of non-functional outfits and show up in pj's (or as close as they can get). Personally, we think entertaining while wearing our Pima Long Cardigan is just about perfect. The best part? Heading right to bed without having to change after everyone leaves.      
Lunya x 69 Collaboration

Lunya x 69 Collaboration

I’m awake, what more do you want? We partnered with 69, a non-gender, non-demographic, high fashion brand, on a limited edition capsule collection you’ll want to live in, both in and out of bed. This collaboration came to life through playful imagery showing women and men doing mundane, everyday tasks, but doing so with barely awake, collapsed body movement. Why? Because sometimes just being awake is simply enough.  Sleepwear meets streetwear seems unlikely, but both Lunya and 69 share a mutual commitment to comfort and pushing boundaries — in our own ways. Our founder and CEO, Ashley Merrill, was immediately inspired by 69’s anonymous founder, calling them a true creative genius in their choice of anonymity as a way of absolving the brand of any ego. The artistry and mission behind the 69 brand is one that strongly resonated with Ashley’s own personal beliefs, as well as our mission. From a friendship between founders, rooted in shared beliefs: equality, unity and creativity, this unlikely partnership is born. The output is thought-provoking by way of four edgy styles, all of which are one-size, made for many shapes and sizes, and unisex.   Finally, something for anyone to literally roll out of bed in.        
Lunya Nightstand Essentials

Lunya | Nightstand Essentials

  We know that a lot can go into creating the perfect bedtime routine. Besides having great sleepwear, there's how you choose to decorate your bedroom, the sheets you select, and, most importantly, what you keep on your nightstand. Since we like to think of ourselves as sleep experts, we thought we'd find out what items the Lunya staff deemed most important to their nightly rituals. From poetry books to moisturizers (and maybe a +one candle or two), find out what we can't sleep without.     Reese Simmons, Sr. Brand Director  Deep Sleep Pillow Spray — I like making going to bed a ritual…why not? The deep sleep pillow spray has become part of mine, setting the right mood and letting me know it's time to shut down. The aromatherapeutic super-blend of Lavender, Vetivert, and Chamomile help calm my body and mind to sleep just a little sounder.     Gabby Cummings, Brand Experience Manager Cleo Wade's Heart Talk — This book lives on my nightstand. When I need some inspiration, motivation, or uplifting words while laying in bed after a long day or an early morning, I'll randomly open to a page and read one of her poems. My favorite kind of book to have bedside is one that I don't need to read in sequential order—flipping to a random page for a little surprise and delight is the best way to start or end the day.     Kaylee Myers, Project Manager Aquaphor — Whether I have chapped lips or dry hands, I always use Aquaphor before I go to bed. It has been my nightstand necessity since high school after being on Accutane because it was the only thing that kept my lips and hands moisturized, and I've been using it ever since.         Alli Holzmann, Brand Communications Manager +one Candle and Restore Sleep Mask — Not to hardcore plug Lunya or anything, but our +one candle and Restore Sleep Mask have become fixtures on my nightstand. The +one candle has a calming and restorative scent of palo santo, without being overpowering, and sets me up for a good night of sleep. Our Restore Sleep Mask is a must-have that everyone should keep within reach.     Tevin Jackson, Planner The Essential Rumi, New Expanded Edition — When doubling my dose of melatonin doesn't work, I reach for this book for sweet words to lull me to sleep. His perspective on life, love, and spirituality always resets my own perspective. Rumi's enlightening poetry and prose is the perfect adult bedtime story to calm the anxious thoughts that can keep me up at night.     Alise Mongeon, Graphic Designer Himalayan Salt Lamp — Lighting is a really important element in how I control the mood/energy in my space. Throughout the day I will alter the lighting to reflect the mood I'm in. During the day, I love that lots of natural light brightens my apartment; I'll raise my blinds and open the curtains to welcome it. But after a long day, I love to come home, close the blinds, dim the lights, light some candles, and turn on the Himalayan salt lamp. Instead of being illuminated by natural light, my room is covered in a pinkish, red hue. It signals my brain that it's time for rest and incubation, issa vibe.     Emily Siphene, Product Development Manager Nivea Lip Care Balm — I'm neurotic about keeping my lips from chapping. I have a rotating collection of lip balms that I stash in my house, in my car glove box, and in random pant pockets in case of emergency. When I shower before bed, my skin (especially my face) gets very dry, so I use an Olay moisturizing shower gel, a Sunaroma body lotion, and the Nivea Lip Care Balm as part of my night time routine. This combo allows me to jump into the sheets feeling silky smooth.        
Anita Patrickson

Anita Patrickson Wears the Organic Pima Dress 5 Ways

Stylist Anita Patrickson knows fashion. She's dressed some of our favorite celebrities and styled spreads on the pages of just about every magazine you can think of. Her latest venture, Amanu, brings back the art of true personalization in footwear, creating gorgeous sandals that are custom designed to fit your feet like a dream. With Amanu, she's managed to do something we love — merge great style and ultimate comfort. Between that and her keen sartorial eye, we knew she’d be the perfect person to style our Organic Pima Dress, showcasing its true versatility. We sat down with Anita to chat everything from styling and the brands she can’t live without to the must-have pieces every woman should have in her wardrobe.      What was your first experience in styling that sparked your interest? Growing up on a farm in Africa, I had no idea that there was such a job as being a 'stylist'! It was whilst I was working as an assistant at Conde Nast. On this particular day I was out of the office assisting our creative director on a cover shoot. I fell in love with the idea that we were able to create the most beautiful story with just a guy holding a camera, a makeup artist, a hair stylist, and a rack of clothes.   What would you absolutely never wear? A crop top.   Your personal aesthetic in 3 words? Functional, classic, clean      How often do you get styling cues from books and films? All the time! I LOVE to read; it's one of my very favorite things to be doing... I probably devour 3 books a month. I also get very inspired by films — there are so many incredible cinematographers, directors, and costume designers out there; it's hard not to feel inspired by books and films, both old and new.   What is your favorite Amanu style right now? Tough question! My favorite style changes weekly, but right now, I am loving the ease of our Style 6. I can kick it on and off and dress it up or down. I have it in black on a black sole. Style 7 is probably my year-round fave. It just flatters every foot effortlessly and I love this simple gold option.      Which discoveries in fashion have excited you lately? Any favorite brands at the moment? Not necessarily new discoveries, but at the moment, I'm loving Staud, Doen and Sezane.   What are you typically wearing to bed on any given night? I am a pajama junkie, so trust me when I tell you, Lunya's Resort Linen Silk pieces are the best pjs ever... plus I can wear them during the day as well, which is especially useful whilst traveling!   We love transitional wear. How would you style the Organic Pima Dress in the home and on the go? It's such a good quality basic, almost like a comfortable oversized tee that you can throw any of your favorite layering pieces over. A blazer makes it office worthy, and a kimono thrown over makes for the perfect weekend look.      Whose closet would you want to play in for a day? Probably the Queen of England. The gloves and hats and gorgeous brooches... I mean, it doesn't get more fun than that!   Who is your ultimate fashion icon? Peggy Guggenheim. I love her individuality. I find a lot of people's styles are so homogenous right now.   What trend do you wish would disappear, forever? All the fast fashion that's killing our planet. The need for constant newness.      What is the must-have piece every woman needs in her closet? Haha... an Amanu sandal? After that I would probably say a beautiful black blazer.   What is your favorite restaurant in LA and what should we order? Pace (it's my local spot and the sweetest, coziest restaurant in LA). I try and mix it up, but my favorite order there is the salmon with a side of white beans and kale, a glass of their house rosé... and the chocolate soufflé for dessert!       
National Underwear Day

How We're Spending National Underwear Day

It's a well-known fact that we at Lunya have a deep appreciation for all comfortable under-things. When we heard it was National Underwear Day, we knew we HAD to celebrate. In honor of what we think is a day that shouldn't be ignored, here is a brief (see what we did there?) list of all the things around the house we think are worth doing sans pants.             VACUUMING   If you've spent any time cleaning your house, you know that in addition to being a necessary evil, it's also a great way to work up a sweat. Don't ever let anyone tell you that moving that vacuum back and forth isn't a form of cardio. One way to avoid turning those sweatpants into sweaty pants while doing your cleaning? Don't wear any. Plus vacuuming in your unmentionables makes things feel just a little bit freeing, and we're always down with that.     YOGA   Who says you need yoga pants to do yoga? Going to a studio can be nice, but sometimes you get just as much out of your asana by practicing right at home. Break out that mat, light some candles, ditch those pants, and get into the lotus position. Isn't it liberating?     COOKING   Look, we're not crazy — we don't mean anything that might have hot oil splash on you, but when we're home alone, cooking in our underwear feels like a naughty indulgence we do just for ourselves. We recommend a nice salad, a yummy sandwich, or even a delicious sweet treat. Then sit down in your skivvies and eat a meal, uninterrupted, in your undies. We won't tell.     DANCING   There’s no better way to live out your "Tom Cruise in Risky Business" fantasy than to get down in your underwear. You know the saying “Dance like no one’s watching”? Well, it was literally meant for this exact type of situation. Crank up the music, take off those pants, and unleash your inner dancer. Personally, this is exactly how we’ll be celebrating.     ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!   While it's nice to do a bunch of activities in your underwear, sometimes it's even sweeter to do basically nothing at all. Sit on your couch, read that book, binge that show, scroll through Instagram, all without pants to get in the way. You look good, girl. Show it off, even (or especially) if it's just for yourself.      
Washable Silk 101

Washable Silk 101

Silk is one of our favorites too, so we get it. But ours is a little bit different (and, ahem, more special than the rest) — we pre-wash it with a sand wash, softening the silk for an extra supple hand feel, but it also makes it machine washable!   Not to sound like your mom or anything, but we've got some useful advice that will help keep your sleepwear looking like new! Here are some pro-tips for caring for your silk pieces:           • Always machine wash your garment in cold water and lay flat to dry — this will keep your color looking fresh and will prevent your garment from shrinking.   • You can’t avoid wrinkling silk (trust us, we've tried! it’s a natural occurrence in 100% of all silks), but if you’re feeling stressed about those wrinkles, there are some easy ways to get your garment looking smooth: 1. Use your getting ready time as double duty and hang your silk in the bathroom while taking a steamy shower.  2. Use a steamer for a garment that’s smooth as silk (literally) in no time at all.  3. Simply toss the (already dry) item in the dryer for a few minutes on low heat fluff cycle.      • Feeling a little crunchy? 1. Make sure you're using a mild soap and cold water when washing  2. Wear it! Silk is a natural fiber and relies on your organic oils for softness. Wearing your garment will allow the natural oils from your body to help soften things up a bit.      New seasonal colors launch about every six weeks. Subscribe to receive our emails or follow us on Instagram to stay updated and keep adding to your collection!    
Rolling it out with Lauren Roxburgh

Rolling it out with Lauren Roxburgh

They don't call Lauren Roxburgh "The Body Whisperer" for nothing. The expert on all things body alignment, fascia, and movement, Lauren regularly works with clients ranging from Hollywood A-List to world-class athletes and is an author and foam roller pioneer/entrepreneur. We sat down with Lauren to chat about what exactly fascia is (and why taking care of it is so important), body pain, why everybody should be stretching, and, of course, our favorite topic—sleep! Check out her interview below.      Sleep is a very hot topic right now. The more we learn about it, the more and more important we realize it is for our health. What role does sleep play in your life? Quality sleep is so crucial for total-body health, vitality, and healing. When we don't sleep enough or well enough, it can affect so many things, from our work to our relationships and so much more. The body and brain need this time to rejuvenate and repair, so when we lack deep sleep, we suffer. Believe me, I know that getting quality sleep can be really challenging sometimes! I have two young daughters and I travel often, so I understand that it's not always easy. There are some rituals you can put into place that can be helpful, like avoiding blue light from your screens at night and incorporating relaxing activities like reading or taking a bath. Using movement medicine tools to help relax the nervous system can be really helpful as well (like using the foam roller or the body sphere for a calming sequence like this one before bed).   You talk a lot about fascia in your work + practice. Can tell us a little bit more about what exactly fascia is and why it's so important to take care of? Fascia is the connective tissue that actually helps create the shape of our bodies. It’s a webbing that wraps around every muscle and keeps everything in place (even inside the body). Fascia is also where our nerves and lymphatic systems lie, and it's considered our sensory organ. We want to keep fascia healthy, supple, and hydrated like our skin because when it's not, it gets tight, dense, and can restrict movement and impair alignment in the body. Unhealthy fascia also tends to trap toxins, which leads to thickness and density in the body and even a sluggish metabolism.   We've heard you mention that a lot of the time, the pain we feel in certain areas of our bodies — for example, our jaw or shoulders — is actually rooted somewhere else in the body like the diaphragm or the pelvic floor. What are the best practices for locating the areas where the pain is actually stemming from and how do we release those areas? We often experience symptoms that are connected to other areas in the body, and oftentimes this has an emotional connection as well. I would encourage you to pay attention to where you hold stress and tension in your body. For example, when you get a stressful email do you automatically clench your jaw, or maybe your neck and upper body tenses? Just taking time to notice patterns of where our bodies react to stressors is a great first step. Then, I challenge you to incorporate healthy stress hygiene practices (like the ones in my new book, The Power Source) that teach you to learn how to change the way you react to stress, and find ways to release stress and tension in the body that accumulates over time.      What are some moves/stretches we should all make part of our morning routines? Here’s my favorite morning routine.   You speak a lot on alignment. What are little things we can do throughout the day to ensure we are holding ourselves in alignment? I've found that when our bodies are physically aligned, that sense of alignment carries over to other areas of our lives. Alignment is as much of a spiritual and energetic practice as it is physical. Physically speaking, one way to start holding yourself in better alignment every day is by checking in with yourself regularly—are you hunching? Are you tensing your neck and shoulders? Are you subconsciously clenching or clutching your body anywhere? When you do start to notice those patterns, actively work to release the tension. Even if that means standing up and doing a quick stretch, taking a few deep breaths, or using the foam roller or other tools you have on hand to roll out the tension.   Any other must-have tips and tricks that keep you feeling your best? Some other practices that make a huge difference for my health are dry brushing, rebounding, earthing, hiking, morning affirmations, and yoga. I love the combination of dry brushing before I roll and rebound because it's a fast way to really boost the lymphatic system and the body's detoxification processes. Plus, rebounding is such a fun form of cardio that you look forward to it and it gives you a super effective workout in a short amount of time. I always start my day with positive affirmations—it's such a simple yet powerful way to start the day with an elevated energy and a clear mindset.        
5 tips for tuning out when you travel

5 Tips for Tuning Out When You Travel

We know it's true — most people are way too attached to their devices these days. Sometimes, even when in the most idyllic of locations, we feel the constant pull to check our phones when we should be trying to disconnect. Whether you're constantly thinking about work or just worried about FOMO from all those Insta-stories you'll be missing, being attached to technology 24/7 can be a hard habit to break. But unplugging is essential for both our emotional and cognitive health, and let's face it — a cocktail or two is always more fun when we're not scrolling at the same time. Whether you've planned a trip months ago, or you're seeking an adventure with some last-minute travel, below are some tips to help you disengage from technology and truly feel out-of-office:             1. TURN OFF YOUR PUSH NOTIFICATIONS   Even if you've set up your out of office message to auto-respond to emails, it's likely that you still get a constant barrage of notifications from Instagram, Slack, Twitter, etc. One way to help avoid the temptation to check in constantly with the digital world is to turn the push notifications off on your device. You'll be far less tempted to log on if there isn't a constant reminder popping up.      2. CHOOSE A VACATION DESTINATION THAT FORCES YOU TO GO OFF THE GRID   If a real break from constant notifications and information overload is what you're after, choose a hotel that'll help you unplug — a destination that offers (almost) no Wi-Fi! There are gorgeous vacation locations that'll actually encourage you to disconnect by only offering Wi-Fi in places like the lobby, restaurant, or lounge areas, and even recommend that you stay off your gadgets as much as possible to be more engaged in the surroundings and present moment.     3. REMOVE YOUR WORK EMAIL AND FREQUENTLY USED APPS FROM YOUR DEVICES (DON'T FREAK — IT'S JUST TEMPORARY!)   If you've decided to try and leave the office behind for some digital detox, there's one way to ensure you'll keep those hands away off of work emails: Delete your work email and work-related apps from your mobile devices while on vacation. The real key? We recommend not turning them back on till you're actually back in the office. After all, there's nothing worse than opening your email and immersing yourself in work the night before you actually go back to work. Ride that vacation bliss out for as long as you can!      4. SIGN OUT OF THE APPS YOU USE THE MOST   If you're like me, you basically open apps like Instagram on autopilot, almost without even realizing you're doing it. One way to try and mitigate that? Sign out of all of your social media, and most frequently used apps! Once you remove the easy access, the endless scrolling isn't so easy. Being prompted to sign in is an excellent reminder to put that phone down and remind you to stay unplugged. Better yet? In addition to signing out, move them to a "Do Not Open" folder on your phone. Just putting this extra step into place can make it harder for you to open and scroll away mindlessly like a zombie.     5. KEEP ALL OF YOUR TECHNOLOGY INSIDE   If you absolutely must feel a little more connected to the outside world while on your trip, you should try the inside vs. outside rule. It's simple: when you're inside of your hotel room in the morning or while getting ready, allow yourself to check in on things. But once you go outside, all technology must. be. ignored. This enables you to stay somewhat sane by ensuring you're not missing anything major but can also help to make sure that you won't miss out on the point of going away in the first place — relaxation, good food, and cute outfits (naturally).         NEED A LITTLE EXTRA HELP POWERING DOWN? PUT ON THIS PLAYLIST:        
Resort Linen Silk Packing Guide

The Summer Getaway Packing Guide

Summer is here and (hopefully) your next getaway is right around the corner. While we can't plan your trip for you, we can take the stress out of packing. When it comes to creating your vacation wardrobe, overthinking is the enemy. Who wants to take a million bags on vacay? Not us, and probably not you either.   A tightly edited capsule wardrobe is all you need. This means pieces that travel well and sometimes even do double duty so that you can fit it all in your carry-on with room to spare (you need room for souvenirs, right?).        RESORT LINEN SILK LAYERING DRESS When we think of a warm weather trip we think hot sun, sandy beaches and lots of yummy cocktails. But cute vacation pics are essential, so while you don't want to bring a lot of stuff, you need to bring the right stuff. The key is pieces that layer easily. Think about packing versatile things like a dress that can also be a cover-up. Lucky for you we've got the answer for that — the Resort Linen Silk Layering Dress. This is the perfect "throw on over your swimsuit at the pool" item that can also take you directly to dinner — add some cute earrings, a pair of sandals, and you're nighttime ready.        RESORT LINEN SILK SHIRT SET In addition to a few cute dresses for nights out, if you're looking for a way to feel casual, yet still pulled together, the Resort Linen Silk Shirt Set is the perfect way to go. The relaxed top has a clean, crisp aesthetic similar to a man's dress shirt, but so much cooler. It comes with a matching short, making it a no-brainer outfit (just add a Panama hat).        COOL EVERY BODY TEE Need the perfect piece to keep you cool over that long, hot weekend? The Cool Every Body Tee is the perfect breezy, lightweight addition to any weekend bag. The best part? It’ll take up almost zero room in that carry-on, and you can wear it multiple nights in a row, and it’ll stay as fresh as night one.       RESORT LINEN SILK ROMPER The best way to save a bunch of room in that bag? Forget that pile of shorts and tees, pack a romper! The Resort Linen Silk Romper is perfect for those balmy nights and showing off that tan. Use it as a cover-up, a casual dinner outfit, or wear it to bed. Why is linen so great? Besides the fantastic "lived-in" texture that only gets better with wear, it's your best friend when it comes to packing for beach weather because the lightweight fabric will keep you fresh on even the stickiest of days and will dry quickly when thrown over a swimsuit. You can't ask for much more than that.       SUPPORTIVE MODAL SLEEP BRIEF The travel-approved Supportive Modal Sleep Brief is the perfect solution when you don’t want your bag to be weighed down by multiple sleepwear bottoms. Pair under the Every Body Tee or wear on alone for a barely-there look that’s as comfortable as you can get.       WHEREVER YOU'RE GOING THIS SUMMER, LISTEN TO THIS:        
Resort Linen Silk Muses: Oleena and Kalani

Resort Linen Silk: How Kalani and Oleema Wear It

Kalani and Oleema Miller know a thing or two about life on the beach. The sisters are the force behind MIKOH, a swimwear line for the confident modern woman, unique and wearable at home and abroad. In Japanese, miko is a term that means ‘female shaman’ or ‘female prophecy’ which is no surprise as the sisters’ designs are rooted in minimalism, femininity, and ease. For over a decade they have been designing collections influenced by their surf culture and a childhood spent near the ocean. While beach days are kind of their thing (they both live on the North Shore of Oahu — dream life, right?), this nomadic duo are experts at living fashionably out of a suitcase. They are seasoned travel pros, so it’s no question we are taking all of their advice on how to not only style our Resort Linen Silk, but also on showing us how well these pieces pack and transition from the bedroom to the beach.        You girls are always on the move — from one city to the next, you’re our favorite nomads to keep up with. When living out of a suitcase, what’s your packing strategy?   K: Since we are constantly on the road and traveling to new places, I always like to make sure I have good basics that I can mix and match with more key pieces. I always make sure I have a great fitting pair of jeans, some solid basic tops and good layering pieces. I never quite know where I will end up next and what climate I will be in, so I like to be prepared. Of course I always make sure I have a bikini. Even in cold weather, you never know if there will be a jacuzzi, sauna, or hot spring. I am also a creature of comfort and love to have all of my vitamins, essential oils, a hat, a good book, and I sometimes even travel with my pillow.    O: Despite the fact that it has been my New Year’s resolution for the last decade, I never seem to be able to ‘pack light’. Rather, I have gotten better at packing ‘smarter’ and do my best to pick out my looks ahead of time. I love starting with basics (a few great simple dresses, vintage denim, tailored shorts, always a cashmere sweater or two, and great tees) and then adding in some more fun statement pieces. Depending on where I’m going, I’ll curate my jewelry and the more fashion forward pieces based off of that. I love wearing pieces that really fit the location I’m traveling to—shell inspired jewelry when in Hawaii, bright fun colors for Miami, shades of white for Europe in the summer…     What can we absolutely expect to find in your luggage?   K: You can always find great basics, lots of bikinis, multiple hat options, lots of cozy loungewear and PJs, and a great throw-on cashmere crew neck sweater. I love traveling with some clean beauty products as well. I create my own mini spa whenever I get off of a long-haul flight—a quick dry brush, a long, hot shower, followed by a short cold water rinse, and a detoxifying face mask makes a world of a difference.   O: First thing I always grab is a bikini or two. I am also loving our Portugal One Piece that can double as a bodysuit with denim jeans. I love trying out new skin care and I’m really into clean beauty these days. Also, I never leave without my Kindle. It is the easiest way to read while on the go.      Your personal approach to fashion, in a nutshell?   K: I like to mix it up day to day. I love soft materials and find myself always feeling materials as I shop. I think if you dress in classic pieces you will always have a timeless look. I tend to lean more towards basics and have to force myself to wear color.   O: Classic and timeless mixed with bright, fun, bold, and statement-making pieces. Life is too short to be boring!     Where do you find your inspiration for MIKOH? Has travel played an important role when designing a new collection?   K: Spending so much time on the road, it is impossible to not be inspired by the different cultures that we visit. Whether it's a palm leaf in Tahiti or the sand in Fiji, we are constantly drawing inspiration.   O: I have been traveling since I was 12 years old (somehow I convinced my parents that I was old enough to come to Hawaii solo at 12… clearly I’m very persuasive and my parents had lots of trust in me, ha!) and I’ve had the travel bug ever since. Experiencing new cultures and seeing their landscapes, feeling their textiles, tasting their food, and taking in their surroundings greatly inspires every collection. There is nothing I love more than visiting a new place and soaking up all that they have to offer—bright colors on fabrics, the way the sky lights up when the sun sets, the different textures and colors of the beaches and rocks, the details of the exotic flowers… all of those intricate details are what resonates with me most with every season of MIKOH.     Describe your label’s aesthetic in 3 words…   K: Great fitting, classic, fun.   O: Modern, timeless, fun.        Both of you live in a bikini — how has living a life on the beach influenced your style?   K: I love having pieces that I can throw on after a day on the beach. Lightweight, airy, comfortable pieces are essentials in my wardrobe. I love the classic beach look — a white shirt and some simple gold jewelry. Who doesn’t want to look like they just came off the beach with a sun-kissed tan?   O: I just recently purchased my dream home that is literally on the sand of one of my favorite beaches in the world and I've been in full home renovation mode. Being beachside has made me rely heavily on easy, throw on pieces that are lightweight for this summer heat, comfy, and perfect for being on and off the sand. If you came to my house, you’d probably find me in a bikini and a pareo, a pair of cut-off vintage Levi’s, or a throw on oversized dress — it’s all about comfort here on the beach. When traveling off the beach or islands, I still always have a certain part of my love of the beach with me. In New York in the winter, I love wearing all neutrals with some pops of color — tie dye cashmere sweaters, bright colored cashmere beanies, or some fun jewelry. I love taking a part of beach with me always.     What are your tips for feeling more confident in a swimsuit?   K: There is nothing more attractive than someone who is confident in a bikini, no matter their size, age, or body type. If you feel comfortable in your bikini or one piece it will shine through. We design our swim with flattering cuts and lines that make women and their confidence shine through.   O: Confidence is key in life — not just when in a swimsuit. In this day and age, anything goes. Whatever you feel the best in is what you should wear. Don’t follow trends or wear anything that doesn’t make you feel strong, beautiful, and confident; wear what makes you happy and brings you joy (though a bit of sun, a jump in a cool ocean, and some sand between my toes add instant confidence for me).        How would you say your travel style differs from one another?   K: A lot of times Oleema and I will show up to the airport wearing the same outfit. I think that comfort is key for a flight and I think it is better to be low-key when traveling. I love my alpaca sweatpants and sweatshirt from Lunya and I always travel in them.   O: We both are low-key when it comes to our travel styles and just like to blend in. I am not one for wearing some crazy outfit through airports — I think flying under the radar is always better in transit. A great pair of leggings, an oversized hoodie, and some base layers are all I need to be comfortable when traveling. Lunya makes the best travel outfits; I always bring an entire extra outfit with me in a carry-on in the event of delays, a spilling nightmare, or for long-haul flights.     What are the most important things to pack for a day at the beach?   K: Our mom always told us to never leave the house without a hat. I also always have a reusable water bottle filled with filtered water as well as beach snacks. This can be anything from a bag of carrots to some fresh frozen grapes. I love a good book via my Kindle and of course a backup a bikini or two. Also, never forget your dog! My dog Action loves days at the beach.   O: A ginormous hat, a Yeti filled to the brim with water and fresh squeezed lemon, an oversized beach blanket, multiple sunscreens, some snacks (I love cold oranges or grapes, pretzels, carrots), and a big umbrella for shade. These are all key!         Where are you excited to travel this summer?   K: We have a pretty crazy travel schedule this summer. There are lots of different climates coming up whether it be steamy hot New York, humid Miami, or chilly South Africa to celebrate my birthday. It is definitely all over the board and I’m excited to see what the summer brings.   O: I’m hoping to make the trip over to Europe this summer. A girlfriend is currently traveling through Corsica and it looks like an absolute dream — the landscapes, the swimming holes, the amazing architecture, and food are making me want to hop on a plane right now.     What is your philosophy on transitioning these Resort Linen sets from beach to bed?   K: Having easy to wear pieces from bed to beach fit perfectly in with our lifestyle. Lightweight and breezy pieces are essential in my wardrobe.   O: I love when pieces in your wardrobe can work in multiples spaces and scenarios. These pieces are lightweight, breezy, and perfect for beachside living or for staying cozy in bed in the winter — they transition perfectly from season to season and I'll definitely be wearing these sets for all occasions.     You recently hit your 10 year mark — huge congratulations! What’s next for MIKOH?   K: You’ll have to wait and see!   O: Thank you, thank you! If you would have told me 10 years ago that this is where I would be, I wouldn’t have believed you. Kalani and I have accomplished so much in these last ten years and yet it feels like it was just yesterday that we started MIKOH. To have the same love and passion for what I do is both exhilarating and rewarding. Just like from when we started, there isn’t necessarily a road map or a full plan for what the next 10 years look like. I do know though that they’re going to be a hell of a lot of fun.            Check out all of our Resort Linen Silk muses and get some motivation for your next trip (or just your next nap).      


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