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5 tips for tuning out when you travel

5 Tips for Tuning Out When You Travel

We know it's true — most people are way too attached to their devices these days. Sometimes, even when in the most idyllic of locations, we feel the constant pull to check our phones when we should be trying to disconnect. Whether you're constantly thinking about work or just worried about FOMO from all those Insta-stories you'll be missing, being attached to technology 24/7 can be a hard habit to break. But unplugging is essential for both our emotional and cognitive health, and let's face it — a cocktail or two is always more fun when we're not scrolling at the same time. Whether you've planned a trip months ago, or you're seeking an adventure with some last-minute travel, below are some tips to help you disengage from technology and truly feel out-of-office:             1. TURN OFF YOUR PUSH NOTIFICATIONS   Even if you've set up your out of office message to auto-respond to emails, it's likely that you still get a constant barrage of notifications from Instagram, Slack, Twitter, etc. One way to help avoid the temptation to check in constantly with the digital world is to turn the push notifications off on your device. You'll be far less tempted to log on if there isn't a constant reminder popping up.      2. CHOOSE A VACATION DESTINATION THAT FORCES YOU TO GO OFF THE GRID   If a real break from constant notifications and information overload is what you're after, choose a hotel that'll help you unplug — a destination that offers (almost) no Wi-Fi! There are gorgeous vacation locations that'll actually encourage you to disconnect by only offering Wi-Fi in places like the lobby, restaurant, or lounge areas, and even recommend that you stay off your gadgets as much as possible to be more engaged in the surroundings and present moment.     3. REMOVE YOUR WORK EMAIL AND FREQUENTLY USED APPS FROM YOUR DEVICES (DON'T FREAK — IT'S JUST TEMPORARY!)   If you've decided to try and leave the office behind for some digital detox, there's one way to ensure you'll keep those hands away off of work emails: Delete your work email and work-related apps from your mobile devices while on vacation. The real key? We recommend not turning them back on till you're actually back in the office. After all, there's nothing worse than opening your email and immersing yourself in work the night before you actually go back to work. Ride that vacation bliss out for as long as you can!      4. SIGN OUT OF THE APPS YOU USE THE MOST   If you're like me, you basically open apps like Instagram on autopilot, almost without even realizing you're doing it. One way to try and mitigate that? Sign out of all of your social media, and most frequently used apps! Once you remove the easy access, the endless scrolling isn't so easy. Being prompted to sign in is an excellent reminder to put that phone down and remind you to stay unplugged. Better yet? In addition to signing out, move them to a "Do Not Open" folder on your phone. Just putting this extra step into place can make it harder for you to open and scroll away mindlessly like a zombie.     5. KEEP ALL OF YOUR TECHNOLOGY INSIDE   If you absolutely must feel a little more connected to the outside world while on your trip, you should try the inside vs. outside rule. It's simple: when you're inside of your hotel room in the morning or while getting ready, allow yourself to check in on things. But once you go outside, all technology must. be. ignored. This enables you to stay somewhat sane by ensuring you're not missing anything major but can also help to make sure that you won't miss out on the point of going away in the first place — relaxation, good food, and cute outfits (naturally).         NEED A LITTLE EXTRA HELP POWERING DOWN? PUT ON THIS PLAYLIST:        
Resort Linen Silk Packing Guide

The Summer Getaway Packing Guide

Summer is here and (hopefully) your next getaway is right around the corner. While we can't plan your trip for you, we can take the stress out of packing. When it comes to creating your vacation wardrobe, overthinking is the enemy. Who wants to take a million bags on vacay? Not us, and probably not you either.   A tightly edited capsule wardrobe is all you need. This means pieces that travel well and sometimes even do double duty so that you can fit it all in your carry-on with room to spare (you need room for souvenirs, right?).        RESORT LINEN SILK LAYERING DRESS When we think of a warm weather trip we think hot sun, sandy beaches and lots of yummy cocktails. But cute vacation pics are essential, so while you don't want to bring a lot of stuff, you need to bring the right stuff. The key is pieces that layer easily. Think about packing versatile things like a dress that can also be a cover-up. Lucky for you we've got the answer for that — the Resort Linen Silk Layering Dress. This is the perfect "throw on over your swimsuit at the pool" item that can also take you directly to dinner — add some cute earrings, a pair of sandals, and you're nighttime ready.        RESORT LINEN SILK SHIRT SET In addition to a few cute dresses for nights out, if you're looking for a way to feel casual, yet still pulled together, the Resort Linen Silk Shirt Set is the perfect way to go. The relaxed top has a clean, crisp aesthetic similar to a man's dress shirt, but so much cooler. It comes with a matching short, making it a no-brainer outfit (just add a Panama hat).        COOL EVERY BODY TEE Need the perfect piece to keep you cool over that long, hot weekend? The Cool Every Body Tee is the perfect breezy, lightweight addition to any weekend bag. The best part? It’ll take up almost zero room in that carry-on, and you can wear it multiple nights in a row, and it’ll stay as fresh as night one.       RESORT LINEN SILK ROMPER The best way to save a bunch of room in that bag? Forget that pile of shorts and tees, pack a romper! The Resort Linen Silk Romper is perfect for those balmy nights and showing off that tan. Use it as a cover-up, a casual dinner outfit, or wear it to bed. Why is linen so great? Besides the fantastic "lived-in" texture that only gets better with wear, it's your best friend when it comes to packing for beach weather because the lightweight fabric will keep you fresh on even the stickiest of days and will dry quickly when thrown over a swimsuit. You can't ask for much more than that.       SUPPORTIVE MODAL SLEEP BRIEF The travel-approved Supportive Modal Sleep Brief is the perfect solution when you don’t want your bag to be weighed down by multiple sleepwear bottoms. Pair under the Every Body Tee or wear on alone for a barely-there look that’s as comfortable as you can get.       WHEREVER YOU'RE GOING THIS SUMMER, LISTEN TO THIS:        
Resort Linen Silk Muses: Oleena and Kalani

Resort Linen Silk: How Kalani and Oleema Wear It

Kalani and Oleema Miller know a thing or two about life on the beach. The sisters are the force behind MIKOH, a swimwear line for the confident modern woman, unique and wearable at home and abroad. In Japanese, miko is a term that means ‘female shaman’ or ‘female prophecy’ which is no surprise as the sisters’ designs are rooted in minimalism, femininity, and ease. For over a decade they have been designing collections influenced by their surf culture and a childhood spent near the ocean. While beach days are kind of their thing (they both live on the North Shore of Oahu — dream life, right?), this nomadic duo are experts at living fashionably out of a suitcase. They are seasoned travel pros, so it’s no question we are taking all of their advice on how to not only style our Resort Linen Silk, but also on showing us how well these pieces pack and transition from the bedroom to the beach.        You girls are always on the move — from one city to the next, you’re our favorite nomads to keep up with. When living out of a suitcase, what’s your packing strategy?   K: Since we are constantly on the road and traveling to new places, I always like to make sure I have good basics that I can mix and match with more key pieces. I always make sure I have a great fitting pair of jeans, some solid basic tops and good layering pieces. I never quite know where I will end up next and what climate I will be in, so I like to be prepared. Of course I always make sure I have a bikini. Even in cold weather, you never know if there will be a jacuzzi, sauna, or hot spring. I am also a creature of comfort and love to have all of my vitamins, essential oils, a hat, a good book, and I sometimes even travel with my pillow.    O: Despite the fact that it has been my New Year’s resolution for the last decade, I never seem to be able to ‘pack light’. Rather, I have gotten better at packing ‘smarter’ and do my best to pick out my looks ahead of time. I love starting with basics (a few great simple dresses, vintage denim, tailored shorts, always a cashmere sweater or two, and great tees) and then adding in some more fun statement pieces. Depending on where I’m going, I’ll curate my jewelry and the more fashion forward pieces based off of that. I love wearing pieces that really fit the location I’m traveling to—shell inspired jewelry when in Hawaii, bright fun colors for Miami, shades of white for Europe in the summer…     What can we absolutely expect to find in your luggage?   K: You can always find great basics, lots of bikinis, multiple hat options, lots of cozy loungewear and PJs, and a great throw-on cashmere crew neck sweater. I love traveling with some clean beauty products as well. I create my own mini spa whenever I get off of a long-haul flight—a quick dry brush, a long, hot shower, followed by a short cold water rinse, and a detoxifying face mask makes a world of a difference.   O: First thing I always grab is a bikini or two. I am also loving our Portugal One Piece that can double as a bodysuit with denim jeans. I love trying out new skin care and I’m really into clean beauty these days. Also, I never leave without my Kindle. It is the easiest way to read while on the go.      Your personal approach to fashion, in a nutshell?   K: I like to mix it up day to day. I love soft materials and find myself always feeling materials as I shop. I think if you dress in classic pieces you will always have a timeless look. I tend to lean more towards basics and have to force myself to wear color.   O: Classic and timeless mixed with bright, fun, bold, and statement-making pieces. Life is too short to be boring!     Where do you find your inspiration for MIKOH? Has travel played an important role when designing a new collection?   K: Spending so much time on the road, it is impossible to not be inspired by the different cultures that we visit. Whether it's a palm leaf in Tahiti or the sand in Fiji, we are constantly drawing inspiration.   O: I have been traveling since I was 12 years old (somehow I convinced my parents that I was old enough to come to Hawaii solo at 12… clearly I’m very persuasive and my parents had lots of trust in me, ha!) and I’ve had the travel bug ever since. Experiencing new cultures and seeing their landscapes, feeling their textiles, tasting their food, and taking in their surroundings greatly inspires every collection. There is nothing I love more than visiting a new place and soaking up all that they have to offer—bright colors on fabrics, the way the sky lights up when the sun sets, the different textures and colors of the beaches and rocks, the details of the exotic flowers… all of those intricate details are what resonates with me most with every season of MIKOH.     Describe your label’s aesthetic in 3 words…   K: Great fitting, classic, fun.   O: Modern, timeless, fun.        Both of you live in a bikini — how has living a life on the beach influenced your style?   K: I love having pieces that I can throw on after a day on the beach. Lightweight, airy, comfortable pieces are essentials in my wardrobe. I love the classic beach look — a white shirt and some simple gold jewelry. Who doesn’t want to look like they just came off the beach with a sun-kissed tan?   O: I just recently purchased my dream home that is literally on the sand of one of my favorite beaches in the world and I've been in full home renovation mode. Being beachside has made me rely heavily on easy, throw on pieces that are lightweight for this summer heat, comfy, and perfect for being on and off the sand. If you came to my house, you’d probably find me in a bikini and a pareo, a pair of cut-off vintage Levi’s, or a throw on oversized dress — it’s all about comfort here on the beach. When traveling off the beach or islands, I still always have a certain part of my love of the beach with me. In New York in the winter, I love wearing all neutrals with some pops of color — tie dye cashmere sweaters, bright colored cashmere beanies, or some fun jewelry. I love taking a part of beach with me always.     What are your tips for feeling more confident in a swimsuit?   K: There is nothing more attractive than someone who is confident in a bikini, no matter their size, age, or body type. If you feel comfortable in your bikini or one piece it will shine through. We design our swim with flattering cuts and lines that make women and their confidence shine through.   O: Confidence is key in life — not just when in a swimsuit. In this day and age, anything goes. Whatever you feel the best in is what you should wear. Don’t follow trends or wear anything that doesn’t make you feel strong, beautiful, and confident; wear what makes you happy and brings you joy (though a bit of sun, a jump in a cool ocean, and some sand between my toes add instant confidence for me).        How would you say your travel style differs from one another?   K: A lot of times Oleema and I will show up to the airport wearing the same outfit. I think that comfort is key for a flight and I think it is better to be low-key when traveling. I love my alpaca sweatpants and sweatshirt from Lunya and I always travel in them.   O: We both are low-key when it comes to our travel styles and just like to blend in. I am not one for wearing some crazy outfit through airports — I think flying under the radar is always better in transit. A great pair of leggings, an oversized hoodie, and some base layers are all I need to be comfortable when traveling. Lunya makes the best travel outfits; I always bring an entire extra outfit with me in a carry-on in the event of delays, a spilling nightmare, or for long-haul flights.     What are the most important things to pack for a day at the beach?   K: Our mom always told us to never leave the house without a hat. I also always have a reusable water bottle filled with filtered water as well as beach snacks. This can be anything from a bag of carrots to some fresh frozen grapes. I love a good book via my Kindle and of course a backup a bikini or two. Also, never forget your dog! My dog Action loves days at the beach.   O: A ginormous hat, a Yeti filled to the brim with water and fresh squeezed lemon, an oversized beach blanket, multiple sunscreens, some snacks (I love cold oranges or grapes, pretzels, carrots), and a big umbrella for shade. These are all key!         Where are you excited to travel this summer?   K: We have a pretty crazy travel schedule this summer. There are lots of different climates coming up whether it be steamy hot New York, humid Miami, or chilly South Africa to celebrate my birthday. It is definitely all over the board and I’m excited to see what the summer brings.   O: I’m hoping to make the trip over to Europe this summer. A girlfriend is currently traveling through Corsica and it looks like an absolute dream — the landscapes, the swimming holes, the amazing architecture, and food are making me want to hop on a plane right now.     What is your philosophy on transitioning these Resort Linen sets from beach to bed?   K: Having easy to wear pieces from bed to beach fit perfectly in with our lifestyle. Lightweight and breezy pieces are essential in my wardrobe.   O: I love when pieces in your wardrobe can work in multiples spaces and scenarios. These pieces are lightweight, breezy, and perfect for beachside living or for staying cozy in bed in the winter — they transition perfectly from season to season and I'll definitely be wearing these sets for all occasions.     You recently hit your 10 year mark — huge congratulations! What’s next for MIKOH?   K: You’ll have to wait and see!   O: Thank you, thank you! If you would have told me 10 years ago that this is where I would be, I wouldn’t have believed you. Kalani and I have accomplished so much in these last ten years and yet it feels like it was just yesterday that we started MIKOH. To have the same love and passion for what I do is both exhilarating and rewarding. Just like from when we started, there isn’t necessarily a road map or a full plan for what the next 10 years look like. I do know though that they’re going to be a hell of a lot of fun.            Check out all of our Resort Linen Silk muses and get some motivation for your next trip (or just your next nap).      
Louise Edgley

Resort Linen Silk Romper: How Louise Wears It

Louise Edgley is someone that never has bowed to trends, but knows what’s current and looks good on the body. So what did she do when she couldn’t find the perfect denim? She created it. As the founder of premium denim label, Slvrlake, she’s somebody that inherently understands the sartorial needs of the modern woman. Sound familiar? Then you know why we picked her to be a muse. Her easy, no fuss approach to denim proves her understanding of the needs of today’s busy girl (and being one herself, she knows what she’s talking about) and makes her a perfect fit for our Resort Linen Silk collection. We sat down with Louise to chat start-up life, how she manages to squeeze some travel into her busy schedule, and see how she made these pieces her own.      You're originally from U.K., worked in London, and are now based in California. How does workplace culture differ across these locales? I moved to London in my early 20s to start my career in fashion, I lived there for 8 years before moving to California. Being a major fashion capitol, the pace of the industry in London is much faster and works days are longer. Though my days start very early here in California, LA has much more of a work/life balance.   SLVRLAKE Denim's ethos is simple: create newness through fit and styling rather than just passing trends. How do you apply this mantra to other aspects of your wardrobe? I invest heavily in timeless pieces in luxury natural fabrics such as silks, cottons, and cashmeres. I avoid buying into silhouettes that are on trend and instead opt for those that are figure flattering. Comfort is paramount; there is nothing worse than appearing uncomfortable in your own clothing — the aim is always to be effortlessly chic. With launching just over a year ago, you probably don't have much time to get away while still in start-up mode. When you do find windows of opportunity to escape, where are you going?  For someone that loves to travel, this past year has been pretty crazy (in the most amazing way) and hasn’t really allowed for any time to get away with the exception of visiting NYC, London, and Paris for fashion week. We aim to have long weekends away as a family when possible. My son loves exploring in forests in Big Sur and we head out to Joshua Tree frequently which is a constant source of inspiration (this is where we drew inspiration for our sun-faded washes and the desert tones of our SS19 collection).   What silhouettes are your staples that never fall off trend? Anything that drapes and skims the body, nothing that clings or is too voluminous. One of the latter two are always a trend.   How has travel informed your work and life today? Growing up in Europe was incredible since it is so easy to travel to many different countries and experience diverse cultures. That experience has continued to drive a curiosity and desire to see the world. I think it's important to explore to fuel creativity and never to stand still and be too comfortable with your surroundings. What SLVRLAKE pieces are you packing for your upcoming vacation and how are you styling? -I don't go anywhere without a pair of our London jeans in my favorite wash, Sweet Thing. The fabric is butter-soft and they pair with everything, making them the perfect travel companion.-I love our Farrah short worn with Lunya's Resort Linen Silk Shirt over my Matteau bikini to take me from beach to bar.-Im also loving our Grace Crop in Natural White with a relaxed tank for summer evenings.   Dream destination of the moment? Too many to name but I've been desperate to go to Japan for the cherry blossom season which happens during March/April. I would also love to return to the Maldives and try to catch a glimpse of the Sea of Stars. I have yet to explore much of South America and the Far East… I have a long list to work through…    What's currently on your travel playlist? A lot of old school hip hop.   Check out all of our Resort Linen Silk muses and get some motivation for your next trip (or just your next nap).        
Ashley Merrill

Resort Linen Silk Shirt Set: How Ashley Wears It

We might be biased, but our Lunya CEO and mom of two, Ashley Merrill is our definition of a boss babe. Her days are typically scheduled to the minute, but she still does her best to fit in a workout, spend quality time with her family, and throw in a vacation or two every once in a while. She epitomizes making the most out of your time because she doesn’t have much to spare She’s a true Lunya muse in more ways than one. We were super excited to see her style our Resort Linen Silk pieces in a way that reflects her fashionable, yet no-fuss style and give us inspiration for how to take advantage of the travels-well nature of these pieces. Being a badass isn’t always easy, but Ashley somehow gets it all done and manages to look great while doing it.      When outfit planning for summer travels, where do you begin? I tend to think about fashion and packing in terms of problem solving. What activities am I doing? How many days am I going? How do I want to feel when I’m there? I also try to think about packing limitations and flexibility in case I arrive and feel different.   What are some of your favorite destinations your career has taken you? Peru, NY, and Paris are among the cooler locations I’ve been for work. Peru was culturally fascinating because it was more of a cultural melting pot than I would have imagined. They have a large Japanese population and so they have some incredible Japanese Peruvian fusion eats. NY is a great city to dip in and out of because of the buzzing energy of it all. When I leave there I’m usually ready for nature and the slower CA culture. Paris is Paris — the food, architecture, and design keep me entranced for hours.  Outside Resort Linen Silk, what are your go-to Lunya staples for summer? I love the Cool Pima Collection in the summer. The Cool Muscle Tee and Cool Short layer effortlessly and the dry breathable natural fibers feel great in the sticky summer.   What's the most important rule when it comes to packing a suitcase? Smaller is better. It’s a rare thing to say in life, I know.   What's always in your carry-on? I basically always only carry a carry-on. Yes, I’m that person. So everything is with me all the time because I hate starting off a vacay with a luggage hunt.      What songs are currently on your travel playlist? I’m the least cool music person. I mix 90’s rock and hip hop with 70’s rock with contemporary top 50 lists.   Shoes — what are your rules for packing? All flats all the time. Isabel Marant slides make it in my suitcase every time.   Dream destination of the moment? Bali and/or Morocco. I love spots with diversity of experience (beaches, religious/historical centers, and great culture that manifests in food and arts).         Check out all of our Resort Linen Silk muses and get some motivation for your next trip (or just your next nap).      
Resort Linen Silk Dress: How Tylynn Wears It

Resort Linen Silk Dress: How Tylynn Wears It

 Model and lingerie designer TyLynn Nguyen does it all. She’s a busy, working mom of three, and has both skin and an Instagram feed that we envy. A longtime friend of the Lunya brand and also a superhero mom (because all moms are superheroes to us, tbh), she was the perfect choice as a muse for the collection. We wanted to see how she would take the vacation-ready vibe of our Resort Linen Silk collection and filter that through the lens of trying to get a little “planned, yet spontaneous” me-time, away from distractions and kids, and showcase her simple-chic style through these pieces.   When you're able to break away from mom life/work life what is your go-to spot to escape to? My bathtub.   Where are you taking the Resort Linen Silk Layering Dress, and what are you styling it with? I'm taking it to Malibu and wearing it with my Celine sandals.         Youʼre a busy mom of three, so when you find the time to get away for just you, weʼre sure that time is precious. What do you do to make the most of your “you time”? My me time is usually spent in my bathtub after putting the kids to sleep. I grab a good book, all of my facial necessities, and light candles. Clearing my mind and manifesting my next day helps me to feel at ease. Allllllll in the tub, lol.   You have the most epic glowing skin (talk of our office on most days) whatʼs your trick? Aww, thank you!! OIL is my secret!     Dream travel destination of the moment? South of France   Do you like to plan or make room for spontaneity? A little bit of both   Reading? Women with Money (poolside, of course)    What SPF are you using? Supergoop   Go-to luggage brand? AWAY   One thing always in your travel cosmetic bag? Oil and moisturizer     Check out all of our Resort Linen Silk muses and get some motivation for your next trip (or just your next nap).        
How Djuna Wears It

Resort Linen Silk Robe: How Djuna Wears It

Stylist Djuna Bel is the true definition of eclectic cool. She’s got a rockin’ vintage collection (literally — she owns a leather jacket that once belonged to Jimi Hendrix), a home that rides the line between a magical treehouse and high-end design, and a career that takes her globetrotting to exotic locations.  With one glance, it’s easy to see why she is one of our Muses. Her laidback and unique vibe is the epitome of California-cool, comprised of a covetable mix of vintage and designer pieces that would make anyone drool.      Constantly on the go from one fantastic place to the next for her various gigs, her global perspective has helped influence and shape her personal style. We were excited to see how her distinctive perspective would influence her styling of our Resort Linen Silk Collection, so we sat down with Djuna to ask her about her must-have travel picks, packing tips, and where she wants to go next:   When outfit planning for summer travels, where do you begin? I try to pack as light as possible — light fabrics, comfortable pieces.   What are some of your favorite destinations your styling career has taken you? I feel so lucky that my job has taken me to amazing exotic places. It's always fun when a trip feels like a vacation. I love all the places I have been to — Mexico, South Africa, South of France, Bahamas, Caribbean....I don't know if I have a favorite. If there's good food, beaches, and nice people, I am beyond happy.   The Resort Linen Silk Robe is one of our favorite pieces from the collection. What do you like the most about it? It's the perfect piece to transition from the beach to dinner. What's the most important rule when it comes to packing a suitcase? Make sure there's room for the things you buy while on vacation.   What's always in your carry-on? Sunscreen! And a bikini (or 5).   Whose travel style do you covet the most? I've oddly never thought about this. I'm all about beach and adventure time, so it's more about the destination and the activity that I covet.   How do you keep clothes staying fresh and wrinkle-free when traveling? I try to travel to humid places so I can hang my clothes outside and they de-wrinkle the natural way.    Do you tend towards comfort or style when going on holiday? Comfort!   What songs are currently on your travel playlist? "Hot Fun In The Summertime" by Sly & the Family Stone, "Avalon" by Roxy Music, "Bubble Gum" by Kim Fowley, "Yes Sir, I Can Boogie" by Baccara   Shoes — what are your rules for packing? 1 day-to-night sandal (Beatrice Valenzuela, usually), 1 sneaker for adventures, and maybe a low heel depending on where I'm traveling.   Dream destination of the moment? I really want to go to the Maldives.    Check out all of our Resort Linen Silk muses and get some motivation for your next trip (or just your next nap).        
Kelly LeVeque

Optimizing your Morning Routine with Kelly LeVeque

With the recent launch of our Organic Pima Collection, we learned that what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it. Holistic nutritionist, wellness expert, and celebrity health coach Kelly LeVeque brought her expertise into The Bedroom, Los Angeles, where she walked us through the making of her famous Fab Four Smoothie Method. We got the chance to sit down with her and ask her some of our burning nutrition questions on supercharging our morning, organically.     Eating organically was once deemed counter-culture, and now it really has become the culture, do you think it's here to stay? Organics isn't going away as science continues to show us that non-organic foods are linked to cancer when we use pesticides. There is no "quick fix, fast grow" when it comes to agriculture, so we need to push for re-genitive farming. Organic is here to stay; regenerative farming is next.   Everything seems to be labeled 'organic' these days — how can consumers shop smart and educate themselves? Regenerative organic labels are coming down the pipe—start looking for this! Talk to vendors at your farmers market—see what they're doing. Some farmers use ladybugs instead of pesticides. Source locally!   Intermittent fasting has recently become very popular. Is eating breakfast as important as they say, and what's your take on fasting? My rule is maintain to a 12 hour fast. Intermittent fasting is good; lots of studies show metabolical benefits. My only worry comes when you skip breakfast or lunch—'light hours'—and eat everything in the 'dark hours'. Propensity to store sugars and fats is higher in the dark hours than in the light.   Tell us about the Fab Four Smoothie; how did you decide on the ingredients? All of the smoothies on the market were full of sugar and made blood sugar spike and crash. We wanted a true meal replacement smoothie—these indigents do that and provide what our bodies actually need on a biological level. Instead of focusing only on flavors, we first looked at what every shake should include to keep you going throughout the day, and then we built off of flavors from there.   3 organic brands you're loving? –Primal Kitchen (clean and pure!) –Organic Girls (prepared greens) –Thrive Markets (grass-fed frozen proteins)   Guilty indulgence? Pizzana's gluten-free buckwheat pizza   Favorite spot to eat in LA? Erewhon    
ASMR #momlife


Happy Mother's Day, Mamas!      ASMR: An acronym for “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response." A feeling of well-being combined with a tingling sensation as experienced by some people in response to a specific gentle stimulus, often a particular sound. The sole purpose of ASMR is to relax people.     The sounds of motherhood:   The Breast Pump juicing, the mom way   Laundry the song that never ends   Spilled Legos a prelude to an ouch   "Mom, mom..." the daily symphony   Pacifier these things are awesome  
How Motherhood inspired Lunya

Ashley Merrill: How Motherhood Inspired Lunya

The idea for my business practically hit me over the head four years ago. One evening before bed I walked past the mirror and happened to glance at my outfit. I almost laughed out loud at what I was wearing — my husband’s boxer briefs and an oversized Star Wars tee. Perhaps this is the kind of look people are referring to when they say someone has let herself go?   That realization sent me on a journey to find sleepwear that would be both comfortable and beautiful. Everything I found fell short. Lingerie always felt like I was trying too hard to look sexy, which made things awkward (I’m married and want to be sexy but in more of an effortless kind of way). I also found plenty of frumpy options. Not to hate on plaid, but nothing says I’ve hung up my sex life like an oversized PJ set in holiday plaid. So, I went ahead and decided to create my own sleepwear line. I was sold on the idea, but I sat on it for a few years out of fear of failure and a million other excuses. I had no clothing industry experience so what did I know about launching this kind of a company? I continued to procrastinate until the day I found out I was pregnant with my first child. If I couldn’t take the risk without kids, how would I ever do it with them?   I took the leap, and founded Lunya. Getting my company off the ground was hard work. I was a one-woman show, hoping to get things rolling before my pregnancy slowed me down. I called everyone I knew in the fashion industry and asked them all sorts of dumb questions. I drove all over town trying to work out how to actually manufacture clothing. I was filled with doubt. 'Is this really going to work?' I wondered. 'Am I being naive about starting this NOW?' Buoyed by my husband, my friends, and my family, I decided to push forward, one foot in front of the other — although let’s be real, it wasn’t long before I couldn’t even see my feet at all. Hiring my first employee six months later made a world of difference. I had a team! Then in June 2013, right in the midst of producing our first line, I gave birth to my son Linken.   Caring for my newborn left me deeply exhausted; by the time Linken was a few weeks old, I felt like I had aged 10 years. My husband and I were left thinking: What did we do? How did we so greatly underestimate this whole parenting thing? How does the whole world manage to do this? A month after my son was born, I started working again. There’s no maternity leave for entrepreneurs. Thank goodness for working from home and being fortunate enough to have help (although people rarely admit to having help, “doing it all” is a lie that I won’t help propagate). When Linken was around four months old, things started to get a little easier. I began to adjust to life as a parent, he began to sleep better, and he started to smile. I was falling more and more in love with him.    I decided it was a good time to try to get pregnant again (perhaps because of some kind of hormone-fueled energy burst?!). I naively bought into the whole “done with diapers at one time” thing. During my second pregnancy, my business progressed into closed beta and we began to make sales to friends and family. I was finally feeling like I could keep my head above water. I assumed that when my daughter was born I would be way more prepared. My business was moving forward, and I had this whole parenting thing down now, right? As usual, I greatly underestimated what I had taken on. It was the little things that I struggled with, like how to carry two babies up the stairs at once and how to give the baby the attention she needed and deserved while my toddler was throwing a tantrum. Once again, I was majorly overwhelmed.   I had no idea what I was doing. In addition to the genius move to have two adorable, sweet babies practically on top of one another, I decided to softly launch Lunya in November 2014 to catch the holiday season. What did early-stage entrepreneurship look like for me? Lunya started in my home with employees sitting around my dining room table, ignoring the kids’ meltdowns in the background. We would hold meetings nonchalantly while my breast pump chugged away. Being an entrepreneur is not nearly as sexy as I had envisioned — but, even in spite of all the chaos, I cherished this time.   Today, Lunya is expanding and growing. We have our headquarters and showroom in Santa Monica, and our team is growing fast to create an amazing product that will help women everywhere get their sleep together. And yes, I still have moments of doubt. I think: Should I be with my kids? Will I regret this when I’m older? Then I remind myself that I’m extremely lucky; I have the opportunity to live my dreams. I’m more tired than I ever imagined possible, but I’m also very proud to think that one day my kids will know that they were the catalyst for my self-actualization. They’ll also know that you can have a family and a career if you want both — although I do recommend spacing them out just a little ;)   
Elissa Goodman's Nightly Ritual

Elissa Goodman's Nightly Ritual

After defeating cancer by transforming her lifestyle, Elissa Goodman is now one of LA's premiere Cleanse Experts and Holistic Nutritionists. We sat down with her to chat about her nighttime routine, and how she utilizes food to aid with getting her best night of sleep.    Elissa wearing the Washable Silk Pant Set at home      What is your nightly ritual? How do you prepare yourself for bed?    I’ve recently started to complete a 12-minute writing exercise taken from Dr. Sadeghi’s book “Clarity Cleanse” where I write down everything on my mind, then burn it before bed. Before that, I make my nightly cup of Tulsi tea (an adaptogenic tea that helps the body’s stress response) and I shut down electronics at 8pm.     What can we currently find on your nightstand?    I keep it simple: a favorite healing crystal, Serenity and Balance Essential Oils from DoTerra, and a carafe of Hallstein water ready for me to drink in the morning.     What is the difference between nutrition and holistic nutrition?    Nutrition looks at the science of nutrients and what we eat to sustain us. With nutrition you evaluate what you eat for health and growth.   Holistic nutrition looks at the whole picture, I take in consideration the mind, body, and spirit of my clients. My approach is to ensure that my clients are not only eating for health, but to elevate their well-being so they are thriving in all aspects (from how they feel when they wake up in the morning to how productive they feel at work). The food you eat is more important than meeting macro or micro nutrients – there is an emphasis on unrefined, unprocessed foods in whole form with organic foods and food sources also mattering.     What trends are you noticing in the wellness space at the moment? Which are you loving, and are there any you are calling B.S. on?  I am loving the collagen trend because the research backs it, and it really helps repair the gut. I add it to smoothies, in my coffee, or matcha latte. I am a fan of using adaptogens, when done right (don’t overdo it and really find what works for you). I drink my Tulsi Tea (Holy Basil) daily! I’ll always be a fan of (green) juicing and currently I am loving the the celery juice trend for providing nutrients at a cellular level and supporting gut health.   I’m not loving all the online subscription vitamin companies that are popping up. I don’t feel that you can always trust the quality and I don’t like that you go online, take a quiz and are told that you need such and such supplement...I feel that a more personal approach to choosing supplements is beneficial and a nutritionist can help you choose QUALITY supplements!   I’m not loving when clients come in with bags full of supplements. I think over-doing it with supplements (or even certain foods for that matter) is an issue. We don’t need much and sometimes it can be a waste of money or do more harm than good to take tons of supplements.   I am not loving the Keto diet that promotes eating bacon, cheese, and all kinds of unhealthy fat. I DO love the Keto-tarian program from Dr. Will Cole which is a healthy way to keto.     What foods naturally promote sleep + relaxation?    Complex carbs (for example sweet potato, squash, quinoa, buckwheat, etc..) Having one serving of complex carbs with dinner is great way to help the body relax because they are also full of minerals like magnesium. I always have a serving of a complex carb with my dinner to bring me back down to earth!     What are the best supplements you can be taking to get a good night's sleep?   It depends on your particular needs, but here are my most recommended ones... Pure Encapsulations Magnesium Glycinate Pure Encapsulations Cortisol Calm Dr. Whittaker’s Restful Night Essentials - Extended Release Natural Vitality Calm Sleep Powder You don’t need to take all of these, but magnesium is a great consistent one to take    How many hours of sleep are you getting right now?   8 hours is what I strive for. If I can make it to 8 (or more), I’m great!  
The Mother's Day Gift Guide

The Mother's Day Gift Guide

Moms, Mother’s Day is almost upon us. While we know that your family will likely celebrate you in a myriad of ways (who doesn’t adore a glorious popsicle stick picture frame?), that doesn’t mean that you can’t also celebrate yourself. After all, you do everything for everyone, all the time. This Mother’s Day it’s time to practice a little self-care. Give yourself the the only thing you really want — a nice, quiet, uninterrupted (we hope) night of beauty sleep. No matter your style, we have just the right pieces to make all of your nights better.        The “Cool” Mom: You’re the one in your friend group that people go to for fashion advice. You’re up on the latest trends, and you know what keeps you looking hot. Looking hot is one thing — feeling hot at night is another. For you, we recommend the Cool Paneled Sleeveless Dress. It’s got a chic silhouette, with side slits, for a full range of motion while you walk, and the functional fabric will keep you cool and dry, so you can sleep without breaking a sweat. Oh, did we mention that it also has pockets?     The “Green” Mom: You care about being eco-friendly almost as much as you care about your family. You definitely keep a reusable tote in your car for groceries and your S’well bottle is a regular staple. Because you try to make all the right choices, we know that you want your sleepwear to be sustainable too. Don’t worry; we’ve got you. Try the Organic Pima Romper. This versatile piece is not only super comfy, with double-layer fabric for extra coverage and a kangaroo pocket for just about anything, but it’s made with buttery-soft, GOTS certified Organic Pima cotton. This means you can feel great wearing it because it’s better for you and the environment. Now your nights can be as eco-friendly as your days.     The “Wine” Mom: You know the difference between a juicy Shiraz and a fruity Pinot. A great glass of wine and a night of laughs with your girlfriends are your jam. Basically, you’re the life of the party. When you want to feel comfortable, yet luxurious (but mostly not worry about spilling that wine) you need the Washable Silk Robe. This gorgeous piece is thermoregulating, so it’ll help you maintain the perfectly comfortable body temp, no matter what the weather is outside, and, yes, IT’S WASHABLE. You can literally throw it in the washing machine and forget about it. Don’t you love something that looks high maintenance, but isn't?     The “New” Mom: Congrats! Whether it’s your first official Mother’s Day or you’re adding to your brood, we salute you. We know how tough that first year can be and how you can sometimes forget about making yourself feel good, because, you know, priorities. But sometimes things exist that are effortless, comfortable, and can make you feel amazing — for that we give you The Robe! This piece is an excellent solution for when you need easy access to parts of your body at all hours, but you still want to feel pulled together. Friends coming over to see the new arrival? Throw on The Robe. In-laws popping by unannounced (again)? Throw on The Robe. The belt is attached, so you’ll never lose it, and the pockets are great for anything you’ll need to carry around. It’s the answer to all of your new mom outfit questions, and it’ll flatter you in a way that terrycloth never will.   The “Workout” Mom: You love to be active and try to grab a workout anywhere you can squeeze it in. Whether that means taking the kids for a daily hike or squeezing in that pilates class while they’re at school, you do your best to get your sweat on, and we appreciate that about you. So let us help you get that recovery time in while you’re getting those zzz’s (because who doesn’t love an easy way to multitask?). Check out the Restore Travel Kit. Our Restore Collection helps increase your blood flow so you can recharge and regenerate all while you sleep. The legging hugs in all the right places, with a flattering wide waistband and no cross-seams, so that they won’t chafe in sensitive areas. The tank is the perfect breathable way to show off those curves, and it has excellent shape retention so it’ll stay fitting like day one no matter how often you wash it. Get yourself some sleepwear that does the work for you.     SHOP THE MOTHER'S DAY EDIT     


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