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Washable Silk Pillowcase Launch at The NoMad

Washable Silk Pillowcase Launch at The NoMad

If you haven’t already heard, we launched our long-awaited Washable Silk Pillowcase earlier this month (now sold-out!), and we're pretty excited about it.     To celebrate, we partnered with The NoMad in Downtown Los Angeles to host an intimate evening for brand friends in their RWB Suite. The suite provided the perfect backdrop for our guests to enjoy cocktails and canapés, facials from our favorite skincare brand Youth to the People, and have their dreams interpreted by an intuitive, all while getting a first look at our latest launch.   We loved having Pia Baroncini who, adorably, showed up rocking the Washable Silk Robe. Who said you can't wear it outside of the house?    In attendance were Shalice Noel, Stella Simona, Marissa Pomerance, and Ellen Marie Bennett, who all enjoyed incredible facials and picked up some tips for getting their best night of beauty sleep. We also had Allison McNamara from Mane Addicts (she knows a thing or two about good hair days) who enjoyed our impromptu pillow bath! It was great to have so many friends of the brand, old and new, come celebrate with us.  Stay tuned for the restock, it’s coming soon :)     
Lunya - Washable Silk Pillowcase

The Washable Silk Pillowcase Is Here

By now, you all know how obsessed we are with sleep. Not only do we love to partake, but we’re continuously looking for ways to make everything about it better. So when customers were asking about a silk pillowcase, we knew it was a no-brainer (after all, we do consider ourselves to be silk experts). We took our time perfecting it to ensure that not only would it bring all the fantastic benefits that come with sleeping on silk, but that it would have unique design features not found anywhere else on the market. So, why sleep on silk?   Better Hair. Who doesn’t want silkier, more luxurious hair? Say goodbye to bed head, because silk prevents dryness, frizz, and split ends. Because hair glides across the smoother surface with very little friction, you’ll wake up with shinier locks. We don’t know about you, but we love anything that helps us have a good hair day.   Better Skin. Did you know that silk pillowcases can help improve your skin too? Yep, it’s true! In fact, the amino acid proteins in silk help to keep moisture locked in, keeping your skin more hydrated and helping to reduce creasing, which, in turn, helps mitigate the appearance of fine lines. Less erosion of moisture from the face means less wear and tear, all equating to fewer wrinkles AND breakouts. Gives a whole new meaning to beauty sleep, right?   Better Sleep. Silk can help to aid in overall quality of sleep as well. It stays cool throughout the night (so no more flipping the pillow over to get comfortable when you're warm), and silk's hypoallergenic properties include a natural resistance to dust mites, fungus, mold, and most allergens.     All of this and it’s functional too? Yes, please!  Our version of this silky dream features a deep envelope pocket detail at the side opening to secure your pillow in place and help keep the insert covered for a completely seamless look and fit. The best part? The back is made from soft cotton, so you can flip it over when making your bed, and no one will ever know your best-kept beauty secret.     SHOP THE WASHABLE SILK PILLOWCASE      
Don't panic, it's organic

Going Organic Never Felt so Good

Happy Earth Day, sleepyheads!   In honor of one of our favorite holidays we’re celebrating the launch of our new, more sustainable, GOTS certified Organic Pima Collection. For what it’s Earth (get it?), we know that even the best things can sometimes use an upgrade, so when the chance came to improve upon our traditional Pima cotton, we jumped at it. Our new Organic Pima is better for you and the environment, including the workers who take it from farm to garment.   But what does GOTS certified really mean? Well, it stands for Global Organic Textile Standard, and it’s the world’s leading processing standard for organic textiles. Not only does the fabric have to meet a high level of environmental criteria to be certified, but it also has an added layer of social compliance as well, backed up by independent certification of the ENTIRE supply chain—now that’s something we can get behind.   And while we love more sustainable, Earth-friendly nights, we want to carry that mindfulness over into our days too. In celebration of going Organic, here are five easy tips you can follow to help you live a greener life.   The best part? You can do basically all of them in your sleepwear. Don’t Leave the Water Running While Brushing Your Teeth We’ve all been guilty of leaving the water running a time or two, while we get distracted by other things. And while 70% of the Earth is covered in water, only about 1% is available for human consumption. So why not take care of your smile and conserve water at the same time? Turn off the tap while brushing.   Unplug Electronic Devices Most of us don’t think about it, but plugged in devices such as computers, kitchen tools, and other electronic devices continue to use energy even when they’re turned off. An easy way around this is to unplug your devices and machines while they’re not in use or try utilizing things like power strips that can be easily switched off when not in use.    Use a Reusable Water Bottle We hear a lot about how single-use plastics are bad for the environment (and the animal population). In fact, plastic drinking bottles are among the top 3 offenders listed by a 2018 UN environmental report. Just 9% of the world’s plastic gets recycled, and most plastic ends up in landfills, oceans, and waterways. So how can we do our small part to help? One way is to ditch the constant pile of plastic water bottles and get a stainless-steel reusable water bottle that you can carry around with you and refill as needed. If you won't do it for the dolphins, at least do it for Leonardo Dicaprio.    Utilize Reusable Bags Did you know that only 1% of plastic bags are recycled? The rest end up in landfills or, even worse, other places in our environment like the ocean. A plastic shopping bag can take anywhere between 20 - 1000 years to decompose. Every purchase you make in one of our Bedroom locations comes with the cutest wash bag that you can reuse for everything from farmers market, to the gym, and beyond. By utilizing reusable bags when we shop, we can significantly reduce the number of plastic bags used for everyday tasks.     Use Cold Water to Wash Your Clothes You may not typically even think about this, but did you know that about 90% of the energy used by your washing machine is to heat the water needed to wash your clothes? Using cold water can make a considerable difference in energy efficiency and help reduce your carbon footprint.      SHOP ORGANIC PIMA    
Detail Shot of Organic Pima

Knitty Gritty | Organic Pima

At Lunya we’re continuously trying to figure out how to raise the bar for ourselves and for the product we create for you. When we initially designed our Pima Cotton collection, we knew we had something special in the combination of silhouettes and fabrication. But when we discovered that there was a way to make our Pima, the butteriest of fabrics, even softer and better for you and the environment, we jumped at the chance. Our new Organic Pima Cotton is the next level textile here to help make all of your nights better. Lunya’s Organic Pima Cotton is GOTS certified. What does that mean? Well, it stands for Global Organic Textile Standard Certification and it means that we’ve had to meet strict processing guidelines in order for our fabric to be considered truly organic fibers. In fact, GOTS certified is the world’s leading processing standard for organic textiles, so when we tell you how good it is, you can believe us - it’s been tested! Not only does this fabric meet a high level of environmental criteria, but it has the added layer of social compliance as well, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain. This means it’s better for the environment AND the world around us, including the workers who help take it from farm to garment. Here’s why... In order to be considered GOTS certified, all fibers must be made from at least 70% organic cotton and a number of touchpoints within the supply chain are required to meet higher environmental and sustainable criteria. Our fabric is created in certified facilities that utilize higher efficiency machines in their processes, which helps reduce electricity output, contributing to a smaller global footprint. Green is good. Our garments are made using less water,  so there is a reduction in “run-off” water, which can typically be contaminated with chemicals. All fibers used are fair trade, which helps promote sustainable development by offering better trading conditions to marginalized producers and workers in developing countries, as well as helping to secure their rights. Fair business practices are positive for everyone. The seeds from which our fabric are grown are all-natural, non-GMO, which means they’re grown in an environment where no pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or herbicides have been used. Since the soil hasn’t been treated with all sorts of nasty things that are bad for us and the food that we eat, the soil can be re-used. A sustainability win!  While organic cotton farms are smaller, and the time it takes to complete the textile development process can be longer, we think it’s worth the wait to have the highest quality fabrics in the pieces we make for you. We believe in thoughtful, intentional production that creates only garments you can feel good about sleeping in.    So let’s break it down… our certified Organic Pima Cotton is softer, and more hypo-allergenic than traditional Pima Cotton - super breathable and won’t itch even the most sensitive skin. It’s sustainable - made thoughtfully in a way that is beneficial for the environment and the people in it. All of that and flattering too? We call that a win-win.   SHOP ORGANIC PIMA  
I Come First. Girl in bed.

I come first.

What does it mean to come first? It means to prioritize yourself.   Do you sense a sexual undertone here? Hell yes you do. The rise of the #metoo movement has made it possible for women and men to re-evaluate equality, relationships, and even sex. I come first brings that conversation into the home...and in some cases into the bedroom.   Did you know that 75% of women do not reach orgasm in sexual intercourse, and only 38% of women have admitted to masturbating in the past twelve months? Worse yet, 30% claim to have pain during sex and generally they suffer with pain for almost a decade before admitting it to a doctor or partner.   This begs the question, why don’t we expect more from our sexual encounters? Are we ashamed of our bodies? Is this the fault of our partners? The media? Society at large? In the end, pointing the finger is futile. We live in a time of hope and revelation. The world is changing at a rapid pace and we have the power to redefine our future like never before. The burden falls on us to expect more and to prioritize ourselves.       If we view enjoyment and pleasure as something we deserve, even in our intimate spaces like the bedroom, imagine how it might change our approach to life and satisfaction elsewhere. Imagine how it might reshape the conversations we have with our children, and the level of intimacy we might be able to reach with our partners. Sex gets your attention, but it is just a symptom of a bigger story. A long history of coming second. When air pressure drops in an airplane, the protocol is to put your own oxygen mask on first. Why? Because if you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t show up for others. Self-care is a building block of a happy life for ourselves, and by extension those around us. I built Lunya to be a catalyst for positive change with sleepwear designed to make women feel confidently comfortable, and brand experiences that add value to our customer’s life, all from a company that connects to the larger worldly purpose of providing opportunities to women and girls. Lunya has a choice in how we show up in the world, and the choice to speak powerfully; with a message that makes you challenge assumptions, re-evaluate the status quo, and think and dream of a better future. So we do. So yes. Come first for a change.     Ashley Merrill, Founder + CEO, Lunya  
Life in Jeneral shares her wisdom with Lunya

Sorting it Out with Life in Jeneral

Starting from the outside and working in, this month we have taken a holistic approach to prioritizing ourselves, starting with our personal space.   Does our space have an effect on our self? We called in the pro, Jen Robin of Life in Jeneral, Jen is all about beautiful, functional spaces and putting yourself first. She let us ask all of our burning questions...     On the heels of the Marie Kondo craze, have you seen an uptick in interest?   The show has been great for us, especially in January. January is always the month of weight loss and organization! We’re busy year round, with spring cleaning and getting organized in the new year, but with the Marie Kondo craze—the more business the merrier! We are so grateful for it. Our philosophies are very much in line—it’s all about the feeling that it gives you; what you gain from decluttering and purging and creating a life for yourself. It’s fun to watch everyone catching on. There’s a lot more awareness, which is great. We’re not Kondo-ing, we’re Life in Jeneral-ing!      Do you still get excited about tidying even after all these years?    Every day. Every single day. Actually, I think my excitement has just grown. I’m not in the field as much anymore, but I’ll still stop by jobs because it fills my cup. I love seeing how clients react. We get testimonials on Sundays, and we will actually start crying because these people will tell us how inspired they feel, how much their lives have changed, and it really affects people which pushes us to keep going. I know the feeling that we’re going to give them, and I’m genuinely so excited for them. So I just wait for the call.     Is there a psychological component to what you do and how do you approach this?   We contract out when there’s a hoarding situation… but honestly, this business is people. It’s all about connection with people and not being stuck behind the clutter. I would never claim I went to school for psychology, but I’ve talked to many psychologists that will tell you that happiness and organization go hand in hand, and I truly believe if you are organized at the core center of your life, your life will be happier, more fulfilled and you’ll be able to prioritize what it is important. I feel and see it every day with my clients by giving them the tools.     What are your thoughts on feng shui?   I am big on aesthetics, aesthetics and function need to marry. You must have both. While yes, your system needs to be created properly, you still want to be able to look at it. For me, it goes back to learning about people and what gets you up in the morning—I need to know your lifestyle, what are you wearing every day, are you a coffee drinker, etc. Something as small as re-arranging your kitchen can save you 5 minutes a day by changing the flow of a room. You don’t need objects you aren’t using and the mental capacity of seeing it everyday, you don’t even think it’s bothering you—but just remove it; you don’t need it front and center.     That’s very in line with Lunya, in the way we approach things, beauty and function.    Function has to win, but it can be perfectly in line and in sync with each other. A beautiful marriage!     How do you connect with your clients to help them get on track?   Every single question we ask in our consult—I want to learn about you whether that’s over coffee or tea. It’s so much bigger than organizing a closet, space, or pantry. It’s about creating a life for the client and making sure that I'm hearing and seeing them in that initial consult, because it’s going to be the best investment they’ll ever make.     Have you seen it affect relationships and marriages?    Yes! We are not therapists, but we do learn how people function and it’s really fun to work with people who are on the opposite ends of the spectrum. Watching the organized one have a revelation and vice versa. It’s great to watch it transpire and see the magic happen. We never make decisions where it’s 'he’s right and she’s wrong.' We’ve learned so much through the approach of just listening and having them feel heard. It’s also very situational, every couple is different across the board. We listen to what they really need and developing a solution in that moment. They usually need an outsider to tell them what they think is best, and we know what’s best.         Once the system is put into place, is it easy to maintain?   Yes. I joke because I have a terrible business plan in that you never need to call me to come back. It’s a forever thing. Your life will evolve and grow, but the tools and systems that we use are forever. That’s why it’s a one time investment.     Do you think that your clients experience a real mental release?    Our goal is that we want you to walk into your space and feel like it is a sanctuary that you have created for yourself. Once you have that feeling, you’ll want to keep that feeling forever and do everything you can to maintain it.     What about the people who want to hang on to that feeling of contentment, but don’t know how? Do you have any best practices?   For one, I don’t leave my house without making my bed. It’s a small thing, but mentally my bed is made and I can leave. Take those few minutes each day of making sure you’re putting those things back. One of my clients takes Sundays to tidy and deep clean, and that’s her ritual and what works for her. Schedule the time; prioritize it. You’ll feel so much better about relaxing in your space.     What about kids?   People ask me all the time about playrooms, is it always going to be like this?! You have to create systems and teach your children that clean up time starts before the next day begins. Having that boundary with your family goes a long way. It’s a family dynamic and a group effort.     In terms of curating a closet, how do you know what to keep and when to get rid of things?   My golden rule is: do you love it? do you use it? do you need it?   Those are the three things you think about with really anything in your home, but with clothing it’s whatever works best for that person. Living in the present day vs. the future or past. We’re so big on the present, going back to the mindset of, "anxiety lives in all the 'other" and decluttering and having that calming moment is being in the present. Being at peace with yourself, but also in your space... it’s like you’ve done your laundry list of to-dos, you’ve tidied your house, everything has a home. Do it once, upkeep it everyday, and get that peace of living in the present day and feeling good.     Any limit to how many pjs one should own?   At Life in Jeneral, we’re of the limiting philosophy… but we do love a couple of sets of Lunya pjs on hand at all times ;)     Do you think you can have a messy, cluttered home and truly be at peace? No, but there’s a caveat to that: I met an artist once, and going back to the psychology of it all, I had this long conversation with this client... she was so happy but she said, “I want to throw this here,” and I replied, "ok, if that’s what makes you happy, I’m not changing that for you,” and that’s the corner we chose where her creativity can spark, for lack of a better word. She has that corner.    I firmly believe that if your house is in perfect order, and I say perfect as in ‘perfectly imperfect’, you will feel great about it.      So, I’m not an artist and I don’t have this excuse, but there’s always “The Chair,"  that one area for paper and bills and stuff that you usually don’t want to deal with. How do you break out of that habit of using that crutch?   Take the time. Schedule that time in your day today or tomorrow or on the weekend and make sure you are specifically, intentionally creating time for that one space. I had a client like that, so we moved the chair. We had a sign saying, “Remember that feeling, don’t put something here,” and for two weeks we had that sign up and sure enough, she never puts anything there anymore.   It’s coming up with these solutions—every single person in this world is different, so we have to design what’s going to work for them. For that client, putting a sign on that chair, another client was removing the chair, but it’s also taking the time to intentionally go through that basket of paper, or setting the time because it’s actually so much more daunting having that build up; it’s really important to deal with it.    
Build Your Ballot - Ashley Merrill, I am a Voter

Build Your Ballot

We like to think of voting as both a privilege and a duty. Let’s be real—if we don’t vote for our interests who will? And nothing is more critical when it comes to voting than educating yourself on the issues. In November, Lunya partnered with our friends over at I am a Voter, a public awareness campaign that aims to create a cultural shift around voting and civic engagement, and The Skimm for non-partisan debate dedicated to helping voters build their ballot before the midterm elections. This year’s midterms were incredibly important, with 35 of the 100 seats in the US Senate up for grabs, US voters choosing all 435 members of the US House of Representatives, and countless local propositions on the ballots. As a by-women, for-women organization, we believe we must help give women in our local community the tools to get educated on the propositions that affect our everyday lives (and have just a little bit of fun while doing it, because we’re still Lunya, after all). To bring some education (and a little bit of rosé) to the people, we put together a bi-partisan panel comprised of kickass women who know their stuff. Including Jessica Yellin (former White House correspondent for CNN, Jessica Lim (co-founder of Republican Women for Progress), Hannah Linkenhoker (co-founder of LA Women’s Collective & Senior Political Strategist at ICM) and Roxanne Hoge (candidate for state assembly member), and all moderated by Mandana Dayani on behalf of I am a Voter.   Check out some of the pics of our team as we prepped for the event, and if you’re not already, make sure you register to vote so you can participate in the next election.     
Girls Inc. Ribbon Cutting

Lunya x Girls Inc.

At Lunya we believe that education is the gift that keeps giving, which is why we love Girls Inc., an organization that delivers life-changing programs that are focused on developing the whole girl, supporting, mentoring, and guiding girls in an affirming, pro-girl, environment.   Focused on going into lower income areas and building a continuum of support through their physical presence on school campuses, we’re consistently blown away by the work Girls Inc. LA is doing to help girls see and attain a bigger future for themselves. In providing school assistance, extracurriculars, emotional support, and, most importantly, creating a safe place for girls to go and learn before, during, and after school, Girls Inc. is making a real difference in the everyday lives of the next generation of women, something we at Lunya can definitely get behind!            In October, it was an incredible privilege for us to be a part of the change that Girls Inc is creating by adding the Lennox Middle School campus to their already wonderful group of programs. Thanks to Girls Inc., the girls at Lennox Middle School have trained staff and volunteers who build lasting, mentoring relationships, taking the time to engage with families, encourage girls to pursue leadership positions, and serve as role models in an environment where there is a sisterhood of support, high expectations, and mutual respect. We were unbelievably proud to do our part to help provide a learning environment where young girls can thrive and grow! Check out some of the pics of our ribbon cutting ceremony and get a glimpse at some of these amazing girls who are helping carry the Strong, Smart, Bold Girls Inc. mission into the future.  And remember—with you in her corner she will succeed!     
Breast Cancer Awareness - Boob balloons

Lunya x Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month, something that 1 in 8 U.S. women will develop over the course of her lifetime. This year, Lunya took a stance against a disease that affects too many women.   We teamed up with Fuck Cancer for the month to support their mission to prevent, detect, and unite. Fuck Cancer as an organization looks at things differently — creating change and impact around preventing and finding cancer before it happens.   We wanted to co-create something that women fighting, surviving, and supporting could feel and look like a badass in. Enter, The Power Suit collaboration, a confidently comfortable, modern take on the sweatsuit.  All of the proceeds from the collaboration went directly to Fuck Cancer.     From coast to coast, The Bedroom LA and NY were outfitted in a 'boob balloon' installation— creating quite the ruckus on the street if we do say so ourselves.   The artwork of multi media artist and feminist, Annique Delphine, was on display throughout the entire month of October. The special selection from her Objectify Me series explores the most objectified and sexualized part of women's bodies— breasts.     This exhibit was all about getting comfortable with our bodies, owning them as women, and having honest conversations about them. The Objectify Me exhibit explores a deeper theme of how breasts are objectified, commoditized, and over sexualized and the insecurity that stems from it.  We also had a special ‘self check’ performance piece from the Los Angeles Contemporary Dance Company,   All in all, we were so honored to participate in Breast Cancer Awareness Month celebrating not only women — but their boobs.      
Find your fit

Find Your Fit - Lunya Size Guide

We know not every sleep experience is the same. Much like our approach to fabrics caters to various types of sleep issues, we have a similar approach to sizing. Each garment we create has a unique fit, designed to produce the most comfortable experience possible. Because of this, we create custom sizing for each product so that you can get the best possible fit every time — this is why there is not one single universal size chart available. Instead, you can find individual charts underneath the available sizes for each item.
Detail shot of Cozy Alpaca

Knitty Gritty | Cozy Alpaca

Cold mornings under a warm blanket, a hot cup of tea, a roaring fire, and the coziest knitwear you’ve ever owned. Sounds just about perfect, right? While we can't help you with every element of this idyllic winter scene, we CAN help to ensure you have the sweaters that’ll make every night feel like the perfect winter vacation.   Meet our Cozy Alpaca collection—the comfiest, warmest, and chicest way to soothe those cold-weather blues. Besides being one of the Cutest. Animals. Ever., Alpaca yarn actually comes with a ton of benefits that make it a perfect companion for the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had.   Did you know that it’s thermoregulating AND breathable?  Alpaca fibers have tiny hollow cores containing microscopic air pockets that provide excellent insulation by holding in your body heat, keeping you warm during cold nights. However, it’s those same air pockets that also allow for outstanding breathability, helping to avoid overheating, WHILE they keep you the perfect amount of toasty. Magic.   It’s soft, lightweight, and luxurious… just about perfect. In fact, Alpaca yarn is often mistaken for cashmere because of the soft texture and lightness of the yarn. Because Alpaca fiber has a smoother scale surface than sheep’s wool, you get a much softer feel than traditional wool. And remember the microscopic air pockets we mentioned? Those same tiny air pockets also help to reduce the overall weight of the garment, so it keeps you warm but doesn’t feel heavy or bulky on the body. Bonus!   It’s ok to be sensitive. It’s hypoallergenic! Unlike sheep’s wool, Alpaca fibers do not contain lanolin—the natural grease produced by sheep that keeps their fleece waterproof—which can give some people an allergic reaction. Ew. Because of the lack of lanolin, Alpaca fiber is safe to wear for even those with skin allergies. And that itchy feeling you get when you wear wool sweaters? Forget it, because that’s not a problem here. The smooth scaling of the Alpaca fibers is ideal for those with sensitive skin that typically have trouble with sheep’s wool garments. Yummy sweaters without the itchy reactions? Yes, please!   No lanolin? No problem! It’s still moisture wicking.  While Alpacas do not produce lanolin, their wool is still water resistant, and will wick moisture away from the body. Because the fibers are hollow, it mechanically pushes the water away, never leaving a saturation point on your skin. Nice.   It’s strong and long-lasting. Even though Alpaca wool fibers are fine, lightweight, and silky, this luxury fiber has great strength and durability, which means you can wear your garments often without worrying about them wearing out.  Soft, yet strong. Luxurious. Long-lasting. Sounds like the perfect.... um, knitwear, of course!   What could be better than that? How about this… We’ve also made it super easy to care for! We love Alpaca and the benefits that it provides, however, we also love to keep that brand-new, fresh feel for as long as possible.   Welcome to the Lunya Sweater Freeze Sleeve! The revolutionary technology that’s both effective and convenient, helping to keep your garment looking newer, longer.   In the denim world, true enthusiasts believe that you should never wash denim in the machine, as it can change the way it feels, smells, and fits. How do these denim die-hards keep their jeans looking good and smelling fresh, you ask? Turns out they pop them in the freezer! The extreme cold kills bacteria and eliminates odors. So we did the next logical thing and we tested this strategy with our Alpaca sweaters, obviously. We wore them during the day, while we slept, and even while taking spin classes, to ensure they would get extra smelly.   Gross? Maybe. Effective? Definitely.   We popped our Alpaca in the freezer overnight and sure enough, the next morning there was zero odor. They were fresh, new, and ready for the next wear—if your sweater came with one, don’t be afraid to use it! It’ll change the way you think about caring for your garments.   SHOP COZY ALPACA  
Sakara Founders

Founder Spotlight | Sakara Life

Inspired by their Sedona upbringings, Sakara Co-founders Whitney Tingle and Danielle Duboise have created a lifestyle brand that has and always will be the bridge between hippie, spiritual living and fashion-forward city life. We chat turning mess into mission, using food as medicine, and the 'joy factor' of life.   Whitney and Danielle transformed their lives through the power of plant-based eating after making the decision to take their health and happiness into their  own  hands in 2011. They had each individually been struggling with a multitude of health issues, and decided there had to be a better way to heal.  The duo launched their organic meal delivery service, Sakara Life, and have transformed thousands of lives through the power of food ever since.   Tell us a bit about how Sakara came to be.   D: Sakara did not start out as a business. We were both at our lowest points in the city— Whitney was on Wall Street, working unsustainable hours, eating poorly, and battling chronic cystic acne. I was struggling with my body image to the point where I landed in the hospital after a 21-day water and raw food fast. We both recognized we were so far from honoring and loving our bodies, and were consumed with not feeling well and out of sync. It was then that Whitney and I decided to turn our mess into our mission. We set out to not only heal our own health concerns, but to spread Sakara’s message of “food as medicine” to as many people as possible. W: During that time, we voraciously read and spoke to healers, functional medicine doctors, herbalists, rabbis, gastroenterologists — and created the Sakara nutrition protocol. We didn't want to just hand people a manual; we wanted to provide them the tools to transform their lives through food as medicine. We began to make meals that encapsulated our pillars of nutrition, delivering to friends on bicycles. As we've grown exponentially, we've created a nutritionally-designed program to heal clients' microbiomes, adrenals, hormones, their relationship to food and their bodies, and hold space for a more fulfilling life. By gifting yourself the best nutrition on the planet, every other building block of your life gets better. We're examples of that. Danielle, you just had your first baby—congrats! How are you finding the balance between running Sakara and motherhood?   D: There’s really no such thing as balance these days! I just do my best every day. Some days that means I do it all, some days I can’t, and that’s okay. But having an office culture that understands the challenges unique to working parents and offers flexibility and support in each individual’s attempt to create work-life balance has been invaluable. I’d also say that becoming a mother has made me value time in a whole new way. So when I’m in the office, I’m working really hard and when I’m home I’m focused on my family. It’s made me much more efficient!     Danielle is wearing the Washable Silk Pant Set in Eclipse   What advice would you give to someone who wants to improve their eating habits, but doesn't know where to begin?   D: Don’t focus on what you feel you need to eliminate, but instead pivot your attention towards adding in more of the good stuff. Start by adding a side salad at dinner for gut-balancing fiber, fresh fruit with breakfast for a dose of antioxidants, and Sakara Water Concentrates for added mineralization and deeper hydration. Overtime, these small additions will begin to crowd out less-than-ideal habits and create sustainable change. W: I always suggest people start with our 10-Day Reset. It provides you with the foundational knowledge, guidance, and recipes needed to start eating and living this way, along with a collection of Sakara supplements and products to jumpstart your journey. We absolutely love the branding behind Sakara. Did you have a clear vision from the get-go, or has it evolved with you through the years?   W: Like any brand, we’ve definitely evolved over the years, but our original vision for Sakara has remained the same. Danielle and I are both so influenced and inspired by our Sedona upbringings and have been careful to keep that energy woven into the branding, but we’re also city women. Our brand has and always will be the bridge between hippie, spiritual living and fashion-forward city life.     What trends are you into in the wellness space right now? Any you're calling B.S. on?   D: It feels like everyone is talking about the importance of gut health and the microbiome right now, and we love it! This is has been a foundational principle of Sakara since the very beginning, and it’s amazing to see so much recent research and buzz surrounding the topic. It’s the future of medicine. W: It’s always a red flag to me if a particular trend or diet promotes imbalance, such as eliminating an entire food group or focusing on a single macronutrient. Having tried so many of those trendy diets in the past (without success) is exactly why Danielle and I started Sakara. We believe the only way to create long-lasting, sustainable change is through balance. When you're not on the program, what are your guilty indulgences?   D: We don’t believe in guilt or indulgences! It’s just life and it should be lived with joy. We call doing what you love the ‘joy factor’. One thing that brings me joy is chocolate. I never say no! W: I’m a sucker for a great slice of New York pizza. What's next for Sakara?   D: Sakara is constantly growing and evolving, and we have an incredible team of innovators who continue to push past boundaries. We have some really exciting new product releases in the pipeline that we cannot wait to share with our community. Our mission has and always will be to spread the Sakara message as far and wide as we can.  


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