Between the Sheets

Get in bed with us

Sam with her Cat

Honey, I'm Home!

Meet Sam — Lunya’s Art Director and an early employee to the company. You might recognize her face as it’s currently plastered all over our website (she also moonlights as our eComm model). Known for setting the office mood: lighting candles, burning sage, and occasionally leading a group mediation, she frequently reminds us of our roots and has been known to pull off any creative challenge (and trust us, there have been MANY).          What are you doing? Living in Zoom or FaceTime and on speakerphone. My bed is my new office and I have to say… meetings in bed were not a foreign concept working for Lunya, but now I just get to take every meeting in bed. When I am not connecting with work, I am connecting with my peeps and getting outside. There’s no time like the present to say hi, what’s up, I miss you.     Sam wears the Siro Bike Short and Supportive Modal Seamless Bralette     What are you wearing? The latest and greatest from Lunya, the Siro Bike Short. It’s soft, slinky, and holds you in. It’s warming up here (kinda) in LA and I am getting really excited for summer. The bike short pairs well with a crop, oversized shirt or bralette… leaving me forgetting what jeans actually feel like.            What have you found to be your favorite spot in the house? Depends on the day, mood, season, hour :) Home means a lot to me. I am a big advocate for setting the tone, designing your space to be a safe haven — to me, you must turn inward in order to achieve. I spend a lot of time observing what makes me feel at my best — sound, light and scent are major parts of the equation:   Sound - I have a bit of a theme in causing emotional whiplash to those who have spent time in my house. Early AM, you can hear soft instrumental tunes that typically relate to my body slowly waking and then there’s a quick transition to J Balvin. By the evening, I may be jamming to Lizzo or French Lounge... you just never know!    Light - if I could live only by candle light, I would. Soft diffused light is easy on the eyes — I am uninterested in LED bulbs or color temperature conflict.    Scent - I like to describe this as a fine mix of a stealthy man who smokes a bit too much with my great grandmothers musk and a touch of rose that sweetens the deal. I have a full drawer dedicated to the cause — incense, candles, room sprays — always subtle, of course.      Sam wears the Siro Bike Short, Washable Silk Tee Set, and Cozy Cotton Silk Sock     How has this experience changed you? The last few weeks have brought up a lot of nostalgic memories and a reminder of what my work is rooted in. I moved from Minneapolis five years ago to begin the journey of Lunya. It was a wild journey back then — if you can remember a life where Instagram hadn’t fully ruled the world yet (it was just getting started) and what we had at our fingertips was a camera, photo samples, a concept of sleepwear for the modern woman, and zero dollar budgets. I spent my time capturing every corner of my home in an attempt to show a perspective that would allow women to see that they deserved to feel confidently comfortable. It soon became very obvious — to create a simple version of reality. We used friends, their homes, and began to capture what morning and evening looked like in their simplest form. As natural as possible. No hair and makeup. Not too many accessories. Beds were undone and wrinkly. We needed to show her that where she was at was exactly where Lunya was meant to live.    Today, I am back in that same space. The same challenge stands in front of me, how do we make you feel confidently comfortable, even in this strange time confined to four walls and a messy undone bed — times where life may feel a bit chaotic, uncertain, and quite unnerving. Lunya was made for this moment. On the bright side there are long mornings in your robe, the time to read every page of the paper, FaceTime with friends, and having nowhere to be — except for right here. As funny as it may sound, it’s freeing. It has turned my self-awareness up and quieted down the extra noise of interruption and marriage to an aggressive schedule. It’s simple and though that can be uncomfortable, I’ve been doing a lot of work on answering why… this experience has gotten me very comfortable with simple.     What are you listening to? Here’s the thing… I push play to the same song 15 times a day and make it :36 seconds into the song and a new call starts. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t default to Bieber and I can crush Forever’s  “whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh” at this point.      Sam wears the Cozy Pima Alpaca Fleece Crop Sweatshirt, Siro Bike Short, and Cozy Cotton Silk Sock     What are you eating (and drinking, TBH?) Currently living off of ginger tea. The secret to get it burning your throat - ginger concentrate.          What are you doing to differentiate the days? I’m using Strava to record and share my walks. This has allowed me to see where others are working out and it’s cool to find new pockets of the city to walk through. Meditation has been top of mind and I am taking notes in the Calm app so I can reflect on what emotional waves the days bring. Tracking has been important for my mind to stay clear and focused and it's been a useful tool during these uncertain times. Getting ready is another way to create some change. It may seem a bit silly to get ready to go no where... but let's not get too carried away - this usually means changing from my AM Lunya to my PM Lunya at around 5pm every day.    I hope you're all staying safe. That's all for now! 🧡 
At Home with Alli Holzmann

Anxiety, but make it festive

Meet Alli — Lunya’s Sr. Content Manager. Speculation on when things like toilet paper will run out has her looking at the carefully curated selection of coffee table books in her apartment through a very different lens these days. Here’s what she’s up to.     Alli wears The Robe     What are you doing? Working from home! The Lunya team is dabbling in technology for the first time, and it’s truly something to behold. I’ve been surprised by many of my co-workers' interior decor choices. I guess you never really know someone…    What are you wearing? I’ve been living in The Robe. They say that as tempting as it is to stay in your pj’s when you’re stuck at home all day, marking transitions makes a big difference. I call bullshit! My fiancé has been encouraging me to get dressed in the morning, but once the robe is on, those plans are off.    What are you listening to? I’ve made a Quarantunes playlist… it absolutely bops. There is virtually no rhyme or reason to it.         What are you eating (and drinking, TBH?) If I get a wave of energy, I’ll put on my chambray button down, grab a wooden spoon, and channel Ina Garten. Currently trying to master this recipe.    What are you watching? My 401k yoyo-ing, sort of like my quarantine body (having a full fridge within 10 steps of my new workspace is proving to be a challenge.) Also, Homeland and Curb Your Enthusiasm on Sundays is the current highlight of my week.   What are you learning? How to play backgammon, the pros and cons of working from home, and what really matters in the bigger picture.     What are you reading? A lot of news and The Moment of Lift by Melinda Gates    What is keeping you up at night? My dad’s health and the decision to cancel my upcoming wedding in June, which has done a bit of brain damage. The former puts the latter in perspective. I usually like to kick-start worrying about all of this at 3 a.m. Many people will be dealing with challenges in the coming months, and we should all keep perspective on what is most important.    What’s the silver lining in this? People’s ability to find humor in the face of adversity is honestly what is keeping me going. Between my new schedule of crying and eating, I have let out more deep belly laughs in recent weeks than I can remember. And spending time with my fiancé, say 75% of the time.    If you could FaceTime with anyone right now, who would it be? Larry David. Always.   
At Home with Ashley Merrill

Business (Not) As Usual

On the right, Ashley is wearing the Organic Pima Pocket Tee and Washable Silk Set. On the left, Ashley is wearing the Organic Pima Jumpsuit. Image shot by her daughter, Vesper — age 5.   Meet Ashley — CEO & Founder of Lunya. She’s wearing her usual hats as parent, partner, and business owner, only now all at once. As a parent, she’s now joined at home with the rug rats and husband and implementing social distancing like the rest of us. As a business owner, she’s no stranger to working from home (many of us can attest to receiving a brain dump at 3am). The new challenge: The 24/7 and overlapping nature of both jobs in the context of a quickly moving social and economic landscape.    Cooking, reading, hanging with family, and wondering what (the actual hell) happens next, we’ll be taking you behind the curtain with her and some of the Lunya team over the next couple of weeks to show how we’re spending our quarantime, home but together.     Ashley is wearing the Organic Pima Pocket Tee.     What are you doing? I’m grounded and working from home like everyone else. My days are full of meeting with teams to pivot plans, scenario planning, chatting with other entrepreneurs about how they are handling this, and making meals for the kids and husband. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions and managing my own psychology right now has been a challenge. When the rain lets up, I’ve been forcing myself to go stand outside in the sun to remind myself that the sky is, in fact, not falling.      Ashley is wearing the Cozy Cotton Silk Henley and the Cozy Cotton Silk Relaxed Short. What are you wearing? I’ve never worn more Lunya than I have in this past week. I’m feeling new pressure to rotate my upper torso outfit so I’m not wearing the same Cozy Cotton Silk Henley sweater in every Zoom meeting. I’ve also been leaning pretty hard into the Cozy Cotton Silk Relaxed Short.     Ashley wearing the Organic Pima Jumpsuit. Images shot by her husband, Marc. What are you listening to? I’ve been listening to people on Zoom and the Frozen II soundtrack on repeat since my kids are home. There is this song “When I’m Older” with lyrics that say…    “This will all make sense when I am older Someday I will see that this makes sense One day, when I'm old and wise I'll think back and realize That these were all completely normal events I'll have all the answers when I'm older”   It’s weirdly poignant.   What are you eating (and drinking, TBH?) That's "Iron Chef" to you. I’m stretching food and my culinary skills to new lengths as I’m forced to make meals with the odd items I was able to purchase at the store. Some dishes I’ve been making are: vegetarian chili which later became chili dogs, lemon and date chicken (thanks to Hilary Kerr’s insta story) served with cauliflower rice with bacon and kidney beans… also so much salami as it’s the only protein I’ve been able to successfully restock. Salami and eggs for breakfast, anyone?         What are you watching? I’m an idiot and I watched Outbreak. Don’t do it. I balanced it out with some standup from Judah Friedlander.    What are you learning? I’m learning a lot about the importance of a growing economy.    What are you reading?  So far I’ve been reading, the news, and I'm planning to start reading Sapiens (again). I feel like pulling up to the species level is oddly helpful in these moments so I don’t get lost in all the daily minutia.   What is keeping you up at night?  I have had less personal interaction with the health aspects of coronavirus itself (thankfully). My thoughts have been heavily around the economic impact at this point. Honestly, I’m up all night obsessing over the tanking economy and its effects on my business and team. I’m trying to get my footing in a new normal where consumer spending is way down and retail stores are closed. I feel an immense responsibility for my team and am grappling with how to balance the needs of the business for survival with the needs of the individuals. There is no playbook for this but I’m working with the team in real time to make a new plan forward.         If you could FaceTime with anyone right now, who would it be? I want to feel a sense of meaning and connectedness to the earth, humanity, and my personal existence within those things and would love to talk to someone who is spiritually enlightened like Buddha. I want to feel certain in a path and feel at peace with the things that are outside my control. And yet this short experience has changed me so much that I want to shed my old skin and embrace my new perspective when this has passed.   What’s the silver lining in all of this?  A crisis is a great opportunity to learn what people are made of and I’ve learned that I'm blessed to be surrounded by incredible people. I've been up all night with team members alternating between tears and laughter, I've had friends offer to hazmat it up and fulfill orders with me, and the outpouring of support and camaraderie I've felt within the entrepreneur community has been heartwarming.      
Going Organic with Gloria Noto

Going Organic with Gloria Noto

If you’re looking towards the future of the beauty industry, look no further than artists like Gloria Noto. A makeup artist and activist whose views on beauty and identity led her to found one of our favorite beauty brands, Noto Botanics. We got deep with Gloria, talking about her genderless approach to beauty, why you shouldn’t be afraid of face oils, and going organic in both beauty and life. Gloria is wearing the Organic Pima Jumpsuit     Has founding NOTO changed your perspective as a makeup artist? It has in so many ways by allowing me to understand what cosmetics are on so many different levels — from the obvious level of what they are made of and how they are made, to realizing what they mean to others who are buying them and applying these cosmetics to themselves. Founding NOTO has opened up my world to seeing the consumer and hearing their stories.   Lots of people have misconceptions about what face oils are and what they do to your skin — can you tell us a little bit about their benefits and why people should stop being afraid to give them a shot? I think we’ve come a long way in finally getting to a place where we are more educated in our approach to oils and how we use them. However, I think there are still those who are worried that oil = breakouts. This misconception comes from a history of mineral oils being added into products from yesteryear. Thankfully, these have been removed from your everyday face oil, which are more pure to form, allowing your skin to gain the nutrients it needs and having the ability to absorb into the skin rather than clog it.    Gloria is wearing the Organic Pima Long Sleeve Tee, and the Organic Pima Pocket Tee     Talk to us about Noto’s genderless approach to beauty Well, simply IS genderless.   What’s one ingredient that people would be surprised to know has huge skin benefits? Green coffee bean oil!  It awakens the skin (without giving you the jitters).     Gloria is wearing the Organic Pima Pocket Tee     Does your routine change depending on what you have going on that day? Hardly, but sometimes. I always wash and use my Deep Serum day and night — some days I need an extra cleanse so I use the Resurface Scrub, and some days I add a layer of Moisture Riser Cream for added hydration. And on some days, I need full-body nourishment, so I'll use the Agender Oil when my legs and arms feel dry. I usually just feel it out.   If you could only have one beauty product on your shelf what would it be? Deep Serum for SURE. It gives an instant glow and it also changes the skin over time. Best of both worlds!   Gloria is wearing the Organic Pima Long Sleeve Tee     Your alarm goes off — what happens next? I kiss my dog a bunch, I make coffee, I try to meditate but often I get to a few emails, I journal, then I go work out — and then the rest is what it is.   What came first, organic life habits or organic beauty routine For sure organic life habits — I started cleaning up my diet and learning about herbs and supplements like a madwoman when I started to not feel so good. I had to deep dive into self-healing. Meanwhile, my skin was terrible throughout my entire 20’s…like really bad. It wasn’t until around the end of my 20’s when I realized that I needed to stop using abrasive products, and instantly saw a difference when I switched to clean skincare. I then went deep into researching what ingredients and herbs could do for me topically — which lead me to formulating my own products…and here we are!       How else does organic fit into your life? How have you gone organic in other areas of your life besides your beauty routine? Organic to me also means authentic. So I check in with myself often to feel like I am connected to myself and do the things that feel right and real for me.        
Maddy Furlong

Interior Obsessions with Maddy Furlong

Meet Madelynn Furlong-  art director and content creator with a love for all things fashion and interiors.Our Cozy Cotton Silk collection has us dreaming of nesting for the rest of winter, so when thinking of homes we’d like to cozy up in for a long weekend, Maddy’s was at the top of our list. She has a self-proclaimed affinity for chairs and we found a few in her apartment that we’ll be waiting out the rest of winter in.     How did you cultivate your online aesthetic? Slowly and over time. It’s a journey, not a race!   Influencer content is plentiful these days and so many people have the same vibe. What makes something interesting to you? When someone stands out and is doing their own thing and you can tell it's fully authentic.   How do you bring your unique sensibility to any partnership that you enter into? I find it pretty easy these days! I just style things how I naturally would, and don't worry about the rest. :)    Maddy is wearing the Cozy Cotton Silk Tank, Cozy Cotton Silk Bike Short, and Cozy Cotton Silk Cardigan     You’re constantly traveling for work — how does that make your home environment more important to you? Oh man, my apartment is everything to me. There’s nothing like coming home after a month of travel to a space that is absolutely yours. I call my apartment my sanctuary because that's what it is!   Name your nightstand essentials A candle and a good book     Maddy is wearing the Cozy Cotton Silk Tank and Cozy Cotton Silk Relaxed Short (left) and the Cozy Cotton Silk Bike Short, and Cozy Cotton Silk Cardigan (right)     When you do get to be home, how do you spend your time? Working from bed and hanging with the animals.   Any off-hours rituals that help you maintain your sense of calm? Baths!   Maddy is wearing the Cozy Cotton Silk Relaxed Short and Cozy Cotton Silk Cardigan (left) and the Cozy Cotton Silk Tank and Cozy Cotton Silk Bike Short (right)     Talk to us about your love affair with chairs Ugh, Im obsessed with them. A good chair is essential to any space, I swear! One day I wish I could own a whole warehouse of chairs.   What's your typical off-hours uniform? Lunya's Cozy Cotton Silk Legging and a band tee!         
Ashley and Marc

In Bed with Ashley + Marc Merrill

When talking couples, one of our favorites is, of course, our founder Ashley Merrill and her husband, Marc. As a dual-entrepreneur household with two kids, describing their days as simply busy would probably be an understatement. We got in bed with the two of them to chat about balancing it all, secret couple languages, and still making time to connect as a couple.       WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR PARTNER'S FIRST IMPRESSION OF YOU WAS?   A: I think Marc thought that I was hardcore (I was marathon training at the time) and wholesome (I was always into cooking and domestic things). M: I think she barely gave me a second thought after we met for the first time.     TRADE LIVES WITH EACH OTHER FOR ONE DAY...WHAT DO YOU THINK IT CONSISTS OF?   A: If I'm Marc... I wake up at 2am and tiptoe downstairs to play World of Warcraft. I come back to bed around 4:30am with the intention of going back to sleep (only actually happens 50% of the time). Ashley is in bed reading emails. I try to cuddle her but she is deeply engrossed in what she's doing so we touch toes and I grab my phone and start chatting with people on Warhammer threads, scroll Instagram or Twitter, and read random articles. Our son comes, already annoyed that we're going slow despite the fact that it's only 7am lol. If it's one of the days Ashley takes the kids, I go downstairs and get breakfast started for the kids. Vesper comes downstairs half asleep. The kids both complain about the breakfast I've made despite the fact that they usually picked it. Ashley comes down and we chat about our schedules, kiss, and she heads out. My days vary but lately, I might have a call or meeting with Riot or for one of my projects with Unite America or Represent Us. Squeeze in a workout of weights and maybe some light cardio. Around midday, Ashley's dad Dan comes over and we work on the treehouse that we are making in the backyard for the kids. In the evening I squeeze in some more video games before the kids eat dinner. As they finish up dinner, Ash and I chat for a few minutes while our nanny helps the kids get ready for bed. Often Ash is pretty "work mode" at this time of day and so we talk about what she's thinking through at the office. Around 7:15pm we head upstairs and read books to the kids. They go to sleep around 8pm and Ash and I usually spend the next hour in bed eating dinner, snuggling, and watching some kind of comedy (we love Bill Burr!) or series (Netflix's Explained is a total fave). Repeat. M: I think we would both enjoy switching places. She is always in “go go go” mode and I enjoy being focused on making things happen. We wake up early, handle kid stuff, get out the door for work, do 1000 things in a day to keep Lunya moving, go to a boxing class at lunch, come back and crush more in the afternoon followed by heading home to be with the kids before they go to bed, then collapse exhausted and Netflix and chill before going to sleep.     WHAT'S ONE THING YOU HELD BACK FROM YOUR PARTNER IN THE EARLY STAGES? A: I didn't so much hold back, but I changed a lot since the early days of the relationship. Early on I oriented my life much more around his schedule and was much more emotionally available. As our live's complexity has increased, I have existed in survival mode for so long that I have a lot less emotional vulnerability to give. I know that’s been really hard and I’m trying to work on finding some middle ground here. M: My love of video games.     WHAT'S THE MOST EMBARRASSING HABIT YOU SHARE AS A COUPLE?   A: I trim his nose hairs.  M: We do lovey talk with our own silly vocabulary.      WHAT'S ONE THING PEOPLE WOULD BE SURPRISED TO KNOW ABOUT YOU AS A COUPLE?   A: I’m not a fan of video games.  M: We smash and wrestle around when we are loving.     WHAT LAHGO AND LUNYA PIECES ARE YOU WEARING ON THE BIG NIGHT IN?   A: I have become a devotee of the Cozy Cotton Silk collection. I love the Cozy Cotton Silk Henley and the Cozy Cotton Silk Bike Short. M: All of it.  S H O P  H I S  L O O K
Ang + Paul

In Bed with Angela + Paul

Meet friends of Lunya, Angela and Paul. We’ve known them for a while and have always respected how even as working parents with two kids, they still manage to make space for their marriage. We went into the bedroom with them to find out how they make time to “date,” why it’s a good idea to keep bathroom stuff for later in the relationship, and why they’re so fun both in bed and out.     WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR PARTNER'S FIRST IMPRESSION OF YOU WAS?   A: “She’s super hot.”P: “He’s pretty good-looking but there’s a lot of work to do with that wardrobe.”     TRADE LIVES WITH EACH OTHER FOR ONE DAY...WHAT DO YOU THINK IT CONSISTS OF?   A: Paul wakes up at 7:30am, is awesome and goes in to feed our son Cooper, takes a shower, remembers to shave, plays poker on his phone, has breakfast, thinks about when he is going for a run, takes both kids to school, drives to work listening to That’s the Way I Heard It podcast by Mike Rowe, works, reads ESPN on his phone occasionally, thinks about when he is signing up for his next marathon, gets home, walks in the door and takes over on kid duty with whichever of our kids is being more difficult, puts our 4-year-old daughter Zoe to bed, helps with whatever housework needs to get done (dishes, laundry folding, walking our dog, etc.), we go to bed OR sometimes he works out in the garage in the evening before coming to bed. P: Angela wakes up at 6:15am, assuming her alarm goes off. She has the only phone in the world that at least 2x per week has a silent alarm. Despite taking a lot longer to get herself ready (and usually running late), she always finds time to help either of the kids and sometimes even make a delicious breakfast before heading out the door. She kills it at work everyday with people that don’t even report to her coming up to her as if she’s their manager and getting help with any issues they have. She leaves early by most people’s standards but no one cares because she’s so good at what she does. She then comes home to start her second job: picking up the kids at daycare, making them dinner, and packing for school the next day. When I get home later in the evening, my first indication as to how her day went is whether or not she already poured herself some wine or if she waited for me.     WHAT'S ONE THING YOU HELD BACK FROM YOUR PARTNER IN THE EARLY STAGES? A: Definitely farting/pooping/bathroom decorum. P: Bathroom humor. It’s probably a good thing we didn’t combine these two until we were further into our relationship.     WHAT'S ONE THING PEOPLE WOULD BE SURPRISED TO KNOW ABOUT YOU AS A COUPLE (IN BED)?   A + P: Nothing. Anything anyone assumes is probably fairly accurate. We’re as fun in bed (if not more fun) than we are in real life.     WHAT LAHGO AND LUNYA PIECES ARE YOU WEARING ON THE BIG NIGHT IN?   A: Angela: I often wear the Pima Long Cardigan and nothing else, but I've been eyeing the Washable Silk Slip Dress. P: Lahgo Organic Pima Short.  S H O P  H I S  L O O K
Lyndie + Greg

In Bed with Lyndie + Greg

Say hi to Lyndie and Greg, longtime friends of the brand and truly some of the most interesting people you’ll ever meet. They inspire us in so many ways. They know how to keep that flame burning and are endlessly curious about life. They’re wise, but still always learning new things. It’s not an exaggeration to say that we kind of want to be them when we grow up.     WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR PARTNER'S FIRST IMPRESSION OF YOU WAS?   L: I was at work, wearing a lab coat, hair in a bun — it was a first meet-and-greet for a blind date set-up. I must have seemed pretty buttoned up to him. I was horribly nervous — felt like the prize pig at the county fair. G: Either batshit crazy or eccentrically brilliant. Possibly worth another tête-à-tête, but I need to learn more about his "business interests in Hawaii." (Can he really play guitar?)     TRADE LIVES WITH EACH OTHER FOR ONE DAY...WHAT DO YOU THINK IT CONSISTS OF?   L: Greg wakes up early every day to a world of Infinite Possibilities! He'll savor the aroma and taste of the first cup of coffee, then it’s ZOOOOM into the day!! Turn on MSNBC...check emails...conference calls...connect with old friends..make new interesting stuff...WHAT? It’s time for dinner? Savor a glass of wine with his girl...cook some veggies from the garden...share the day...YAWN...hit the sheets...snuggle...ZZZZ...Repeat. G: I have to figure out my 50,000 words to use for the day and mentally gear up for the psyche sessions with my esthete clients. Always have to remember to drink lots of water and figure out how early I can get Greg to eat dinner!     WHAT'S ONE THING YOU HELD BACK FROM YOUR PARTNER IN THE EARLY STAGES? L: How weird I really am. EG: my second grade papier-mâché mask art project was “Cro Magnon Man”. G: My balance sheet. HA!     WHAT'S THE MOST EMBARRASSING HABIT YOU SHARE AS A COUPLE?   L: Our ever-morphing nicknames for each other: His — Biscuit, Bix, MixtaMine — Kitty, Kitty Glitter, Cat Litter G: Fart contests     WHAT'S ONE THING PEOPLE WOULD BE SURPRISED TO KNOW ABOUT YOU AS A COUPLE (IN BED)?   L: Ask ‘Pilo’, my anthropomorphic, anti-wrinkle face pillow that I sleep with EVERY night...he’s heard it all! G: When we get up in the morning, we immediately compare our "sleep quality" charts (sleep cycle app) to see who got over 90%. (She sleeps 9 hours a day...)     WHAT LAHGO AND LUNYA PIECES ARE YOU WEARING ON THE BIG NIGHT IN?   L: The Lunya Washable Silk Robe and a smile.G: I want to know when Lahgo will start making cashmere boxer shorts. :) S H O P  H I S  L O O K
Natasha + Freya

In Bed with Natasha + Freya

Finding time to spice things up can be hard when you both work full time and have a toddler (and some fur babies) running around. Add another pregnancy to that equation and it may seem all but impossible. Somehow cool couple Freya and Natasha make it all work. Find out how they sweeten things up in the bedroom (snacks...lots of snacks).        WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR PARTNER'S FIRST IMPRESSION OF YOU WAS?   N: That my outfit made no sense (and she was right — I had split my pants walking into the party where we met, so the party host gave me a skirt to wear that didn't match...)F: That I was a catch!     TRADE LIVES WITH EACH OTHER FOR ONE DAY...WHAT DO YOU THINK IT CONSISTS OF?   N: Getting a little extra rest. I'm often asleep earlier than Tash and wake up later. Water and coffee are then hand-delivered to me by Tash while I'm still in bed. I pool to work which is where my work day actually starts — the rest of the day is lots of putting together orders/analyses around ops, a perfectly charming kind-but-urgent way of inspiring people to get shit done for me, meetings, always a lunch and snack break! Then I come home to Tash and Remy (Tash always picks him up from preschool — the school is a quarter mile from Coolhaus' office!), where I cook dinner (Blue Apron) and we enjoy one another's company as a family. Tash gives me a break while she puts Remy to bed (I catch up on reading/ordering shit on Amazon/Instacart, ha!). Then Tash and I watch our latest fave shows: Dickinson, Servant, The Good Place... F: Tash basically caters to all my needs as noted above - ha! - while being a boss at work all day and keeping Remy entertained and at bay at home as he’s quite the energetic kid.     WHAT'S ONE THING YOU HELD BACK FROM YOUR PARTNER IN THE EARLY STAGES? N: Inability on Excel. F: Inability to make cocktails.     WHAT'S THE MOST EMBARRASSING HABIT YOU SHARE AS A COUPLE?   N: We share a toothbrush!  F: Ditto that.     WHAT'S ONE THING PEOPLE WOULD BE SURPRISED TO KNOW ABOUT YOU AS A COUPLE (IN BED)?   N: For two extremely busy people, we watch more TV than anyone I know... and we love watching horrible lesbian movies! So bad, yet so good! F: We both dated men and that Tash is the only woman I’ve ever been with!     WHAT LAHGO AND LUNYA PIECES ARE YOU WEARING ON THE BIG NIGHT IN?   N: The Organic Pima Romper.F: Definitely the Washable Silk Robe
Freezer Sleeve

Lunya Sweater Freeze Sleeve

  Caring for your Lunya pieces should be both easy and convenient – basically, one less thing you need to lose sleep over. We’d wear a cute sweater every day if we could, but we also love to keep that brand-new, fresh feel for as long as possible.   Enter the Lunya Sweater Freeze Sleeve. The revolutionary technology that’s both effective and convenient, helping to keep your garment looking newer, longer.   In the denim world, true enthusiasts believe that you should never wash denim in the machine, as it can change the way it feels, smells, and fits. How do these denim die-hards keep their jeans looking good and smelling fresh, you ask? Turns out they pop them in the freezer! The extreme cold kills bacteria and eliminates odors. So we did the next logical thing and we tested this strategy with our sweaters... we wore them during the day, while we slept, and even while taking spin classes, to ensure they would get extra smelly.   Gross? Maybe. Effective? Definitely.   Just pop your sweater in the freezer sleeve and put it in the freezer overnight. The next morning your garment will smell fresh, new, and ready for the next wear! If your sweater came with one, don’t be afraid to use it! It’ll change the way you think about caring for your garments.   Feel cozy. Stay fresh. Hit snooze, we approve.      
Leslie Kirchoff

How to be Cool with Leslie Kirchhoff

Leslie Kirchhoff is a true artist. We fell for the distinctive aesthetic of her photography and swooned over her skills as a DJ. Then we saw her unique cocktail recipes and custom ice cubes, which can only be described as pieces of art, and we were even more inspired. She truly has the exceptional ability to showcase her creativity at every turn. We sat down with the entrepreneur, contributor, and all-around cool girl to discuss cocktail culture and using ice as an artistic canvas, music, and her favorite ways to relax after a long night out. She even created a recipe for a lavender-based nightcap and a sleep ritual playlist, just for us.   Swoon. Leslie is wearing the Washable Silk Tee Set     You got your start as a DJ — how did that influence your love of cocktail culture? Well, it really opened my eyes to the cocktail world since it allowed me to taste so many of them! It was such a cool opportunity to be able to try all these beautifully crafted $18 drinks without having to pay that price tag—praise the DJ God for creating drink tickets!   Boom Boom Room (The Top of The Standard) was my first DJ residency in New York, and I spun there every Friday night for 5 hours straight, so it wasn’t long until I had tried everything on the cocktail list. That space and time in my life definitely had a huge influence on Disco Cubes as a whole, even though I didn’t realize it in the moment.    What sorts of things can we expect to be in your new cocktail book? Visually pleasing photos, fun facts about disco and ice, a broad range of ice and drink recipes, and disco-centric playlists.      What drew you to ice as your artistic medium? What’s funny is that Disco Cubes was mainly a hobby and a product idea for a few years, and I hadn't thought much about what I would do with it artistically. Somehow ice just felt like something that would be fun to explore and play around with, since it was a pretty untapped idea at that time.   It wasn’t until maybe three years in that I had the realization that I could be my own ultimate dream client. At the time I was filling my days with portraiture for magazines and other commercial photography work that paid the bills but left me feeling like I had abandoned my creativity in favor of a paycheck. I was permanently stressed, unhappy with my portfolio, and unsure what I wanted my future to look like. But one night, the whole world of Disco Cubes popped into my head with all these crazy and long term ideas (like a never-ending disco spy film), and from there I realized that Disco Cubes could be so much more than just a product.         How did you first discover that you could customize ice to create these mini artisanal works of art? It's such a unique concept!  I suppose by realizing that the cube itself is just the container for whatever you put inside, like a tiny 3-dimensional blank canvas where gravity doesn’t quite exist.       What are your favorite ways to unwind after a long night of DJing? Movies in bed, or lately a nice bath. Or, dare I admit, the Bon Appétit YouTube channel.      You have such a cool vibe and Disco Cubes has a definite aesthetic — tell us a little bit about your personal style philosophy.  It’s definitely a vibe that has slowly crept into my life. In general, I keep my personal style very simple — jeans and tees are my daily go-to, but I do love getting dressed up for gigs and events. When I worked at in New York, I tried out some pretty laughable looks to wear into the office. It was a good period of experimentation, but I ultimately realized that I’d rather keep it classic.   Leslie is wearing the Washable Silk Tee Set and Cozy Pima Alpaca Fleece Relaxed Jogger     We love throwing a holiday cocktail party — as a DJ, what are some of your favorite playlist songs for creating the right vibe? My trick is to not overdo it with the Christmas songs, and rather play songs that create a similar nostalgic vibe. A few favs are “Tell It Like It Is” by Aaron Neville, “Be Bop A Lula” by Gene Vincent, and “Crazy” by Patsy Cline. Listen to my playlist here :)    Tell us your favorite unexpected ingredient to use in a cocktail. Hmm… maybe radish. I made a radish simple syrup for a drink in the book called Dr. Dragon, which also has miso-butter-washed Suntory Whisky. It may sound a little off-putting, but it’s actually a really great drink.     What is the perfect nightcap to end a long day? We're feeling pleasantly sleepy just thinking about it...  I’m a sucker for a dessert drink, so I came up with this creamy lavender guy last week. The lavender cherry base can be delicious on its own, too, as a booze-free version. But add a little bit of honey to sweeten it up, since the Amaretto is what brings the sweetness to the final cocktail.      Lavender Cherry Nightcap by Leslie Kirchhoff       Ingredients     Lavender Cherry Base    1 bunch fresh lavender ½ cup pitted dark cherries (fresh or frozen) 2 cups whole milk Pinch of Maldon sea salt   Cocktail 2 oz. Lavender Cherry Base 1½ oz. Amaretto 1 dash Scrappy's Cardamom Bitters Egg white (1 egg white can make 2 drinks)     Garnish   Fresh Lavender   Floral Disco Cube     Directions     -In a small saucepan set over medium heat, combine all lavender cherry base ingredients and stir to combine. Just before boiling, reduce heat to low and cook for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Remove from heat and let cool. Transfer to a lidded container and store in the fridge for up to a week. -In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, combine all cocktail ingredients except the egg white. Shake for 15 seconds, then remove the ice from the shaker. Add egg white and shake vigorously for another 15 seconds, then pour into glass. Garnish with fresh lavender and floral Disco Cube.     Leslie is wearing the Washable Silk Tee Set, Cozy Pima Alpaca Fleece Crop Sweatshirt, and Cozy Pima Alpaca Fleece Relaxed Jogger     Here’s her sleep ritual playlist to wind down and doze off to.             
Caroline Ventura in the Tee Set

Keeping it Simple with Caroline Ventura

Even on those days that we never change out of our sleepwear (and trust us, there’s a lot of them), we're still a sucker for a good accessory. So when we found BRVTVS — a delicate New York-based jewelry collection created by Caroline Ventura, inspired by her love of minimal details and clean lines, we knew we'd discovered something special. We were equally inspired by Caroline's personal aesthetic. We connected with her to discuss the intimate nature of jewelry and incorporating it into your everyday uniform, the beauty in simplicity, and, of course, her relationship with sleep. Caroline is wearing the Washable Silk Tee Set     How does jewelry enhance an outfit? I look at jewelry as something deeply personal; something precious and full of memories. For me, it's something that is part of me as a person, less something that enhances an outfit. My jewelry remains pretty constant, despite what I am wearing on my body.   Describe your personal style philosophy I dress for me first, others second.   Like Lunya, BRVTVS features clean lines, and minimal, but impactful, details — how did you come to this design aesthetic? Generally, I have always shied away from the big and bold. Even as a kid, I always preferred simplicity. To me, some of the most interesting elements in art and design are aspects that are often overlooked at first, or ones that you might need to take a second glance at to realize the significance.    Caroline is wearing the Supportive Modal Sleep Bralette and Supportive Modal Sleep Brief     As someone who lives a busy lifestyle as a designer and entrepreneur, tell us about your relationship with sleep I love sleep! I'm not one of those people who can function well on minimal hours of sleep. I need rest to reset so I can have a clearer head. I think we generally have a pretty unhealthy relationship with sleep as a whole. There is a stigma that everyone needs to be doing the most, all at once. "No time for rest, I have to send out those emails!" Rest and sleep doesn't equal laziness; they're important parts of wellness that allow our body to recharge and reset.   Tell us your nightly pre-bed routine I don't really have a set routine. I try to always wash my face before bed, and to take a few minutes to give myself a little massage, especially in the winter time when my skin is a bit more vulnerable and sensitive. I wish I could say I was one of those people who meditated or read a book before bed, but I'm not. Gonna work on that in the new year. ;)     Caroline is wearing the Washable Silk Robe     Tell us your three favorite things about your bedroom and why Right now my bedroom is the cleanest it's been in a while, and it always surprises me how something so simple as making your bed and picking your clothes off the floor helps you feel a little less stressed. It's so easy, yet every single time I clean my room I always think, "Oh wow, this feels way better in here," and then it's a total mess again two days later. I'm also really into my linen sheets from Matteo. They are a total splurge but I notice a difference in my sleep when I change my bedding. I have a little skylight above my bed that I love. We just had a full moon and I could see it peeking out behind the tree that hangs over our roof and it just felt very cozy as I fell asleep.   Caroline is wearing the Washable Silk Tee Set (left) and the Resort Linen Silk Layering Dress and Washable Silk Cami Pant Set (Right)     You have a distinct style — tell us how people can make otherwise simple clothing pieces truly their own Consistency. I don't mind following trends but I keep my wardrobe in a minimal color palette and keep my shoe choices pretty consistent, which makes whatever I am wearing feel more like a uniform, less an "outfit".   How does living in NYC influence your personal aesthetic? NYC is an incredible place to gain fashion inspiration. I feel like this city gives you the confidence to try new things or just be weird; it's something that a lot of other cities don't offer. We're not really shocked by anything here — New York is such a fast-paced, in-your-face city, so I think it's really informed my style to be simple and functional.   Photography by April Valencia      


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