Tie Dye at Home

We’ve been watching you tie dye oversized tees, sweatshirts, sweatpants… even your underwear at home. We figured if you’re lounging around, and DIY-ing at home (a place we know a thing or two about) it was time we got on board. We rounded up a few of our favorite pieces that make the perfect tie dye canvas. And naturally (no pun intended) we raided our cupboards and used what we had at in the’s what we found: turmeric, matcha, coffee, and hibiscus tea. 

Our process is a steep, dip and sun time method (and no, we aren’t talking about our latest staycation). Here’s how we created the look:

Tie Dyed Washable Silk and Resort Linen Silk

What you’ll need:

• Lunya     • Rubber Bands     • Bowls     • Natural dyes




Steep your ingredients in large bowls with hot water


Choose your dye pattern


Soak your Lunya


Remove the garments from the dye


Let dry with bands on, the longer the better


Remove bands and rinse with water


Sun time for a natural fade

Tie Dyed Tees

Methods for creating our patterns:

Tie for a blotch effect

Dip for an ombre effect

Fold and twist for stripes

Bunch and twist for your classic rings

Tie Dyed Bralette and Sleep Mask




Steep Time:
4 Hours

Dip Time:
Depends on how bright of yellow you prefer – we recommend 2 hours for a richer yellow

Sun Time:
2 hours






Steep Time:
8 Hours

Dip Time:
This color takes the longest to absorb, so we recommend letting your Lunya bathe for a while – we did it for 3 hours

Sun Time:
2 hours





Steep Time:
2 Hours

Dip Time:
We’ve all had a coffee stain once or twice. Depending on your preference in brown hue, we recommended letting this one hang out for a bit – 2 hours

Sun Time:
2 hours






Steep Time:
6 Hours

Dip Time:
This is one of the richer dyes so it does not need to soak as long – we let it soak for 3 hours

Sun Time:
2 hours


Dyeing materials




Hand wash to maintain truest color.

Machine wash with detergent in cold water on its own. We recommend washing a few times to ensure dye does not crock. Note that color might fade.

Sun-time causes dye to fade. We left ours out for a few hours to create a more muted and faded look. For more vibrant colors, we recommend less sun time.





*Please note that personally altered products such as DIY tie-dye, alterations or tailoring, or otherwise personalized will no longer be eligible for returns. Dyes used in this demonstration have been tested but are not guaranteed from fading or bleeding.   



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