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White Well Rounded Bralette

We all have them. Butt-hugging Soffe shorts we shamelessly wore in high school. Oversized sweatpants inherited from college boyfriends. The matching pajamas we got at that bachelorette party.


We’ve had some good times together. But admit’s time to break up and invite something new into the bedroom.


 Our Supportive Modal fabric provides the needed comfort of your previously beloved pajamas while providing you with what you truly need in the shrinkage.


Supportive Modal is derived from rayon, a semi-synthetic fabric made from cellulose—and we’ve added 5% spandex for extra strength and flexibility.  In other words, when you move, it moves with you. Talk about good in bed.



Black Sleep Brief



Unlike your other cotton or polyester PJs, modal is extremely breathable and cool to the touch, but it’s also highly absorbent so it doesn’t mind if you get a little sweaty. But we have to warn you, it’s extremely soft hand means you won’t want to leave your bed the moment you wake up.

Because of its sensuous drape, Supportive Modal complements Lunya’s beautiful silhouettes and a woman’s body perfectly—like we were MFEO*. Its high wet strength means it won’t shrink or stretch when you toss it in the washer/dryer, and it’s colorfast and resistant to pilling so its beauty won’t fade over time.



Black Seamless


Finally, a relationship that will last.


L U N Y A 


 *Made for each other

Alisha Lipman


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