Breakfast in Bed | Sweet Potato Toast

Sweet Potato Toast

Sweet Potato Toast

by Pamela Salzman


I know it sounds crazy, but slices of raw sweet potato can be toasted the same way bread can. Once toasted, these sweet potato slices can be topped with all of the same toppings that you would put on regular toast. Obviously sweet potato toast does not feel like toasted bread - it’s not airy and crunchy. Instead, it’s just barely tender, but pretty neutral in flavor.  As long as the slices aren’t too massive, you can pick them up like regular toast too. I always have sweet potatoes in the pantry, so this is a pretty easy default breakfast for me.





1 medium sweet potato, scrubbed clean and cut lengthwise into ¼-inch slices — leave the skin on


Almond Butter


Raw Honey




Bee Pollen



How to Make  


Toast the slices of sweet potatoes in a toaster or toaster oven for two cycles, or 10 minutes. Top with desired toppings (like you would toasted bread) and serve. I like a few teaspoons of almond butter on each slice + sliced banana, bee pollen and a drizzle of raw honey.


You can usually get 4-5 slices out of 1 medium sweet potato. I usually prepare 2 sweet potato slices with toppings for myself for breakfast. Any leftover sweet potato can be wrapped and refrigerated and toasted the next day.



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