We created #sharealittlehope as a movement to spread messages of hope and give philanthropic support to those in need. 

Share a little hope


A letter from our founder, Ashley Merrill:


Many of us are feeling some ramification from COVID-19 in our life, be it from income loss, illness exposure or the helplessness that invariably comes from being trapped inside and hearing bad news constantly.  As someone who has always leaned on “be the change” as a personal motto, I’ve been trying to figure out how that manifests in this unusual landscape… the change antidote that keeps surfacing for me is hope. 


Hope can take many forms, but for everyone it can be a catalyst for necessary positive momentum, and that is surely what we’ll need on the other side of this mess.  Lifting a tide is not something we can do alone  - when there is a big problem it will take thought leaders creating a movement to reshape the energy of the moment. 


We are created #sharealittlehope as a movement to spread messages of hope and give philanthropic support. It’s simple — for each message of hope shared, $20 will be donated to SoLa Impact in partnership with NaHCO3. These donations will go to the COVID-19 Retraining & Recovery Fund (CORE) which is focused on job retraining for in-demand jobs in healthcare and technology for low income families whose livelihoods have been impacted by COVID-19.


Our hope is to empower those who have lost employment and are seeking career paths that open access to living-wage jobs, financial security, and increased quality of life. At least 100 scholarship recipients will enroll in online or in-person certified training programs to garner a more in demand skill-set in healthcare or technology and have hope for a brighter future.


Together, with some positivity and intentionality we can lift one another up.



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Ashley Merrill,

Founder + CEO, Lunya



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