Resort Linen Silk Dress: How Tylynn Wears It

 Model and lingerie designer TyLynn Nguyen does it all. She’s a busy, working mom of three, and has both skin and an Instagram feed that we envy. A longtime friend of the Lunya brand and also a superhero mom (because all moms are superheroes to us, tbh), she was the perfect choice as a muse for the collection.

Tylynn rocking the Resort Linen Silk Layering Dress

We wanted to see how she would take the vacation-ready vibe of our Resort Linen Silk collection and filter that through the lens of trying to get a little “planned, yet spontaneous” me-time, away from distractions and kids, and showcase her simple-chic style through these pieces.


When you're able to break away from mom life/work life what is your go-to spot to escape to?

My bathtub.


Where are you taking the Resort Linen Silk Layering Dress, and what are you styling it with?

I'm taking it to Malibu and wearing it with my Celine sandals.



Tylynn's Picks for Travel



Youʼre a busy mom of three, so when you find the time to get away for just you, weʼre sure that time is precious. What do you do to make the most of your “you time”?

My me time is usually spent in my bathtub after putting the kids to sleep. I grab a good book, all of my facial necessities, and light candles. Clearing my mind and manifesting my next day helps me to feel at ease. Allllllll in the tub, lol.


You have the most epic glowing skin (talk of our office on most days) whatʼs your trick?

Aww, thank you!! OIL is my secret!


The Resort Linen Silk Layering Dress - perfect for any holiday situation


Dream travel destination of the moment?

South of France


Do you like to plan or make room for spontaneity?

A little bit of both



Women with Money (poolside, of course)


What SPF are you using?



Go-to luggage brand?



One thing always in your travel cosmetic bag?

Oil and moisturizer



Tylynn shares her vacation tips

The Layering Dress

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