How We're Spending National Underwear Day

Intimates and Silk

It's a well-known fact that we at Lunya have a deep appreciation for all comfortable under-things. When we heard it was National Underwear Day, we knew we HAD to celebrate. In honor of what we think is a day that shouldn't be ignored, here is a brief (see what we did there?) list of all the things around the house we think are worth doing sans pants.



Supportive Modal Sleep Brief in White/White





If you've spent any time cleaning your house, you know that in addition to being a necessary evil, it's also a great way to work up a sweat. Don't ever let anyone tell you that moving that vacuum back and forth isn't a form of cardio. One way to avoid turning those sweatpants into sweaty pants while doing your cleaning? Don't wear any. Plus vacuuming in your unmentionables makes things feel just a little bit freeing, and we're always down with that.





Who says you need yoga pants to do yoga? Going to a studio can be nice, but sometimes you get just as much out of your asana by practicing right at home. Break out that mat, light some candles, ditch those pants, and get into the lotus position. Isn't it liberating?





Look, we're not crazy — we don't mean anything that might have hot oil splash on you, but when we're home alone, cooking in our underwear feels like a naughty indulgence we do just for ourselves. We recommend a nice salad, a yummy sandwich, or even a delicious sweet treat. Then sit down in your skivvies and eat a meal, uninterrupted, in your undies. We won't tell.


Supportive Modal Well-Rounded Bralette and Sleep Brief in Bare/Bare




There’s no better way to live out your "Tom Cruise in Risky Business" fantasy than to get down in your underwear. You know the saying “Dance like no one’s watching”? Well, it was literally meant for this exact type of situation. Crank up the music, take off those pants, and unleash your inner dancer. Personally, this is exactly how we’ll be celebrating.





While it's nice to do a bunch of activities in your underwear, sometimes it's even sweeter to do basically nothing at all. Sit on your couch, read that book, binge that show, scroll through Instagram, all without pants to get in the way. You look good, girl. Show it off, even (or especially) if it's just for yourself.


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