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Whether your dream wedding is a lavish affair with more flowers than an arboretum, or a laid-back affair with your closest friends and a pile of donuts, we know that not all brides are the same. Planning your big day can be stressful, but finding your bridal style doesn’t have to be.


The Bridal Edit


Look, no matter what kind of bride you see yourself as we know that your wedding night is just as important as the ceremony itself. Let us help find the look that’s totally you, and designed to make your partner’s jaw drop. Read along to find the perfect look for your big day (and night)!




Washable Silk Slip Dress


The Romantic Bride:

When you think of this day, everything is soft and dreamy and includes all of your best friends as bridesmaids (wearing matching flower crowns, of course). Maybe your personalized vows include the lyrics from the song that played when you danced together for the first time (who cares if not everyone loves Ed Sheeran!?), and you plan to walk down the aisle, lined with candles, in the lace wedding dress of your dreams. Just try and hold it together during your vows, k? We wouldn’t want you to ruin that perfectly dewy makeup!


If soft and feminine is your vibe, then your day won’t be complete without our Washable Silk Slip Dress and Washable Silk Robe in Starlight. These pieces are the perfect compliment to sipping rose with your girls while preparing to become a Mrs! You’ll feel so feminine and beautiful in these sumptuous, silky things, you’ll want to wear them long past your wedding day.  



Washable Silk Set 

The Sexy Bride:

You aren’t worried about being modest on your wedding day. You love a daring neckline, sexy slit, and some peekaboo fabric. You’re styled in Veronica Lake waves, with a bold red lip, and you want to see jaws drop when you walk down that aisle. Damn, girl… we already see it and we think you’re a total smokeshow.


On your big day, we want you to feel sexy from the moment you wake up to the end of your wedding night, and what better way to do that than in a luxurious silk set? Try our Washable Silk Set. The alluring cut of these pieces will have you feeling confident and foxy enough for any wedding dress. Careful though, once you’re newly betrothed sees you in this set, we have a feeling it won’t be on for long.


 Washable Silk Jumpsuit


The Modern Bride:

You’d rather wear a chic jumpsuit than a princess gown, and you feel that getting married is no reason to abandon your personal style (girl, we hear you!). You’re not big on typical wedding traditions, focusing more on making sure that your wedding is a rocking party, from which it’ll take guests more than a few days to recover. Whiskey bar, anyone?   


Don’t worry - we’ve got you. You’re going to love our Washable Silk Jumpsuit -  this contemporary piece takes the traditional white of your big day and flips it into an elegant, clean silhouette that couldn’t be more stylish. It’s the coolest way to live out all of your David Bowie-esque rockstar bridal dreams. Who says you can’t look incredible while riding out that day-after hangover?



Washable Silk Pant Set 

The Classic Bride:

You’re drawn to all things traditional – think Grace Kelly crossed with Amal Clooney. You’ve probably given this day some thought, and your vision of the perfect white wedding is like four tiers of chiffon wedding cake perfection – complete with a 3-course sit-down dinner and champagne fountain. And a tiara, don’t forget the tiara, because why shouldn’t you look like a real princess on your wedding day, dammit!  


You want a look that will remain just as chic in photos ten years from now as it does today – well, we’ve got the silk set of your dreams. Try our Washable Silk Pant Set. A timeless dream, perfect for living out all of your Kate Middleton bridal fantasies, but without all of the annoying rules and curtseying.




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Whether you’re in search of the perfect wedding day items for yourself or looking to find a gift for the almost-bride in your life, we’ve got the perfect items to help make any woman look and feel her most beautiful and confident (because confidence is sexy AF). We've curated the perfect gifts for the engagement party, to the bachelorette, all the way to the big day.




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