Voting 101 with Mandana Dayani

Voting 101 with Mandana Dayani + I am a Voter



Mandana Dayani



Obviously, we are voting in bed this year. What do you think one of the greatest benefits of voting absentee is?

Voting as soon as possible is critical this election! And I think if you can safely vote early and in person, that is the best option. Otherwise, I would text MAIL to 26797 to find out if you are eligible to vote by mail and to request your ballot if available. Just make sure to send your ballot back as soon as you receive it (definitely prior to October 20th) to ensure it arrives on time and make sure to include stamps if your ballot requires postage! And don’t forget to support the USPS in any way possible.

I am a Voter’s philosophy is that our democracy works better when we all participate. What are some ways we can activate our networks and communities to get involved?

One of the most important things we can do is ensure or friends and family members vote! A reminder from a friend can make them up to two times more likely to vote! We are each a part of a community and we have a responsibility (and privilege) to check in on each other. I also think it is important to share registration deadlines and election reminders with your social communities and make sure your company gives you sufficient time off to vote if that is prohibitive for you. Lastly, I would suggest you go to to check whether your state allows no-excuse vote by mail, and if it doesn’t, to call congress and advocate for it!! Scripts are provided.

What are some of your favorite resources and tools to stay in the know with all things election related?

Right now, it feels like my entire life is based around the election. I am just so grateful for the resources our organization is able to provide to our communities and partners and that we can always leverage our partners at TurboVote/Democracy Works whenever we have questions! I also make sure to watch Jessica Yellin’s videos on Instagram every day to stay current on all important issues.

Any major callouts we should be aware of relating to COVID-19 its effects on the election?

Do your research now to find out your options for how best to vote this election. The stakes have never been higher and we need every single eligible voter to show up!! And make sure to vote down ballot and in all upcoming local, state and federal elections!

I am a voter

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