Lunya x Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Lunya Storefront with Boobs

October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month, something that 1 in 8 U.S. women will develop over the course of her lifetime. This year, Lunya took a stance against a disease that affects too many women.


We teamed up with Fuck Cancer for the month to support their mission to prevent, detect, and unite. Fuck Cancer as an organization looks at things differently — creating change and impact around preventing and finding cancer before it happens.


We wanted to co-create something that women fighting, surviving, and supporting could feel and look like a badass in. Enter, The Power Suit collaboration, a confidently comfortable, modern take on the sweatsuit.  All of the proceeds from the collaboration went directly to Fuck Cancer.


The Powersuit


From coast to coast, The Bedroom LA and NY were outfitted in a 'boob balloon' installation— creating quite the ruckus on the street if we do say so ourselves.


The artwork of multi media artist and feminist, Annique Delphine, was on display throughout the entire month of October. The special selection from her Objectify Me series explores the most objectified and sexualized part of women's bodies— breasts.


Annique Delphine's Art


This exhibit was all about getting comfortable with our bodies, owning them as women, and having honest conversations about them. The Objectify Me exhibit explores a deeper theme of how breasts are objectified, commoditized, and over sexualized and the insecurity that stems from it.  We also had a special ‘self check’ performance piece from the Los Angeles Contemporary Dance Company,


All in all, we were so honored to participate in Breast Cancer Awareness Month celebrating not only women — but their boobs.




22 Pines Collaborator


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