Lunya x 69 Collaboration

I’m awake, what more do you want?

We partnered with 69, a non-gender, non-demographic, high fashion brand, on a limited edition capsule collection you’ll want to live in, both in and out of bed. This collaboration came to life through playful imagery showing women and men doing mundane, everyday tasks, but doing so with barely awake, collapsed body movement. Why? Because sometimes just being awake is simply enough. 

Lunya x 69 Washable Silk Collection

Sleepwear meets streetwear seems unlikely, but both Lunya and 69 share a mutual commitment to comfort and pushing boundaries — in our own ways. Our founder and CEO, Ashley Merrill, was immediately inspired by 69’s anonymous founder, calling them a true creative genius in their choice of anonymity as a way of absolving the brand of any ego. The artistry and mission behind the 69 brand is one that strongly resonated with Ashley’s own personal beliefs, as well as our mission. From a friendship between founders, rooted in shared beliefs: equality, unity and creativity, this unlikely partnership is born. The output is thought-provoking by way of four edgy styles, all of which are one-size, made for many shapes and sizes, and unisex.


Finally, something for anyone to literally roll out of bed in.

Lunya x 69 Washable Silk Coat





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