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We get it. You’re hot. In bed. We can help.


Turns out that our body temperature plays a key role in how well we sleep.  If you’ve ever woken up to sweaty pajamas or damp sheets, then you likely already know—Staying cool is the key to a great night’s sleep. And a good night’s sleep is the key to just about everything else.  Hot sleep can cause fragmented sleep, which in turn can have subtle effects on things like complex memory retention, mood, and alertness, among others. You may not always be able to get the recommended 8 hours of sleep a night, but Lunya wants to ensure that the sleep you are getting is as valuable as possible.


Meet Cool, the next innovative sleepwear collection that will help you sleep cooler and drier because, to us, cool is more than just a vibe.  Here’s how it works. The Cool Collection is made of your favorite Pima cotton, infused with TransDRY™ and XT2 technology. But what does that really mean? Well, traditional cotton fabrics absorb moisture rapidly and can quickly become drenched, retaining as much as 20-40% more moisture than synthetic fabrics. If you’re a hot sleeper, you know that this can often mean waking up in sweaty clothing. Gross. TransDRY™ technology for cotton is a patented, high performance moisture management application that allows fabrics to spread dampness as well as, or better than, most high-tech synthetic fabrics. Basically it helps to move moisture across a greater surface area of the body, allowing it to evaporate quickly, and stopping it from pooling in unwanted places. TransDRY™ cooling fabric dries 3 times as fast as regular pima*, so the quicker evaporation of sweat, coupled with the natural breathability of cotton, will help keep you cooler and drier at night. That’s no exaggeration -TransDRY™ cooling fabric has TWICE the cooling power of regular pima. Amazing, right? It’s the most comfortable sleepwear, designed to function like your favorite active wear, but made with natural fibers—and you don’t need to leave your bed for it to work. What could be better than that?


The Cool Collection - Keeps you cooler and dryer


Now let’s get real for a second—most of us don’t wash our sleepwear after every wear. It’s ok, we don’t judge, and neither does the Cool Collection. The XT2 tech utilizes the antimicrobial properties of silver to stop odor by inhibiting the growth of bacteria and fungi that consumes sweat and causes odors. This means your Cool pieces will stay smelling fresher, longer. And because the pure silver is incorporated directly into the garment and not a finish or a treatment, it won’t wash out or wear off, which means it will last the life of your Cool garment. Awesome, right? But you don’t have to be afraid of washing when you’re ready because we’ve designed everything to have minimal shrink to help retain shape and fit. Just machine wash cold and lay flat to dry.


Let’s recap – Keeps you cool and dry. Won’t smell or become full of gross bacteria. Looks and feels awesome, AND it’s made in the USA from fiber to finished garment.


Now that’s Cool.





Alisha Lipman


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