Interior Obsessions with Maddy Furlong

Maddy Furlong in Cozy Cotton Silk

Meet Madelynn Furlong-  art director and content creator with a love for all things fashion and interiors.

Our Cozy Cotton Silk collection has us dreaming of nesting for the rest of winter, so when thinking of homes we’d like to cozy up in for a long weekend, Maddy’s was at the top of our list. She has a self-proclaimed affinity for chairs and we found a few in her apartment that we’ll be waiting out the rest of winter in.

Maddy's Chairs



How did you cultivate your online aesthetic?

Slowly and over time. It’s a journey, not a race!


Influencer content is plentiful these days and so many people have the same vibe. What makes something interesting to you?

When someone stands out and is doing their own thing and you can tell it's fully authentic.


How do you bring your unique sensibility to any partnership that you enter into?

I find it pretty easy these days! I just style things how I naturally would, and don't worry about the rest. :)


Maddy in the Cozy Cotton Silk Cardigan

Maddy is wearing the Cozy Cotton Silk Tank, Cozy Cotton Silk Bike Short, and Cozy Cotton Silk Cardigan



You’re constantly traveling for work — how does that make your home environment more important to you?

Oh man, my apartment is everything to me. There’s nothing like coming home after a month of travel to a space that is absolutely yours. I call my apartment my sanctuary because that's what it is!


Name your nightstand essentials

A candle and a good book


Maddy with her pets

Maddy is wearing the Cozy Cotton Silk Tank and Cozy Cotton Silk Relaxed Short (left) and the Cozy Cotton Silk Bike Short, and Cozy Cotton Silk Cardigan (right)



When you do get to be home, how do you spend your time?

Working from bed and hanging with the animals.


Any off-hours rituals that help you maintain your sense of calm?



Maddy wearing the Cardigan and the Tank

Maddy is wearing the Cozy Cotton Silk Relaxed Short and Cozy Cotton Silk Cardigan (left) and the Cozy Cotton Silk Tank and Cozy Cotton Silk Bike Short (right)



Talk to us about your love affair with chairs

Ugh, Im obsessed with them. A good chair is essential to any space, I swear! One day I wish I could own a whole warehouse of chairs.


What's your typical off-hours uniform?

Lunya's Cozy Cotton Silk Legging and a band tee! 


Maddy's Living Room




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