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Cozy Pima Alpaca Pullover and Jogger

Cold mornings under a warm blanket, a hot cup of tea, a roaring fire, and the coziest knitwear you’ve ever owned. Sounds just about perfect, right? While we can't help you with every element of this idyllic winter scene, we CAN help to ensure you have the sweaters that’ll make every night feel like the perfect winter vacation.


Meet our Cozy Alpaca collection—the comfiest, warmest, and chicest way to soothe those cold-weather blues. Besides being one of the Cutest. Animals. Ever., Alpaca yarn actually comes with a ton of benefits that make it a perfect companion for the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had.


Did you know that it’s thermoregulating AND breathable? 

Alpaca fibers have tiny hollow cores containing microscopic air pockets that provide excellent insulation by holding in your body heat, keeping you warm during cold nights. However, it’s those same air pockets that also allow for outstanding breathability, helping to avoid overheating, WHILE they keep you the perfect amount of toasty. Magic.


It’s soft, lightweight, and luxurious… just about perfect.

In fact, Alpaca yarn is often mistaken for cashmere because of the soft texture and lightness of the yarn. Because Alpaca fiber has a smoother scale surface than sheep’s wool, you get a much softer feel than traditional wool. And remember the microscopic air pockets we mentioned? Those same tiny air pockets also help to reduce the overall weight of the garment, so it keeps you warm but doesn’t feel heavy or bulky on the body. Bonus!


It’s ok to be sensitive. It’s hypoallergenic!

Unlike sheep’s wool, Alpaca fibers do not contain lanolin—the natural grease produced by sheep that keeps their fleece waterproof—which can give some people an allergic reaction. Ew. Because of the lack of lanolin, Alpaca fiber is safe to wear for even those with skin allergies. And that itchy feeling you get when you wear wool sweaters? Forget it, because that’s not a problem here. The smooth scaling of the Alpaca fibers is ideal for those with sensitive skin that typically have trouble with sheep’s wool garments. Yummy sweaters without the itchy reactions? Yes, please!


No lanolin? No problem! It’s still moisture wicking. 

While Alpacas do not produce lanolin, their wool is still water resistant, and will wick moisture away from the body. Because the fibers are hollow, it mechanically pushes the water away, never leaving a saturation point on your skin. Nice.


It’s strong and long-lasting.

Even though Alpaca wool fibers are fine, lightweight, and silky, this luxury fiber has great strength and durability, which means you can wear your garments often without worrying about them wearing out. 

Soft, yet strong. Luxurious. Long-lasting. Sounds like the perfect.... um, knitwear, of course!


What could be better than that? How about this… We’ve also made it super easy to care for!

We love Alpaca and the benefits that it provides, however, we also love to keep that brand-new, fresh feel for as long as possible.


Welcome to the Lunya Sweater Freeze Sleeve!

The revolutionary technology that’s both effective and convenient, helping to keep your garment looking newer, longer.


In the denim world, true enthusiasts believe that you should never wash denim in the machine, as it can change the way it feels, smells, and fits. How do these denim die-hards keep their jeans looking good and smelling fresh, you ask? Turns out they pop them in the freezer! The extreme cold kills bacteria and eliminates odors. So we did the next logical thing and we tested this strategy with our Alpaca sweaters, obviously. We wore them during the day, while we slept, and even while taking spin classes, to ensure they would get extra smelly.


Gross? Maybe. Effective? Definitely.


We popped our Alpaca in the freezer overnight and sure enough, the next morning there was zero odor. They were fresh, new, and ready for the next wear—if your sweater came with one, don’t be afraid to use it! It’ll change the way you think about caring for your garments.



Cozy Alpaca Collection

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