Coffee Talk with Ally Walsh

Ally Walsh talks coffee, mornings, cozy, comfort

We love a good cup of coffee as much as the next girl, so when we got the opportunity to talk brews and AM routines with Ally Walsh, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Canyon Coffee, we jumped at the chance. Between balancing her growing small business and modeling, we imagined that there has to be a morning routine that makes it all possible.

We spent the morning with her as she styled our new Cozy collection, chatted about the best way to start the day and, of course, all things coffee.


Canyon Coffee



What time do you wake up?

I usually wake up around 7.


Alarm, no alarm?

No alarm.


What's the first thing you do when you get out of bed?

I always try to start with a 20 minute meditation, pour myself a glass of water, and then make coffee. I light the kettle on the stove and grind coffee to make a Chemex.


Ally wearing the Washable Silk Robe


Ally is wearing the Washable Silk Robe in Emerald and the Restore Draped Jogger in Charcoal



How many cups are we talking?

Just one black cup a day.


Any morning listenings to start your day?

My partner Casey puts on Bossa Nova every morning, so I’ve gotten used to starting my day with that.


Ally Wearing the Cozy Alpaca Knit Pullover


Ally is wearing the Cozy Alpaca Knit Pullover in Powder and the Organic Pima Short in White



What has been the most surprising thing about starting a small business?

It’s true what they say about the grind! But you don’t realize that in the moment. You never question the hard work you’re putting in because, ultimately, you’re building something entirely your own!


What's next for Canyon Coffee?

We have some exciting new products we’re going to release next year! And a Canyon roastery and shop, at some point. 


Ally in the Cozy Alpaca Knit Belted Cardigan


Ally is wearing the Cozy Alpaca Knit Belted Cardigan in Heather Grey







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