Being the Prima, with Eva


The Prima Collection was inspired by the movement of dance and the grace, style, and power of Prima ballerinas. Feel like a strong, confident woman whether you’re strutting across a stage or your kitchen floor — that’s being the Prima. We’ve tapped three women that embody that energy in everything that they do.





Meet Eva — she makes every floor a dance floor. A highly trained, independent dancer and dance scholar from New York City, her work spans everything from performance and choreography to writing and teaching. Is there anything she doesn’t do? Using ballet as a social practice and a tool for living a more beautiful life, she gives us that Big Ballerina Energy on the daily. 





How do you show up as the leading lady in your own life?


Eva: Growing up through ballet is the singular thing I feel has shaped me most. A lot of people talk about dance as a wonderful tool for young people to learn discipline as well as have a sense of control over their bodies, and in turn their lives. This is all true, but I also feel like for me, it was also a pursuit towards a high art. Ballet taught me to rise above obedience. 

One particular teacher I had really focused on us finding our own individual spirit, and revealing that through movement. It made me understand that the things that would help me stand out in a sea of dancers were the things that made me me (i.e my eyes, my smile, the way I tilt my head). And that the only way to be different is to be yourself, which is something I have carried through with me all throughout life.







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