Make The Cut

Our premium sleepwear is the cumulation of thoughtful and intentional design, helping you sleep better and bring purpose to every hour of the day. Our Organic Pima exemplifies just this, with luxurious natural textiles that have extraordinary softness and breathability - we’ve designed these pieces to personalize, so you can customize the length and look.  


Make the cut - Lunya Sleepwear

Measure the Cut


1. Try on your garment and determine new desired length.

2. Be sure to add an extra inch for the first cut to give yourself some extra room. We suggest adding an extra inch for the first cut to give yourself some room to adjust.

3. With a small piece of tape or pin mark your cutting area. Be sure to mark each side of the leg or sleeve to ensure an even line.


Customize your Pima - Lunya Sleepwear

Making the cut with scissors

Make the Cut 


1. On a flat surface, lay the garment out.

(For the best cut, be sure the fabric is flat and evenly laid out).

2. Begin to cut! We recommend using fabric scissors or high quality scissors with a very sharp blade.

(Be sure you are making clean cuts all the way through the blade and begin a new cut —don't let the fabric bunch or it will not cut evenly.)

3. Try on your newly cut sleepwear and determine if the new length is a good fit. If you prefer to go shorter, repeat the steps above.



Praise Hands


Congrats, girl. You made the cut. Now show it off and show us what you got!

Tag your photos @lunya

*Cut wisely, all personalized pieces will be yours to keep.

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