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What the Internet is Saying About the Cool Collection

The Cool Collection - What the internet has to say
Our Cool Collection has just launched this week, and has already developed somewhat of a cult following. So why is everyone obsessing over this collection? If you ask us... 

It’s the most comfortable and innovative sleepwear, designed to function like your favorite active wear, but made with natural fibers—and you don’t need to leave your bed for it to work. What could be better than that? The smart fabric also tackles odor: the XT2 fibers weaved throughout utilize antimicrobial properties to stop odor by inhibiting the growth of bacteria and fungi that consumes sweat and cause odors. This means your Cool pieces will stay smelling fresher, longer. Because, real talk, who actually washes their sleepwear after each use? Not us...
But more importantly, see what the internet has to say about the Cool Collection:


"It's True: this genius sleepwear puts an end to sweaty summer nights" — My Domaine

"Reinventing the category with innovative design, quality and fabrics." — WWD 

"Lunya’s new collection will keep you cool even during summer’s hottest nights" — Brit + Co

"The Cool Collection styles won’t smell or become full of gross bacteria, are super cute and comfortable and will help you say good-bye to damp sheets and sweaty, sleepless nights."  

“Cozy and keeps you cool. I love everything Lunya creates and this collection is next level” — Jacey Duprie, @jaceyduprie

“Cool feels like that fresh summer air in your bedroom (oh and like a full night’s rest when my twins decide to sleep through the night)” — Sara Azani, @stylemba

"The most breathable cotton PJs ever.  Love how cool they feel against my skin!" — Kat Tanita, @kattanita

“After a few nights in the Cool pieces, I can safely say I love them!"
— Alice Gao, @alicegao

“There is nothing like cozy sleepwear that is perfect for lounging in the house and is also made with breathable fabric. I am big about feeling cool when I sleep, and this romper does the job! I had one of my best sleeps yet. — Lauren Scruggs Kennedy, @laurenscruggs

“This Cool sleepwear feels like you can live in it.” — Caitlyn Chase, @caitlynchase

“Cool feels like a dunk in the ocean on a perfect summer day.” — Lauren Hayes, @laurenahayes

"The only sleepwear that allows me to enjoy sleeping without AC!" — Tonya Smith, @themoptop

“Cool feels like a nap in the clouds” — TyLynn Ngyuen, @tylynnnguyen

“It feels like diving into the Mediterranean on a hot summer day” — Sophie Elkus, @sophieelkus

 So, you want to try the Cool Collection now. Right? 

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