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Washable Silk 101

Washable Silk Button Down Pant Set in Bare

Silk is one of our favorites too, so we get it. But ours is a little bit different (and, ahem, more special than the rest) — we pre-wash it with a sand wash, softening the silk for an extra supple hand feel, but it also makes it machine washable!
Not to sound like your mom or anything, but we've got some useful advice that will help keep your sleepwear looking like new! Here are some pro-tips for caring for your silk pieces:


Lunya Washable Silk

Always machine wash your garment in cold water and lay flat to dry — this will keep your color looking fresh and will prevent your garment from shrinking.
You can’t avoid wrinkling silk (trust us, we've tried! it’s a natural occurrence in 100% of all silks), but if you’re feeling stressed about those wrinkles, there are some easy ways to get your garment looking smooth:
    1. Use your getting ready time as double duty and hang your silk in the bathroom while taking a steamy shower. 
    2. Use a steamer for a garment that’s smooth as silk (literally) in no time at all. 
    3. Simply toss the (already dry) item in the dryer for a few minutes on low heat fluff cycle. 
    Feeling a little crunchy?
    1. Make sure you're using a mild soap and cold water when washing 
    2. Wear it! Silk is a natural fiber and relies on your organic oils for softness. Wearing your garment will allow the natural oils from your body to help soften things up a bit.


      Washable Silk Set in Washed Black


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