25 April 2019

The Mother's Day Gift Guide

The Mother's Day Gift Guide is here.

Moms, Mother’s Day is almost upon us. While we know that your family will likely celebrate you in a myriad of ways (who doesn’t adore a glorious popsicle stick picture frame?), that doesn’t mean that you can’t also celebrate yourself. After all, you do everything for everyone, all the time. This Mother’s Day it’s time to practice a little self-care. Give yourself the the only thing you really want — a nice, quiet, uninterrupted (we hope) night of beauty sleep. No matter your style, we have just the right pieces to make all of your nights better. 




The “Cool” Mom:

You’re the one in your friend group that people go to for fashion advice. You’re up on the latest trends, and you know what keeps you looking hot. Looking hot is one thing — feeling hot at night is another. For you, we recommend the Cool Paneled Sleeveless Dress. It’s got a chic silhouette, with side slits, for a full range of motion while you walk, and the functional fabric will keep you cool and dry, so you can sleep without breaking a sweat. Oh, did we mention that it also has pockets?

Cool Paneled Sleeveless Dress



The “Green” Mom:

You care about being eco-friendly almost as much as you care about your family. You definitely keep a reusable tote in your car for groceries and your S’well bottle is a regular staple. Because you try to make all the right choices, we know that you want your sleepwear to be sustainable too. Don’t worry; we’ve got you. Try the Organic Pima Romper. This versatile piece is not only super comfy, with double-layer fabric for extra coverage and a kangaroo pocket for just about anything, but it’s made with buttery-soft, GOTS certified Organic Pima cotton. This means you can feel great wearing it because it’s better for you and the environment. Now your nights can be as eco-friendly as your days.

Organic Pima Romper



The “Wine” Mom:

You know the difference between a juicy Shiraz and a fruity Pinot. A great glass of wine and a night of laughs with your girlfriends are your jam. Basically, you’re the life of the party. When you want to feel comfortable, yet luxurious (but mostly not worry about spilling that wine) you need the Washable Silk Robe. This gorgeous piece is thermoregulating, so it’ll help you maintain the perfectly comfortable body temp, no matter what the weather is outside, and, yes, IT’S WASHABLE. You can literally throw it in the washing machine and forget about it. Don’t you love something that looks high maintenance, but isn't?

Washable Silk Robe 


The “New” Mom:

Congrats! Whether it’s your first official Mother’s Day or you’re adding to your brood, we salute you. We know how tough that first year can be and how you can sometimes forget about making yourself feel good, because, you know, priorities. But sometimes things exist that are effortless, comfortable, and can make you feel amazing — for that we give you The Robe! This piece is an excellent solution for when you need easy access to parts of your body at all hours, but you still want to feel pulled together. Friends coming over to see the new arrival? Throw on The Robe. In-laws popping by unannounced (again)? Throw on The Robe. The belt is attached, so you’ll never lose it, and the pockets are great for anything you’ll need to carry around. It’s the answer to all of your new mom outfit questions, and it’ll flatter you in a way that terrycloth never will.

The Robe


The “Workout” Mom:

You love to be active and try to grab a workout anywhere you can squeeze it in. Whether that means taking the kids for a daily hike or squeezing in that pilates class while they’re at school, you do your best to get your sweat on, and we appreciate that about you. So let us help you get that recovery time in while you’re getting those zzz’s (because who doesn’t love an easy way to multitask?). Check out the Restore Travel Kit. Our Restore Collection helps increase your blood flow so you can recharge and regenerate all while you sleep. The legging hugs in all the right places, with a flattering wide waistband and no cross-seams, so that they won’t chafe in sensitive areas. The tank is the perfect breathable way to show off those curves, and it has excellent shape retention so it’ll stay fitting like day one no matter how often you wash it. Get yourself some sleepwear that does the work for you.

Restore Travel Kit






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