Dosist 16 May 2018

Rituals of Relaxation with Dosist

Lunya x Dosist panel

We recently hosted dosist at our Los Angeles headquarters, The Bedroom, to discuss mitigating stress, getting good sleep, and self-care. Moderated by our very own Founder & CEO, Ashley Merrill we had the opportunity hear from Neuroscientist Dr. Josh Kaplan, and Meditative Storyteller Jessica Snow on the rituals and importance of relaxation.  


We explored tools for getting good sleep and for managing anxiety by trying a group meditation and followed it up with a discussion on the benefits, risks of incorporating Cannabis in your self care regimen.  We learned so much about the nuances of how the brain works and how THC and CBD interact with it that we decided to follow up on the event by sitting down with dosist president, Josh Campbell, to ask a few questions about his nighttime ritual and the role that sleep plays in his life. 


Lunya x Dosist collaboration event


What does your nighttime routine currently look like and how does dosist enhance this?

I'm fortunate enough that sleep isn't much of an issue for me. But I work hard at it. I really look at the whole day as prep for sleep - from how I prioritize my work to my approach to responding to emails. It's all designed to protect my sleep time. Dosist for me has been a great supplemental tool replacing sleep "sacrificing" products like alcohol and stress.


How important is sleep as a factor in your work and personal life?

Sleep is critical to ensuring I'm living a productive and happy life. I work hard to make sure I achieve a minimum 7 hrs of sleep - 8 to 9 hours is my sweet spot.


What would you say are the biggest benefits of the Sleep + Calm dosist pens and how do you think they can aide in the rituals of relaxation?

The majority of people I know need some sort of "catalyst" to promote relaxation / their sleep cycle. Properly dosed, cannabis can be a really powerful tool to help your body and mind unwind. The team at dosist has really focused on creating tools that put you in control - we're providing very specific formulations designed to deliver a targeted benefit delivered in precise doses through the dose pen. When it comes to relaxation and sleep prep, I can't think of anything more important than control and predictability. 


Lunya x Dosist Event - samples and goods



hungry for more?


sleep by dosist is an all natural, plant-based tool to help you fall and stay asleep. It just so happens that the plant dosist uses is cannabis. Dosist has worked to demystify, simplify and take the guess work out of cannabis as a wellness tool. Their sleep formula is a carefully engineered blend of the active ingredients in cannabis; featuring a 8:1 THC-to-CBD ratio balanced with a sleep-promoting blend terpenes, the co-star compounds found in the cannabis plant. Dosist helps you make sure that you're getting just the right amount by delivering a precise 2.25mg dose via their medical grade vaporizer, the dose pen. 

A good night’s sleep requires a deactivation of the CB1 receptor. For people suffering from stress or anxiety, this can be challenging. Sleep by dosist is designed to stimulate that CB1 receptor, ultimately disrupting the cycle and allowing the receptor to turn off. Falling asleep only accounts for a portion of society’s challenges with sleep. For some of us, the issue is not falling asleep but staying asleep. Conditions like restless leg syndrome and chronic pain are better addressed by the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. This compound lengthens the effectiveness of the THC while also providing its own synergistic benefits for anxiety, pain, and spasticity.



Love, Lunya


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