29 June 2021

Pour yourself a glass of Bold Red with Natasja Madsen

From Copenhagen, with love. International model, Natasja Madsen, styles Bold Red effortlessly.
Here she poses in Washable Silk and Cool as she gets ready to hop into bed (and maybe never leave). If you ever needed inspo on how to wear your new favorite color, this is it.


Cool Bold Red
The Cool Everybody Tank + Cool Short

Elevated look.Laid-back comfort.
Get you a color that can do both.


Washable Silk Tee Set
The Washable Silk Tee Set

Red-y for action.

Cool Every body Tee
The Cool Every Body Tee

POV: you’re putting this on and never taking it off.


Washable Silk Set
The Washable Silk Set

This red looks good in bed.


Cool Short Romper
The Cool Short Romper

Just slip on and go — no decisions necessary.


WS High Rise Pant Set
The Washable Silk High Rise Pant Set

Polished meets spicy.


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