Otium Lifestyle 18 December 2020

Make Yourself At Home* with Lunya Vol. 5

It’s no secret - we love spending time at home.


Kick off your fuzzy reindeer slippers, sit back with some mulled cider, and Make Yourself At Home* with the things we’ve gotten into as this wild year (finally) winds down to a close.



Watching: The Undoing. The only thing more thrilling than the whodunnit murder mystery plot is Nicole Kidman’s coats.

Reading: Bookworm who can’t read fast enough? Might we recommend Phaidon’s Book of the Month Club. They work with the coolest artists, designers, chefs, architects, and photographers. With their ‘Book of the Month Club’ you receive one of its latest releases each month and, by the end of the year, you’ll have an fab little collection all your own.

Doing: Wrapping our presents, the sustainable way!

Listening: Lunya’s Holiday playlist - a sweet little compilation of vintage holiday tunes.

Making: Comfort foods! We’re trying our hand at Thomas Keller’s Fried Chicken.

Learning: Listening to Matthew McCoughhey’s Greenlights on Audible. It’s a handbook on how to catch more greenlights in life — and to realize that the yellows and reds eventually turn green, too. Also, his voice could even put Matthew Bublé to sleep.

Wearing: Getting the ultimate fleece of mind this season with Dreamy Wool Fleece. It’s hard to feel holiday stress when you’re this comfortable.

Color: Feeling like festive little holiday elves in our seasonal color, Myrtle.




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