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Otium Lifestyle 27 October 2020

Make Yourself At Home* with Lunya Vol. 2

It’s no secret - we love spending time at home.


Even though we’ve all been home for a while now, it hasn’t dampened our enthusiasm for all sorts of home-based seasonal revelry and all things festive.


It’s no coincidence that these are all things that we can do in our sleepwear. Make Yourself At Home* and check out what we’re getting into this holiday season.



Make yourself at home




Watching: I May Destroy You — It’s brutal at times, but it’s an addictive watch with something to say … and it says it well.

Reading: Trick Mirror — The book addresses internet culture, "scammer culture," and contemporary feminism.

Doing: On Tuesdays & Thursdays the Lunya team gets together (virtually) to sweat it out for an hour. Right now, we’re really into Melissa Wood Health.

Listening: With just days till the election, we’ve picked out some songs that best express the 2020 election. Take a deep breath, and let our election mixtape take you away.



Making: Something to ease our Nov. 3 nerves with these handcrafted cocktails from Haus.


New Fashioned

It’s like an Old-Fashioned, but without the old fashioned hangover. A splash of rum, whiskey or scotch all work here. ⁣

-3oz Haus Bitter Clove Apéritif

-Splash of your favorite dark liquor

-Serve on the rocks with an orange twist


Citrus Fizz

Light, clean, and perfect for when you want something bubbly.

-2 parts Haus Citrus Flower Apéritif

-1 part soda water (we love Topo Chico)

-Serve on the rocks with your favorite citrus

Learning: To boldly go places we’ve never gone before with The Deep Card Game.


Color: Our new shade Ginger — because we need sleepwear that color-coordinates with all of the other seasonal shit we can’t say no to.




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