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20 August 2019

Lunya | Nightstand Essentials

Nightstand Essentials


We know that a lot can go into creating the perfect bedtime routine. Besides having great sleepwear, there's how you choose to decorate your bedroom, the sheets you select, and, most importantly, what you keep on your nightstand. Since we like to think of ourselves as sleep experts, we thought we'd find out what items the Lunya staff deemed most important to their nightly rituals. From poetry books to moisturizers (and maybe a +one candle or two), find out what we can't sleep without.



Reese Simmons, Sr. Brand Director 

Deep Sleep Pillow Spray — I like making going to bed a ritual…why not? The deep sleep pillow spray has become part of mine, setting the right mood and letting me know it's time to shut down. The aromatherapeutic super-blend of Lavender, Vetivert, and Chamomile help calm my body and mind to sleep just a little sounder.



Gabby Cummings, Brand Experience Manager

Cleo Wade's Heart Talk — This book lives on my nightstand. When I need some inspiration, motivation, or uplifting words while laying in bed after a long day or an early morning, I'll randomly open to a page and read one of her poems. My favorite kind of book to have bedside is one that I don't need to read in sequential order—flipping to a random page for a little surprise and delight is the best way to start or end the day.



Kaylee Myers, Project Manager

Aquaphor — Whether I have chapped lips or dry hands, I always use Aquaphor before I go to bed. It has been my nightstand necessity since high school after being on Accutane because it was the only thing that kept my lips and hands moisturized, and I've been using it ever since.



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Alli Holzmann, Brand Communications Manager

+one Candle and Restore Sleep Mask — Not to hardcore plug Lunya or anything, but our +one candle and Restore Sleep Mask have become fixtures on my nightstand. The +one candle has a calming and restorative scent of palo santo, without being overpowering, and sets me up for a good night of sleep. Our Restore Sleep Mask is a must-have that everyone should keep within reach.



Tevin Jackson, Planner

The Essential Rumi, New Expanded Edition — When doubling my dose of melatonin doesn't work, I reach for this book for sweet words to lull me to sleep. His perspective on life, love, and spirituality always resets my own perspective. Rumi's enlightening poetry and prose is the perfect adult bedtime story to calm the anxious thoughts that can keep me up at night.



Alise Mongeon, Graphic Designer

Himalayan Salt Lamp — Lighting is a really important element in how I control the mood/energy in my space. Throughout the day I will alter the lighting to reflect the mood I'm in. During the day, I love that lots of natural light brightens my apartment; I'll raise my blinds and open the curtains to welcome it. But after a long day, I love to come home, close the blinds, dim the lights, light some candles, and turn on the Himalayan salt lamp. Instead of being illuminated by natural light, my room is covered in a pinkish, red hue. It signals my brain that it's time for rest and incubation, issa vibe.



Emily Siphene, Product Development Manager

Nivea Lip Care Balm — I'm neurotic about keeping my lips from chapping. I have a rotating collection of lip balms that I stash in my house, in my car glove box, and in random pant pockets in case of emergency. When I shower before bed, my skin (especially my face) gets very dry, so I use an Olay moisturizing shower gel, a Sunaroma body lotion, and the Nivea Lip Care Balm as part of my night time routine. This combo allows me to jump into the sheets feeling silky smooth.





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