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The Product Edit 06 September 2020

Keeping Your Prima Stage-Ready

Prima Robe

Prima has made its debut! We hope you love your pieces as much as we do. Now that you’ve got them (and busted a move or two in them — that’s right, we see you), here’s how to keep them looking stage-ready.



Care instructions



PRIMA 101 —


Machine wash

Dry Cleaner? Never heard of her. Throw these in the wash and forget about it (or if you’re feeling super domestic, hand washing works too).


Cold water with like colors 

Pink things are only fun when they’re SUPPOSED to be pink. Please use cold water and wash with like colors to keep your pieces looking fresh.


Lay flat to dry

It could not be easier — literally lay it flat and let it dry.


Cool iron on reverse if necessary 

Wrinkles happen, we get it. To get your pieces looking smooth, use a cool iron on the reverse side.


Prima Robe



Prima Pro Tips: 


Hang in the bathroom while you shower to freshen up. 

If your pieces need a little smoothing and you’re in a rush, hang them in the bathroom while you shower and let the steam work its magic. Look at you, multitasking. 


Roll in your drawer vs. fold to avoid harsh fold lines in this delicate fabric.

A prima always knows how to look stage-ready. To keep your pieces looking smooth, roll them instead of folding them in your drawers.



Prima spin




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