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13 July 2020

Jenefer Palmer's Morning Skincare Routine

As founder and formulator of OSEA, Jenefer Palmer is all about ingredients. Inspired by her grandmother’s miraculous healing in the frigid waters of Long Island, she always knew that seaweed would be the cornerstone of her formulations. Today she works directly with a family-run collective in Patagonia to source OSEA’s USDA-certified organic seaweeds. Her dedication to create safe skincare that is good for you and the planet is unsurpassed. We had to know more.


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Jenefer’s skin care journey began when she became spa director at one of Southern California’s first wellness spas in 1981. To complement the innovative spa treatments that she created, Jenefer searched for natural skincare products to use and sell at the spa. At that time, it was impossible to find a skincare line that wasn’t packed with harmful ingredients. She knew she could create something better, products that are both safe and effective. Her desire to create plant-based, non-toxic skincare was revolutionary and what began as a personal passion soon evolved into a fully fledged beauty brand in 1996, manifesting the seed of her idea into reality. A true skincare pioneer, we were curious about Jenefer’s own morning routine. Read on for her insider tips.




Jenefer's Morning Skincare Routine


1. I love starting my day with Ocean Cleanser. It has the most invigorating, uplifting scent plus it gently exfoliates my skin. Ocean Cleanser makes me feel like a morning person, which anyone will tell you, I am definitely not.



OSEA ocean cleanser  

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2. Hydration is really important for me, which is why I apply Hyaluronic Sea Serum next. When I was formulating this product, my samples kept disappearing as everyone in the family was “borrowing” them. If your skin is dehydrated, this is a wonderful, light burst of hydration that’s perfect for the summer months. I think a lot of people don’t realize the difference between dry and dehydrated skin, you can have an oily complexion and still be dehydrated. So this serum is great for just about everyone!



OSEA hyaluronic sea serum  




3. Next is Essential Hydrating Oil. This was the first product I ever formulated, well before face oils were a thing. Honestly there’s nothing better for my 65-year-old skin. It’s a blend of botanical oils that work together to plump skin and smooth fine lines, which is a dream for me. I also love to use it for an aromatherapy moment, cupping my hands and inhaling deeply before I apply to my face.



OSEA essenial hydrating oil  




4. At this point, my skin has received all these wonderful nutrients and it’s really important to apply a moisturizer to help seal everything in. Advanced Protection Cream is a luxurious face cream packed with skin-loving ingredients including Gigartina seaweed, one of my favorites because of its collagen-protection benefits.



OSEA advanced protection cream  




5. My final step is my body. People often forget that your skin extends beyond your face and neck. Your whole body deserves the same attention! So I’m not done until I apply my Undaria Algae Body Oil. If I could bathe in this stuff, I would! We take organic seaweed hand-harvested in Patagonia and soak it in luscious seed oils for 6-8 months to infuse all the hydrating and firming benefits of algae. Plus it smells like heaven: a kind of citrusy, botanical blend that’s even better than perfume!



OSEA undaria algae body oil  

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