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11 February 2021

In Uniform with Joanna Halpin

We’ve always thought the phrase “keep it simple” was overrated—not because we don’t believe in it, but just because living simply is way easier said than done (let’s not even talk about how complicated life has been for the past year despite the super-uncomplicated activity of never leaving the house). Still, there’s no harm in giving simplicity our best shot. So lately, we’ve been re-approaching small habits that make a big difference in our daily lives: planning quality meals ahead of time, adding creative ideas to the Notes app whenever they strike (ladies: we’re leaving “I’ll remember it, I swear,” in 2020), or decluttering our closets.
This last task is one we’ve been especially putting off—but it’s true, that a clean wardrobe can open your eyes to the idea of less is more. (Just a few styles from our 360°/365-days-a-year Cozy Cotton Silk collection can replace the two-dozen hoodies and sweatpants we’ve all been guilty of hoarding over the seasons.) And no one other than model and photographer Joanna Halpin understands the timeless satisfaction of a simplified wardrobe. Here, we chat with her about her current uniform, biggest inspirations, and how quarantine has influenced her approach to dress.
Joanna in Cozy Cotton Silk
Your style in three words?

Androgynous, simple, timeless

Current uniform?

Very comfy, very warm (trying to survive New York winter). (Aka, predominantly pyjama suits)

Cozy Cotton Silk Pullover
World's best dressed?

The Olsens, 90's Kate Moss

Everyone has been living in loungewear for the better part of 2020, what makes the cut for a really good outfit to laze around in?

Something incredible comfy to lounge around in, but is also tailored enough that you could put on shoes, a coat, and leave the house in and not feel like you are leaving home in pyjamas

Joanna in the Cozy Cotton Silk Pullover
Has quarantine changed the way you dress?

Yes, there have been many days that I haven’t left the house, so I haven’t had to dress up for work or castings or social things. But saying that, I spend a lot of time in tees and shorts even at the best of times so it hasn't changed too drastically.

Something you'd never wear?

Anything that is tie-dyed

Joanna in Lunya Sleepwear
What activity or new hobby has gotten you through 2020?

Yin Yoga — I find it so calming and love that it also gradually makes me more and more flexible. I started it just before the global lockdown and it's honestly been one of the most enjoyable discoveries.

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