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25 January 2021

Creature Comforts with Hannah Faith Lord

There’s something inspiring about a cold January. Despite freezing temperatures and the threat of post-holiday fatigue, we all manage to get back in the swing of things—and do so with more optimism, poise, and enthusiasm than with which we ended the previous year. But that hopefulness doesn’t always have to be tied to performance or accomplishments. Sometimes, it’s about the simple pleasures: rising early to make time for yourself in the AM; already finishing your second book of the year; rushing less and consciously slipping on that extra layer before bearing 50-degree weather (for that, we recommend our brand spankin’ new Restore Thermal).
In fact, simple pleasures are a concept we’ve been extra curious about, as of late. Everyone’s are different, and yet all are fascinating—particularly those of multifaceted creatives like photographer and creative director Hannah Faith Lord, who’s artistic eye always brings a characteristic warmth and much-needed feeling of aspiration to our IG timeline. Here, we check in with Hannah for a conversation about comfort, the layers of her creative process, and her own simplest pleasures.
Current mood?

Currently feeling a bit anxious and restless. The past year has been so weird for us all and it’s finally starting to hit me. I handle change and stress by focusing on the things that make me happy.

Mentionable 2021 New Year's resolution?

I’m not big on this trend, instead I try to implement new affirmations every week or so. There’s something refreshing about seeing a new year as a continuation of my lifelong goals. Some of my recent affirmations that I confess over myself: Perspective - I see things in new perspectives and hear others when they communicate theirs. Joy - I am joyful even in difficult situations. Love - I am a loving person who is worthy of being loved back. Spirituality - I am a spiritual being who is connected to a higher power.


Hannah in Lunya Silk Intimates and Restore Thermal
How does having a photographer's eye lend itself to creative directing?

Composition is something you learn through trial and error. Knowing what looks good on camera makes it easy to direct a shoot without even looking through the lens.

Your simplest pleasures?

Dark chocolate peanut butter cups :)

Hannah on the couch
How would you describe the layers of your creative process?

I gather inspo, get a good team/location, and then execute.

When your work is your passion, how do you separate work and play?

I always slot out time for myself where I am not thinking about anything work related. My "play" consists of being in nature surfing, and spending time with friends which is a nice reset.

Hannah in the kitchen

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