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How She Wears It 07 September 2020

Being the Prima, with Babba

The Prima Collection was inspired by the movement of dance and the grace, style, and power of Prima ballerinas. Feel like a strong, confident woman whether you’re strutting across a stage or your kitchen floor — that’s being the Prima. We’ve tapped three women that embody that energy in everything that they do.





Meet Babba — our ultimate girl crush. This Swedish Latina it-girl is an award-winning creative marketing professional who has worked in both fashion and tech in some of the coolest cities around: Stockholm, Berlin, and New York. When this mama-to-be is not running her marketing agency or working on HER USA, a brand she co-founded, or her newest venture, Ceremonia, you can find her decompressing in our favorite place — home. Get to know this marketing-mogul-meets-style-guru and find out what she thinks it means to Be the Prima.





How do you show up as the leading lady in your own life?


Babba: I try to show up in life with a sense of gratitude and optimism, finding beauty in the everyday and keeping a joyful spirit. Blue (my pup) is actually a big inspiration here; she finds her zen in any situation and is always happy to see other humans. That’s how I want to show up in this life, too!






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