How She Wears It 14 August 2019

Anita Patrickson Wears the Organic Pima Dress 5 Ways

Anita in Leather Jacket

Stylist Anita Patrickson knows fashion. She's dressed some of our favorite celebrities and styled spreads on the pages of just about every magazine you can think of. Her latest venture, Amanu, brings back the art of true personalization in footwear, creating gorgeous sandals that are custom designed to fit your feet like a dream. With Amanu, she's managed to do something we love — merge great style and ultimate comfort. Between that and her keen sartorial eye, we knew she’d be the perfect person to style our Organic Pima Dress, showcasing its true versatility. We sat down with Anita to chat everything from styling and the brands she can’t live without to the must-have pieces every woman should have in her wardrobe.


Anita in Dress and robe with Hat


What was your first experience in styling that sparked your interest?

Growing up on a farm in Africa, I had no idea that there was such a job as being a 'stylist'! It was whilst I was working as an assistant at Conde Nast. On this particular day I was out of the office assisting our creative director on a cover shoot. I fell in love with the idea that we were able to create the most beautiful story with just a guy holding a camera, a makeup artist, a hair stylist, and a rack of clothes.


What would you absolutely never wear?

A crop top.


Your personal aesthetic in 3 words?

Functional, classic, clean


Amanu Sandals


How often do you get styling cues from books and films?

All the time! I LOVE to read; it's one of my very favorite things to be doing... I probably devour 3 books a month. I also get very inspired by films — there are so many incredible cinematographers, directors, and costume designers out there; it's hard not to feel inspired by books and films, both old and new.


What is your favorite Amanu style right now?

Tough question! My favorite style changes weekly, but right now, I am loving the ease of our Style 6. I can kick it on and off and dress it up or down. I have it in black on a black sole. Style 7 is probably my year-round fave. It just flatters every foot effortlessly and I love this simple gold option.


Anita in white


Which discoveries in fashion have excited you lately? Any favorite brands at the moment?

Not necessarily new discoveries, but at the moment, I'm loving Staud, Doen and Sezane.


What are you typically wearing to bed on any given night?

I am a pajama junkie, so trust me when I tell you, Lunya's Resort Linen Silk pieces are the best pjs ever... plus I can wear them during the day as well, which is especially useful whilst traveling!


We love transitional wear. How would you style the Organic Pima Dress in the home and on the go?

It's such a good quality basic, almost like a comfortable oversized tee that you can throw any of your favorite layering pieces over. A blazer makes it office worthy, and a kimono thrown over makes for the perfect weekend look. 


Anita in Black Blazer


Whose closet would you want to play in for a day?

Probably the Queen of England. The gloves and hats and gorgeous brooches... I mean, it doesn't get more fun than that!


Who is your ultimate fashion icon?

Peggy Guggenheim. I love her individuality. I find a lot of people's styles are so homogenous right now.


What trend do you wish would disappear, forever?

All the fast fashion that's killing our planet. The need for constant newness.


Anita in Leopard Jacket


What is the must-have piece every woman needs in her closet?

Haha... an Amanu sandal? After that I would probably say a beautiful black blazer.


What is your favorite restaurant in LA and what should we order?

Pace (it's my local spot and the sweetest, coziest restaurant in LA). I try and mix it up, but my favorite order there is the salmon with a side of white beans and kale, a glass of their house rosé... and the chocolate soufflé for dessert!


Anita in Green Jacket



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