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You spoke, we listened.


10 / 07 / 2016

Tune-In Tokyo.

Headlights. Knockers. Jugs. We’ve all heard these unfortunate names used in reference to breasts - usually spawned by males. Good news is, there are no men in our office. Just a group of cool women, comprised of different ages, sizes, body shapes, etc., and when we talk boobs - we take a personal, honest, hands-on approach (literally), and we keep it real.

Stacked Bralette

 When designing the perfect sleepwear collection, we take our role seriously in that we are solving problems for women with discerning taste and expectations - and we are proud to serve these women. Creating a unique mix of comfort and confidence is no small feat - but we are fortunate to have customers who take the time to gift us with their feedback, whether it be praise, disappointment, or suggestions for improvement.


"I prefer the look of #1 here, but #2 may be more functional. I did like the design of the Siro Bralette, the straps just were not comfortable for me. In general, I do prefer thin straps if they are comfortable. In addition to wearing a bralette to sleep and around the house, I'll sometimes wear it out of the house under a t-shirt. I'm not sure #1 would work well for that--#2 might but a bralette with thin straps is best for this alternative purpose."


Our Siro Bralette was introduced for the sleeper who wanted a little coverage while sleeping nearly naked. While many of our customers were thrilled with the launch of this style and concept, we quickly learned that they tended to be smaller chested - and that there was another deserving band of women who are larger chested, who were being underserved. She is a bit “busty-er” and was relegated to stuffing her girls into an experience that was less than satisfying to say the least - and that just doesn’t fly with us.


So with this rich feedback coming in, we allowed ourselves to wallow in our palm-meets-forehead pity party for about 5 minutes, then had a good old-fashioned groping sesh to make sure we knew exactly what we wanted to consider with this new bralette, and went right back to the drawing board. We were both excited and motivated (a winning combo!) to design a bralette with all of the Lunya promises of being extremely soft, carefully considered, and modern, but also more measured in coverage and support for our larger-chested ladies.


We landed on two design sketches and reached out to our top 10 customers that had returned the Siro Bralette due to it not accommodating their bust, and we asked them which design they saw fulfilling their needs, as well as any other ideas or suggestions.


The finished product is our Stacked Bralette - for the woman who is a bit more “stacked” on top. It features wider straps, doubled-up fabric, and a more substantial racerback detail, providing more support and coverage. So while the original Siro Bralette is still the perfect bralette for the smaller-chested woman, the Stacked Bralette is the answer for our larger-chested woman.



So whether your boobs are small or large, real or perhaps not-so-real but nobody can tell (who’s your doctor?!), Lunya has you covered either way - and when you choose us to be in bed with you, we are both humbled and grateful, and there is nowhere else we would rather be.



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