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Effortless Travelwear For The Busy Woman


06 / 27 / 2016

My mother has officially made dressing (and packing) for travel into an art form. She carefully starts planning months in advance laying out each outfit with all her accessories and necessities. She completely takes over one room of our home, and little brown Amazon packages full of travel this-and-thats start to arrive on the daily only to be unpacked and placed into one of 100 Ziplock bags she has neatly laid out on the floor. My mother’s pre-trip routine with its military like execution is admirable and impressive, but a complete 180 from my approach.

During my well deserved “brain breaks” at work, I have been daydreaming of an island beach getaway. Warm sand between my toes, golden rays of sun beaming down on my well SPFed skin, and a cold Pina Colada in my hand… or Margarita… or Mojito. Anyways, prompted by the rotating island themed screensaver that shows up every time I come back to my computer, I finally took the plunge and planned a trip from LA to NYC to Istanbul and the icing on the cake, to one gorgeous island in Maldives!

In my free time, I have become consumed with researching TripAdvisor for where to eat, where to shop, where to stay, and what to see. I found a great deal and booked my flights, scheduled my airport transportation, reserved hotel rooms at each destination, and even booked a Turkish bath in Istanbul. When in Turkey, bathe like a Turk, right?

What I have not had time to think about is, well, packing obviously. Unlike my mother’s thoughtful execution and months of planning, I simply never allocate the time. Trip dates tend to sneak up on me and so I always end up packing at the very last minute. I leave on a hot LA summer day, and no doubt will sit in gridlock traffic on the 405 and then gridlock people traffic in LAX security lines, then endure a chilly plane ride, five-hour nighttime layover in New York’s JFK airport, to arrive in a whole other country frazzled and exhausted. This inspired me to build a Lunya Travel Kit to make this whole endeavor more relaxing.

I worked with the team to create an outfit that wouldn’t slow me down, bunch, make me too hot (or too cold), is layerable, and is both presentable and transitional from day-night-sleep.

We brainstormed and came up with comfortable, breathable layers from head to toe that take into consideration everything from the airport dash to a well-deserved nap on the plane. Depending on the airport, flight, and your destination, it could be warm or cold (or a combination of both).  The foundation layer is a breathable Pima Muscle Tee over the Siro Bralette for unrestricted breathable support. If it’s freezing on the plane, you can throw on the Pima Long Sleeve that fits like a comfy sweatshirt but is still breathable and light to avoid overheating (aka sweating). The Siro Joggers make a great bottom choice because of their light weight and buttery softness and they pair perfectly with your favorite sneakers. I capped it off with a laundry bag for dirty clothes to make traveling home that much easier… I think we’ve all experienced how gross it can be to tote back all the dirty clothes mixed in with the fresh unwashed ones right?


Check out the 5-Piece Travel Kit 



Safe Travels!


- Taylor
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