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Herbal Lattes have us feeling Immortal


03 / 07 / 2017


It’s no secret, we love sleep. But we too, must get up in the morning and for many of us, that means a warm cup of - insert caffeinated beverage here - to literally kick start the day. We’re all coffee lovers at Lunya HQ so this topic is close to our hearts, and why many of us look so bright-eyed at 9am. But we’ve been wondering (albeit somewhat reluctantly) what possible alternatives there could be to our morning caffeine rituals.

We heard our friends at Cafe Gratitude, the 100% organic plant-based restaurant in LA, serves up incredible caffeine-free herbal lattes - so we popped in to try. 

Not gonna lie - we were a bit nervous. No caffeine?! How will we survive? The Cafe Gratitude team saw the fear in our sleepy eyes and talked us through it all, suggesting since we’re newbies that we try the “Immortal” herbal latte. 


The Immortal Latte features an “illuminating blend of herbs to awaken your inner mind” and they assured us that it’s a worthy alternative. Well, we fell in love instantly! It was SO GOOD. A little nutty, creamy, and subtly sweet.


All in all, we are big fans. The experience was there - so warm, delicious, and such a good way to start the day. The taste was smooth and the benefits, a major bonus. The good vibes and immortal feelings lived-on with us all day. For real.

We’d never do all this and not share the recipe with you. You can grab, print, pin, or send the recipe card to yourself (or a friend).  We tried it with CG house-made almond milk but your milk or milk alternative of choice will work perfectly. 


Check out Cafe Gratitude's Locations in Los Angeles or pick up the Immortal powder from Essential Medicina . 





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