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Founder's Musings: The Truth Behind the Truth Campaign


09 / 20 / 2018

In early 2012, l glanced at the mirror as I headed to bed and caught my smoking hot reflection looking back at me clad in my husband's old frat T-shirt and oversized boxer briefs...  you know, you’ve been there.


I’ve heard all the reasons people don’t buy sleepwear… and with our campaign, now you have too.


Lunya sleepwear is about feeling comfortable and confident in your “you” time. With beautiful and intentional sleepwear, we aim to make your time at home and the third of your life you spend in bed a truly enticing proposition.  But frankly, even if you don’t buy Lunya I found the moment in the mirror powerful and something worth sharing.  


For me I realized that the lack of attention I put into it brought up a broader point very worth exploring. It makes you think, how are you showing up for you?  


- Ashley 


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