Do Not Be Afraid! Wash with confidence.

October 05, 2016

Washing can be the last thing that comes to mind when buying the must have of the year.  Who has time to take care of special pieces when life is speeding right before your eyes and all you're  really asking is just to look good through it all?


We hear you! All of our Lunya pieces are made to live with, effortlessly. You can simply throw them in the wash (cold and delicate if possible) and lay them flat to dry. 


We've put together a short list of steps on what this looks like (with pictures, yes!) so you can find confidence in the process. 


Please email us with any questions, we are happy to help.


1. We recommend washing your garments on their own or in a garment bag to avoid any snags on the washing drum. Avoid color mixing with other garments. 


 2. Use a mild detergent in your machine. You will need very little based on the amount you are washing. We recommend using The Laundress Delicate Wash

3. Once your garments and detergent are in the machine, select delicate load for best results. Be sure you are washing with cold water.

5. Once the wash is completed, it's important you do not dry your garments in the dryer. These high quality (mostly all natural) fibers are delicate and will need to be laid flat to dry. This can be over a clean ledge or on a drying rack. We do not recommend hanging wet pieces on a hanger as the fibers will stretch from the weight of the water. 

6. You're done! Once these items are dry - you can rock them in the sheets. Happy sleeping!

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