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Badass Women in Bed : Youtube Celeb Brooke Mahan


04 / 20 / 2015

What's up, Badasses? Today we are interviewing hilarious YouTuber Brooke Mahan from What's Up Moms. Known for relatable parodies, Brooke and her team infuse their unique brand of humor into each video, bringing millions around the globe to tears and letting us all laugh at the absurd day to day of motherhood. We are so excited to learn more about her life and family.



Where do you find inspiration for your videos?

My son inspires me more than anything. I try to make cute things that we can incorporate into our everyday lives. I also get inspired by nature and art. We just moved, so I look at my house like it’s this big empty palette. Instead of shopping and buying new things, I think, "how can I create beautiful things myself?" And I spend a lot of time on Pinterest.



Where do you go to hide from motherhood when you need a break?

My closet.


What are the things that you’ve encountered that you never expected before becoming a mom?

The effects of sleep deprivation and the importance of multi-tasking!


What’s the lie everyone told you about having kids?

Actually, I’ve found some truth in just about everything people told me! Even though each child is different there are a lot of universal truths about motherhood.


How do you think being a Youtube celeb will change the way your son views you?

I’m just hoping he’s not terribly embarrassed, ha.



What are your secrets for balancing life, love, and work?

Eating healthy, sleep, date nights, and my faith.


What do you say to yourself that helps you push you through the tough times?

“it’s just a phase…”


Who inspires you?

My son and my husband.


Any advice to women who aspire to have their own careers and become moms?

Follow your dreams, but don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Don’t compare yourself to other moms. Everyone is different, and you have to figure out what works for you and your family.


Coffee or tea?



What is your “must have” for a good night’s sleep?

My Tempurpedic pillow.


Funniest bedroom story?

When I was about 5 years old, I went through a period where I would sleep walk. One night I came out of my bedroom while my parents had friends over; I walked in the kitchen and peed in the trash can right in front of everyone. Apparently it fell over, and I woke up but the damage was done.




 Thanks to Brooke for sharing some bits of her crazy life! Her humor and honesty are so refreshing, and visiting her YouTube channel always successfully boosts our moods. We look forward to the next blockbuster parody from What's Up Moms. ;)




Photos courtesy of Brooke Mahan.

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