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Why Smart Women Are Investing In Their Sleep


03 / 15 / 2016

A third of our lives are spent in bed. That's a lot of time. Bed is where we sleep, have weekend Netflix benders, and get intimate with our significant others, but when is the last time you stopped and thought about what you are wearing during this third of your life? 


We've all dabbled in lingerie (uncomfortable, and frankly unflattering for most of us) and have even purchased "matching pajamas" (why do all the prints have to be heinous?), but at the end of the day, most of us opt for baggy sweatpants with elastic that crackles when you move that weren't even ours to begin with (thank your ex). This means that we show up to a over a third of our lives looking like shit, and wearing clothes we didn't even intentionally choose for ourselves.


Be better!

Importance of sleep

Day-to-day, we’re bombarded with unlimited clothing options that empower us the to communicate who we are. We spend $98 on Lululemon workout pants you sweat in for 50 mins, $150 on a trendy bikini that you only wear on vacation (and probably hate afterwards), and $250+ on a special occasion dress for a friend’s wedding that lasts all of 7 hours.


So why are we so willing to spend copious amounts of well-earned money on clothes that we hardly spend any time in? Be honest - how much use are you really getting out of your Lululemon Align Crop? Yeah. Same. 


This is our challenge. To get women to think more about the clothing that they love spending time in (think: comfortable, loose, soft, cozy, luxe). To get women to think more about the clothing they wear around those they love most. To get women to think about how the right sleepwear can actually make them sleep better, allowing them to be a better, nicer, more rested version of themselves?


We are giving you permission to treat yourself to better sleepwear. 


Still not sold?

When we sleep well, not only do we wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle our days, but sleep boosts our immune systems, balances our appetites, regulates our metabolism, improves our skin quality, allows the body to regenerate, and regulates our hormones –– not to mention generally improving our overall quality of life.


At Lunya, it is our mission to make superior sleep a priority, and the first step is getting yourself into some comfortable, functional sleepwear.


Be the best you. Sleep. 

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